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  1. Rambling May - VH Ep1 - Crimson Assassin - Purplenum
  2. Amore Rose - ??? - VH - Viridia, Ep1 Was doing Forest Offensive solo on a lower lvl. Not 100% sure what dropped this. I think it was a Barbarous Wolf or Savage Wolf. I killed five enemies at once and didn't rightly see WHICH enemy in specific dropped it, but I'm 99% certain it was one of the wolves.
  3. Personal identification marker: Antonio James Salbato Earth cycles completed on Hardcore mode without dying: 32 Preferred platform of text and/or voice-based communication mediums: Forum PMs, Discord, Facebook messenger Vices of muse to prevent self-annihilatory spirals into destruction: Music; Nightcore, Game OSTs, Classical, every form of Rock, particularly Epica and Amaranthe. Being in the kitchen or in my ghetto meditation garden for hours on end... listening to music. Video games of course. I'll play anything that isn't a sports game, cuz if I want to play football, I'll go outside; if I want to micro manage and crunch numbers, I want to do it in a game with neon lights and explosive particle effects. Whenever I'm not wasting time pondering the many meanings of life, the universe & everything after consuming medical-grade cannabis for my Crohn's disease, I often find myself coming up with stories for as many novels as I can write in my lifetime. From children's books to macabre that would make Lovecraft get goosebumps in the alternate dimension he was born from, I strive to accomplish one thing—to provoke some imagination and thought to a reader as an individual. I find that these days, individual thought is becoming a lost art form in modern societies. I'm not trying to change the world, but I do hope to provoke others into provoking others to think for themselves. I may or may not vie to accomplish this egotistical task with space dragons, cat girls and giant robots. Don't judge me; judge the insanity that flows from my thoughts. Who is that person following me at night please go away I don't have any spare change sir: There's a photo of me somewhere at age 2 sitting on my brother's lap as we played a Commodore 64 together. Before my brain was really even starting to develop, it was processing hand-eye coordination in ways that required imagination to fully comprehend. To me, video games were not a pass time or a hobby, but a means of expression for both the creator, the player, and those around both parties. I remember in the 8-bit NES days stories on the schoolyard about "If you name your guy ZELDA you can play a new game and walk through walls!" I remember going over to people's birthday parties and the first thing I did was ask if they had a Super Nintendo or a Genesis. Sure I wanted to go swimming in the pool and play games outside, but when the sun went down, boot up that Super Mario World son, we got a Princess to save. For better or worse, video games have been as constant in my life as food and oxygen. I can't imagine a world without them, if only because they've been a friend when I had none during moving around from one county to the next as a child. For those nights when I was sick and nothing was on TV, or because I'd literally destroyed our Beauty and the Beast VHS from watching it thousands of times over the years—there was always a video game console to keep me company when struggling through those nights. In fact, in an odd and round about way, video games are how I met my soon-to-be-fiancé. I played Final Fantasy 11 for over nine years and met a few cool folk through the game. Years later I started playing Warframe and met someone on there that convinced me to make a Facebook account. Days after doing so, a friend from FF11 added me as a friend. I posted a few comments on his page and started getting noticed by a friend he's had for years. She liked me, I liked her, and we decided to meet up a few days later and see how things went. That was over a year ago, and man, let me tell you, I would not sacrifice my video game time for nearly anything. The fact I can do is so easily for her is legitimately what has convinced me to propose to her at this point. That said, I don't think she's too happy that I found these servers through a friend of mine recently. She's started reading books through Amazon whenever I play because I stay on for so long. o3o As far as PSO goes, I've been playing since US PSO Ver.1 on the Dreamcast. Modded my Dreamcast for JP Ver.2, modded my Gamecube for JP EP1&2 (and Wind Waker), then bought the US EP 1&2 because something happened to my Dricas account. Bought PSOX on the original Xbox, and that was the last of it. In the end, noteworthy levels included: RAcast 200, FOnewearl 189, HUcast 170, FOmar 170. I haven't touched PSO for nearly a decade, and have never experienced Episode 4 at all from never playing BB. All the events, constant upkeep and dedication to this server are absolutely awesome, and I'm excited to dump another 10,000 hours of my life into this game all over again. Cheers. o3o