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  1. Oh it wasn't to PLAY battle mode. It was to play the regular game with absurd S/D. That's why we had to split up into mines and ruins separately, otherwise we'd just kill each other with our S-rank needle and sword haha. It was a pretty tricksy way to have super-high S/D at like a 4-way PB chain combo with only two players, that's why we did it that way. Since BA mode was the only way to apply S-rank special to other players. Also, don't take numbers I say too seriously. I just say ostentatious &#$% when I don't know actual numbers, but I know it's a far, far, far cry above what a playe
  2. Curious, can you uh... add Shifta or Deband to S-ranks? Yeah, I said that. The first S-ranks had their special randomly pick from ANY proc in the game, including megid, demon, fire ice or lightning damage... and they could actually Shifta proc, too. Why does that matter? Battle Mode. Me and a bud used our S-rank weapons to go into battle mode, which allows you to damage/attack other players. We would go down into forest and keep spamming the special attack from our S-ranks onto each other until we got both Shifta and Deband from S-rank weapons. It was annoying, mind you... cuz 99% of the
  3. Yeah it was just part of Today's Rate on Dreamcast, and the little extra bit for enemy weapon parts was removed from Gamecube and on. PSO world still has a guide for the old Dreamcast version up: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1314
  4. Unfortunately, I'm not sure anybody does. Like I mentioned, it was something unique to Dreamcast Version 2 in the quest Today's Rate. Montague would appear all the way next to the bank area, and that's where he would make things like S-Red's, Baranz Launcher—the newer enemy weapons that were added from Ultimate mode enemies. It would be pretty unlikely anyone has that quest these days sadly. There's still evidence of its existence documented elsewhere, though that doesn't help you with the code itself. ;p I just figure, it was already a thing long ago, and I think having the ability to let
  5. So here's an odd request... is anyone here familiar with Dreamcast Version 2's unique quest where Montague showed up? It was originally the only way to turn Ultimate Mode enemy parts into weapons, and it gave them affinity %s as well. I distinctly recall trading for some S-red's Arms for my friend so he could get them weaponized in that weird online quest, and in so doing, he ended up with 45% A.Beast 35% Hit S-Reds Blades. But to my knowledge, that quest was nixed when Blue Burst became a thing, and now you can only add hit to enemy parts post-craft in EP4 via government quests and Photo
  6. It occurs to me I don't think I ever actually posted here? Doesn't matter; if I did, whatever I said wasn't the truth anyway. I'mma fix that. Name: Tony Age: 35 Pref. Contact Method: Forum PM, in-game, don't care. I'm not here to tell you how to live your life. o3o Hobbies: All-things video game—strongly favoring PSO, Warframe, & RPGs from the 1980s-1990s. I also have been studying various holy texts from about 10 different religions around the world for like 25 years I guess? I don't even know anymore. It's just a thing I'm fascinated by, and spend a great deal of time delving into,
  7. Is it actually even Resta that's triggering, or is it the type of heal Sinow Golds and Gran Sorcs cast? The animation itself seems more like the latter... or maybe I just don't pay as much attention as I think and it's all just the same thing. ;p
  8. I regretting using that HP mat I found once I saw what it did to my HP, hahaha.
  9. For as long as I have played this game, I never knew the skybox for Jungle North was nighttime with a full moon. I've never played on PC, either, so the draw distance is different vs. consoles. I had to stand in just the right spot to get the treetops to disappear. This place is suddenly even prettier.
  10. Well RAcast does have latent droprate+35% so that must be part of it.
  11. Well, this got sorta more interesting than I expected. I'll admit I have a personality type that wants everything in life to be some huge secret like Myst/Riven puzzle that needs to be solved, but then gets disappointed at the simplicity of reality. ;p I had been watching that AGDQ speedrun marathon for the last week and a half (catching up on VoDs), so I guess when I heard about someone going 300+ Olga Kills with no PGF, part of my brain was like "if you're doing the same thing... and getting the same outcome... then maaaaybe..." It didn't help that when I was a kid I messed around with
  12. Hi, so, I'm going to just kind of put this out here and if a GM or coder/programmer who may have more direct knowledge on this could prove me wrong, I'd gladly accept any such proof that I'm incorrect here. Let's go! I just got done watching Awesome Games Done Quick '19, a video game speedrunning marathon, and during the Final Fantasy 9 run, the runners/commentators said something that kind of blew my mind. Just to be 100% clear if someone just doesn't know: FF9 is a classic turn-based RPG that has random encounters. They are able to beat FF9 in under 10 hours (it's fast trust me) by abusi
  13. Purplenum Earth Wand Brownie - Very Hard, Chaos Sorc
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