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  1. Oh really, is there some kind of special reward that's a luck mat guarantee or something? I've just been doing skyly normal ship on story 6-1. Not aware of any other specific methods in a quest. o3o;;;
  2. Might I ask where you are farming luck mats that requires actual prep?
  3. I have been collecting 4-slot armors and frames for my alt characters and never actually threw them away. I've got a few God/Arm units and a spare devil/battle as well. PM me when you're available. I tend to play every day for a few hours at errant times.
  4. Oh, I've got a story I tell to everybody... even non-gamers because it's really a fought-fire-with-black magic type of story. Here's a bit of preface. A friend of mine, let's call him by his game name, Parn, had been hunting some S-Red's Arms in Dreamcast Ver.2 for about 10 months. This was back in the day when NOL'ing was prevalent, where we frequented Miranda 3-3 as "our group's" gathering spot. Open, non-passworded games were common there, because it was usually deserted. Nobody bothered trying to bomb a non-populated area, essentially. We eventually moved to the PSO-World block, where I ended up getting NOL'ed and lost my level 135 RAcast. We decided to go back to our less-popular Miranda 3-3. On that ship, it was pretty common for people to employ the same type of decency you'd expect on this game: call out dibs on what you're after as you enter a game. Talk with people and see what they're after, what you're after, all that. I ended up having to purchase a Pro-Action Replay device to re-create my character and all my lost items. Granted, I may have added 5% more hit here and there because I didn't remember the EXACT affinities of everything, but, whatever. I re-created my 0/0/-15/0/-5 Yasminkov 9000Ms (on english DC Ver2 they were 9200Ms for some reason). Yeah, back in DC, you could get NEGATIVE affinities on your untekked stuff. I found those as 0/0/-25/0/-15 and tekked them UP into that. But, that's how I found them, so, I made them again. Seeing is that I had JUST obtained an MKB that I traded two Standstill Shields for. Which, might I add, the 3000 telepipes I used to acquire them added up real fast. Then, before I even had a chance to use it... whammo. You're now an Ace Reporter! Nope, time to hack my stuff back... --- Our story begins in Mines 1, ultimate mode, only a few rooms deep. I was on my RAcast, DiosGX, and my buddy on his HUmar, Parn. I had just traded for a Monkey King Bar because I really, really liked the idea of a cool twin saber type for farming VH mode that my RAcast could wield. Now, I did have an MKB that was created with a Pro-Action Replay as a "stupid toy" MKB. A few other PAR-users had a contest to make the stupidest hex-edited weapon. A friend of mine had somehow created a -160% Hit MKB. Except, the negative hit value exceeded the game's ability to display it, and so it just didn't show any change to your ATA at all. A FOnewm joins, whose name escapes me but let's called him LinkxSamus. I throw down a pipe, tell him the recent color, and wait for him to show up. Meanwhile, I put on my real MKB and am just spamming its combo because I love it so dang much. He eventually comes down as I'm swinging away at the air, waiting for Parn to come back from the bathroom break he's on. After probably an entire minute of his guy just standing idly in one place, he finally types out, all in caps, "COOL" and nothing else. I swung it around a few times on some Canabins while spamming freeze traps, I guess from wanting to actually USE the thing, and wanting to show off a little bit. The second thing this guy says, then, after waiting in the previous room we cleared a full minute ago; "I WANT" and finally resumes actually fighting with the team. We proceed on without much discussion. The force is pretty terrible about keeping shifta and deband up, even deband on himself he seems to rarely realize is going to help him stop being oneshot. Thankfully, back in this era, HUmar had access to Reverser or we would have run dry on Moon Atomizers before Mines 2. It was in that Mines 2, in the very last room in fact... from the second to last enemy in the room. It was still just a 3-man team, and our FOnewm had been AFK for roughly 15 minutes without any word from him. I figure it would have likely taken him too long to relay why he had to AFK and didn't bother. All that remained was a Baranz and a Sinow Red. Parn kills the Sinow Red... a green box (reds weren't a thing until episode 2!) drops at his feet, and he stops, being bombarded by missiles before my frozen shooter re-freezes it, and he types, and I quote: "aouskdhfopi;asdhfoinb nxojnasio;faio'vnyepfiahfpfhsadfasdp y8w9fjsjdapfnapaewfn hafasifhas8ifn