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  1. You also might want to get a spread needle.
  2. Hello and welcome to ultima!
  3. I'd also type a wall of text if there weren't already a lot of great stories written out and if I wasn't at work (lol). My story is pretty similar to Soly's although I already was into programming before I joined this server. I think the biggest impact ultima has made on my life is making me meet my wonderful girlfriend whom I live together with now. I've seen a lot of people come and go on this server but I'm still in touch with several veterans of this game (mainly other staff members). I remember failing a couple of exams after discovering this server right before the study period haha, but I still made it in the end. No regrets! Good luck with your story. (I'm 25 now if you want to know)
  4. Nice to see everyone co-operate to find the goodies. Keep up the good work.
  5. Yeah, high level player can easily farm those units (and even better, the heavenly variants). You should try to collect a few PDs and trade them for a basic set of those units if you want to go through the game faster/easier. But that can also take away part of the fun
  6. Even I got trolled with that 'newb trap' 7 years ago when I started my adventure here. To me it remains one of the classic dumb jokes everyone has had to be fooled by at least once. See it like an initiation to the PSOBB community haha. It all depends on how you seriously you take it. Although having it happen right before your first epic boss battle is kinda harsh, hehe...
  7. @Uxie They sometimes appear in the armor shop on pioneer2. Each time you enter pioneer2 he sells you different gear. Some players telepipe back and forth to look for a good 4 slot frame. Which frame it is does not matter much at lower levels.
  8. Once you get used to those, you won't want to play without them. Also make sure you have a frame that has 4 unit slots, so you can buff your character with strong units. I'm sure you can get a nice deal for a few heavenly/powers as they are easily farmable for high level players.
  9. Depending on the difficulty you are in the monsters will attack faster and faster. Perhaps try to buy a 'heavenly/battle' unit from somebody (should barely even cost you a PD). That will increase your attack speed and allow you to dodge more easily.
  10. Do a double combo instead of finishing a 3hit combo. You'll deal less damage but you will have a bigger dodge window.
  11. We have tools to change the ID regardless of the name. Usually it's not considered that big of a deal as you can usually get the ID you want by being a bit creative with your name. Changing letters to numbers, switching up cases, adding a certain number at the end of your name... There are plenty of calculators that will allow you to come up with a name/ID easily. We haven't changed this since we try to stick to the original game wherever we can.
  12. Welcome to ultima, your primary goal should be to have fun. Some key things to learn are : How to switch weapons easily, using the quick menu Understanding the power of Shift/Deband and Jellen/Zalure Finding your way in some of the maze-like levels Tekking up your weapons 10% upwards Knowing what kind of MAG you want for your endgame, preferably raise a few MGAs at once so you can train up multiple characters easily Make friends you enjoy playing with on a daily base Read up on guides for classes and which IDs get you the items you want/need Click on the link in my signature for some good guides and topics to start out with. As for making the map bigger, there is indeed a shortcut to make it bigger and in the middle of your screen but I forgot said shortcut. I'm sure one of our fellow players knows which buttons to press for it.
  13. FOcast is the ideal one for me. The combination of spells and traps is simply amazing.
  14. Welcome to ultima. My usual advice is, don't rush to level 200 or the so-called 'top gear'. Experimenting and learning the game nice and slow will make you a better player in the long run.
  15. Today's Dutch word of the day is : Elektriciteitsproductiemaatschappij

    It's short for an electricity company. I like to start off easy

    1. Night


      ty haha now i need to learn how to write or say it xD