payp89fywpsdoudfu suyfads89-y 8i8yhsdif h8p Y*hihjefseihoppioy hfdiaofhaewpoi Hdfpish" For roughly three years straight or so. Then, out of nowhere, that most ugly-looking FOnewm I've ever seen to this date, still after playing this game for 15 years... walks up, and takes the S-Red's Arms from under him. Parn, unfortunately, being a massive idiot, just spammed random crap on his keyboard instead of PICKING THE DAMN THINGS UP OFF THE GROUND... and they got swiped. Parn types out "........................................" about thirty times. At which point, the FOnewm says, after standing still for nearly 2 full minutes; "FAIR" and nothing else. We entered the boss fight, and I could tell Parn was absolutely furious. Normally he talked shit to the bosses as we fought them, telling them to "eat cake" and the like, as he was wont to do. However, he said nothing during the boss fight, and wouldn't rez the Force. I did, because I wanted the fight to end sooner. But I could tell he was beyond livid... because, you see, here was the major crux of this whole story: This was Parn's 28th birthday. After the boss dies, and before that disgusting abomination of a disgrace to forces can dip out of the party, I tell him; "I'll trade you my MKB for those S-Red's Arms. You can't even equip those daggers. But you can equip the MKB." He says "K" and I tell him to go down to the forest. I stopped by my bank real quick, and exchanged my actual MKB for the, ahem... "toy" variant my friend let me have since he didn't want it clotting up bank space. We go down to the forest, and in "good faith," I tell him, I drop the MKB first. He picks it up... stands there. Still standing there. Not doing anything... equips the MKB. Starts to swing it around a bit. Hits a few boxes with it. I was panicking that it somehow wouldn't be able to break the boxes, but thankfully you cannot miss boxes. He then finally drops the S-Red's Arms, which I snatch up immediately. Parn loads in behind me as this jerk-ass I just counter-swindled runs into the first room of Forest 1 and attempts to attack some Bartles. Doesn't J/Z, doesn't S/D himself, just Rabarta to CC... and starts swingin' away at level 120 multiplayer ULT enemies on Dreamcast. For reference, DC V2 enemies were about three-to-four times as buff as they are currently, even on Ultima. He would have dealt 0 damage anyway, however, that's not what happened. Through the closed doors and the mossy walls, the two of us can see crimson justice plastered across our screen: MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS Followed up by him getting one-shot by all three Bartles unfreezing at the same time and striking simultaneously. We teleport back up to P2, see him coming out of the Hospital and I just tell him "thanks buddy have a good day" and we leave. Now, interestingly, back on DC V2, there was an online only quest where, if you completed it and did some arbitrary nonsensical objective, Dr. Montague who appeared over near the telepipe/bank area in that quest, was how you converted the NEW monster parts into weapons. I believe, at the time, there were only a few. Baranz Launcher, S-Red's Blades, and something else? Rappy Fans and Booma Claws weren't around until Ep2. I can't really remember what the last one was, but, the real kicker here was that he could also forge older monster parts into weapons and they HAD RANDOMIZED AFFINITIES ROLLED ONTO THEM. You could get legit S-Beat's Blades with hit%s, things like that. Parn, upon forging his S-Reds on his birthday, got a completely LUDICROUS 55% A.Beast 45%Hit on his S-Red's Blades. Keep in mind, affinity percents worked a bit differently in DC V1 and 2, and capped out at 60%. This was because of how it calculated the bonus damage being ridiculous as all heck. In ep2, a comparable number to 60% I believe is closer to 110% in our current system. So, 55% is equal to having 100% in the current model. Hit% worked the same as always though. I will never forget that day, because I helped my best friend at the time get the one weapon he wanted more than anything on his birthday. Even if I had to be a little underhanded to do it, I've never once felt any regret for doing what I did. Those blades were my buddy's and nobody else's. Ironically, and I kind of wanted to punch him in his dumb face for it, by the time we'd reached level 170s, he stopped using them in the caves because "it's boring" he would say. He could kill (Go)Vulmers in 2 strikes, not even completing a combo. One button tap would outright slay nearly anything in the caves. Seriously fuck you if you read this Parn I fought so hard to get those for you and THEN YOU NEVER USED THEM unless you were really mad... then we'd go to the caves in B-Mode, don our S-Ranks and S-rank attack teach other until we had S-Rank S/D on each other. Real annoying cuz S-ranks might also HELL PROC YOU and kill you forcing you to try again, but man... level 120~ S/D that lasted for like 50 minutes. I think his best crit broke 4000 damage at one point. God that old system was broken as hell... Anyway that's my most fondly-remembered PSO story. Even though I had the most epic cheating device for that game, I rarely used it other than to make toys, re-create people's lost gear if THEY got NOL'd, edit photon colors and re-create stats of people's weapons they liked with cooler-looking colors. That type of thing. I preferred FINDING stuff, because that was, and still is, the thrill of this game for me. I'll confess the only thing I never earned but made for myself was a Sealed J-Sword... however, it was only to use on my RAcast as a VH farming toy. I never actually wielded it on a hunter. ;p I don't condone cheating, but I do condone protecting your own stuff. You worked hard for it. You deserve to keep it. o3o! I had to respond to this, because it's how I feel. Like I mentioned, I've been a PSO addict for a very long time. It was my friend Parn who first uploaded some footage from the Japanese version of PSO DC V1 that got me interested in it. I'd never seen anything like it, and couldn't wait for it to show up on American shores. When it did, I knew it was going to be "my game." I got a Gameshark so I could play imports, and got JP Version 2 shipped overnight from NCSX. I had to play it NOW, because it meant starting over from LVL1... again. Had to set up that awful Dricas ISP account in Japan to even play the thing online, but it was worth it. Then, years later, modded my Gamecube for Zelda: Wind Waker JP (brother bought the game, I paid for the mod), and of course, EP1/2 JP on 'Cube. Even bought one of those silly keyboard controllers for it! Then I got the US EP1/2, started over yet again. I ended up reaching level 190 RAcast before giving up. But, a few years later, PSO on the original Xbox came out, and a friend of mine from Dreamcast V2 had started playing it... well, guess it's time to start over from LVL1 AGAIN! Played that for about three more years, and then, I never played PSO again. I used Macs at the time, and wasn't ever able to play Blue Burst, see any of BB's new gear, or even a single enemy in episode 4. It was like I had spent my whole life reading a book, and the last three chapters were thrown into a fireplace before I could read them. I've had an Alienware Alpha for about a year now, and a friend of mine... from Dreamcast V1, 15 years ago, tells me about two PSO private servers I should check out. I'd tried playing on Schthack by messing with my Gamecube, and played it for about a month. None of the server commands were really working, and eventually all my gear ended up deleted so I just quit. I haven't touched PSO for a long time, even though I've been following its every step for nearly half my life (I'm 32). So, I ended up deciding to play on Ultima, and it was definitely the correct decision. Just as you say, this server feels like it carries on the traditions, thematics, "coolness factor" and thrill of the hunt that I, and everyone I knew, loved and love so much about this game. I do not want to talk harshly of other servers, because I'm sure everyone has their preferences, but, this one feels "right" to me. Eventually you run out of things to hunt. Either you make a new account to play with new section IDs or pay to change your ID... or... just wait for an event when the drop tables change. The hunt thrill is heightened from knowing your time is limited. It's exactly the kind of excitement I play this game for. I apologize for gushing a wall of text out as a response, but I agree with it so powerfully I couldn't just be like "yeah +1 rep I agree" and move on. ;x
  5. Just got a Centurion/Body from Purplenum ULT Ruins. Problem is, I was spamming Rabarta while listening half-heartedly to a podcast and I'm not 100% sure WHICH enemy dropped it. It was either a Dark/Death Gunner (didn't see the gem color at the time of possible death) or a Merlan. I really hope it wasn't a Merlan because then I can't get a Spread Needle for another month... ><
  6. "Extra Attack - an attack with low accuracy but special properties." Do you want to hit the enemy or do you want special procs. You're asking for both. Do you see the main issue now? >> It was flawed to begin with. Back in GCN a no-hit Frozen Shooter could completely lock down ulty Tower of Power like it was on sale at a 99 cent store. Is that really what you want? I mean, really-really? You have options here. If you wanna freeze things, you forsake power. Use an (lol)max DEX mag and multiple x/arms if you really want to CC that bad. And you should.
  7. Solo, FOnewearl and RAmarl for S/D J/Z Resta and I just like the way they feel overall. I frequently have to AFK most days, so Newman TP regen is a preference. I also over-hunt whenever I play PSO and FOnewearl with Foie-boosting gear tends to work best for soloing out of range of aggro. Because I'm a loser. Groups, RAcast because Frozen Shooter, Spread Needle, Freeze/Confuse traps and GIANT ROBOTS
  8. Hello there Lister. I wouldn't say it's that "techs suck on this server" so much as "enemies have more appropriate resists that mean playing something other than a FO isn't a mistake." You can still put out the damage you need/want to as a FO, but you need to go a little further. FO doesn't care about affinity percents. Instead you need things like Merges, Hildebear/Hildeblue Cane, Psycho Wand, etc. Things that give you Tech DMG Boost% because that's how you actually deal dmg. Your alternative here, and what I'm doing, is to find a WEAPON you can wield on a FO of your choice. My FOnewearl is pretty happy with her Angel Harp and a POW mag with a few God/Arms. Only for certain things, mind you. Gran Sorcs in ULT mode for example, have such absurdly high ele resist that my Angel Harp popping off 200-300 damage per heavy shot is THREE TIMES stronger than spamming Foie, even with a club of laconium and a foie merge.
  9. Been trying to get a Spread Needle in purple ULT ruins for over a month. Gotten a bunch of real nice tech discs in the last few happy hours, LVL28~ stuff to the point almost all my techs are nearing 30. Even after getting two Guardianias (rarer than spread needles -3-), I figured, if I could get the RARER drop, then the Needle has to be possible. My determination renewed, I set out, again, for my 97th ULT ruins solo clear in the last 40 days. Now, I didn't quite get what I was HUNTING after... but I definitely got something I was not expecting, which I am arguably happier with. The most prized of lvl30 tech discs. So happy right now. o3o!!!!!
  10. I don't have suggestions for any mechanics per se for a quest but I do have a suggestion for spawn-in patterns and methods. Personally speaking as a career Ranger and Force lover, there's nothing that gets my blood hot like hitting thousands of enemies at a time. I really love that Forest Offensive quest because there are literally so many Mothverts that even the likes of Razonde can't hit all of them in a single cast. I had no idea that was even possible to reach a max hit-count per action in this game. To that end, all I really request is lots of heavy enemy clustering. The type of spawn-ins where a well-timed confusion trap can cause more damage than one tossed in after the fact, where you better Rabarta those guys as soon as you can before this gets out of control. THAT type of enemy wave spawn really gets me interested and excited for custom quests.
  11. For as many years as I've played this game, I somehow never noticed there was a damage difference from the zone you were in. I guess that underscores how low their damage is, huh. ;p Appreciate the response and the inside understanding of the game code-wise. I really respect the transparency on this server in that regard.
  12. I've been aware of this thread for a while, but have been thinking long and hard about what could actually improve this game and not throw its mechanics out the window. So, here's my thought, the one thing this game lacks and has always lacked: Damage over Time. Zonde spells can shock/stun robots. Gi and Rabarta can freeze enemies (can barta27+ freeze them too? I don't actually remember), Foie can... do... uh, fire damage? None of the Foie-line spells have anything unique about them. I'm aware that coding a mechanic like this isn't a simple undertaking, but if the idea was liked enough, the the effort would be warranted. But that's not on me; I'm just here to toss the idea into the hat. The major reason I bring this up is 'Casts. Back when Version 2 on Dreamcast was new, I imported the JP version because I was so hyped to play it. When I looked in the Customize menu after making my RAcast, I was really excited to see four types of traps, having only heard of three from my friend who imported it first. I leveled and leveled and leveled like crazy, desperately hoping that fourth trap type would unlock when I got into ultimate mode or something. I then sadly realized that the fourth trap was just a PVP thing, and 'Casts only had those three types of traps. I loved, and still love my robits, but something was sorely missing that I felt always should have been there. Herein is the crux of my suggestion: I feel that FOIE, no Rafoie or Gifoie, should have a DoT effect added to it. Something like 20% extra damage based on initial damage over some set period of time. It wouldn't be horribly IMBA because if you're foie spamming you're probably a Fonewy and you're gonna spam it anyway. It just means you get a little more bang for your TP between Rabarta CC casts. To add to this, I think it would be pretty sweet to have 'Casts fire-based damage traps also have a DoT associated with them, except I think it should be unrelated to base damage (casts can't choose elemental resistances and sometimes they're worthless being fire-only), and be based on the Cast's LEVEL as opposed to something that can be statistically altered via gear. 'Casts get more traps as they LEVEL UP, therefore, scaling the damage they deal based on that would keep them in line with the current balance. Thanks for your time reading and/or considering my suggestion. Love this server, love this game, and really hugely appreciate all the hard work this team tirelessly puts into it. Seriously, I love you guys.
  13. Rambling May - VH Ep1 - Crimson Assassin - Purplenum
  14. Amore Rose - ??? - VH - Viridia, Ep1 Was doing Forest Offensive solo on a lower lvl. Not 100% sure what dropped this. I think it was a Barbarous Wolf or Savage Wolf. I killed five enemies at once and didn't rightly see WHICH enemy in specific dropped it, but I'm 99% certain it was one of the wolves.
  15. Personal identification marker: Antonio James Salbato Earth cycles completed on Hardcore mode without dying: 32 Preferred platform of text and/or voice-based communication mediums: Forum PMs, Discord, Facebook messenger Vices of muse to prevent self-annihilatory spirals into destruction: Music; Nightcore, Game OSTs, Classical, every form of Rock, particularly Epica and Amaranthe. Being in the kitchen or in my ghetto meditation garden for hours on end... listening to music. Video games of course. I'll play anything that isn't a sports game, cuz if I want to play football, I'll go outside; if I want to micro manage and crunch numbers, I want to do it in a game with neon lights and explosive particle effects. Whenever I'm not wasting time pondering the many meanings of life, the universe & everything after consuming medical-grade cannabis for my Crohn's disease, I often find myself coming up with stories for as many novels as I can write in my lifetime. From children's books to macabre that would make Lovecraft get goosebumps in the alternate dimension he was born from, I strive to accomplish one thing—to provoke some imagination and thought to a reader as an individual. I find that these days, individual thought is becoming a lost art form in modern societies. I'm not trying to change the world, but I do hope to provoke others into provoking others to think for themselves. I may or may not vie to accomplish this egotistical task with space dragons, cat girls and giant robots. Don't judge me; judge the insanity that flows from my thoughts. Who is that person following me at night please go away I don't have any spare change sir: There's a photo of me somewhere at age 2 sitting on my brother's lap as we played a Commodore 64 together. Before my brain was really even starting to develop, it was processing hand-eye coordination in ways that required imagination to fully comprehend. To me, video games were not a pass time or a hobby, but a means of expression for both the creator, the player, and those around both parties. I remember in the 8-bit NES days stories on the schoolyard about "If you name your guy ZELDA you can play a new game and walk through walls!" I remember going over to people's birthday parties and the first thing I did was ask if they had a Super Nintendo or a Genesis. Sure I wanted to go swimming in the pool and play games outside, but when the sun went down, boot up that Super Mario World son, we got a Princess to save. For better or worse, video games have been as constant in my life as food and oxygen. I can't imagine a world without them, if only because they've been a friend when I had none during moving around from one county to the next as a child. For those nights when I was sick and nothing was on TV, or because I'd literally destroyed our Beauty and the Beast VHS from watching it thousands of times over the years—there was always a video game console to keep me company when struggling through those nights. In fact, in an odd and round about way, video games are how I met my soon-to-be-fiancé. I played Final Fantasy 11 for over nine years and met a few cool folk through the game. Years later I started playing Warframe and met someone on there that convinced me to make a Facebook account. Days after doing so, a friend from FF11 added me as a friend. I posted a few comments on his page and started getting noticed by a friend he's had for years. She liked me, I liked her, and we decided to meet up a few days later and see how things went. That was over a year ago, and man, let me tell you, I would not sacrifice my video game time for nearly anything. The fact I can do is so easily for her is legitimately what has convinced me to propose to her at this point. That said, I don't think she's too happy that I found these servers through a friend of mine recently. She's started reading books through Amazon whenever I play because I stay on for so long. o3o As far as PSO goes, I've been playing since US PSO Ver.1 on the Dreamcast. Modded my Dreamcast for JP Ver.2, modded my Gamecube for JP EP1&2 (and Wind Waker), then bought the US EP 1&2 because something happened to my Dricas account. Bought PSOX on the original Xbox, and that was the last of it. In the end, noteworthy levels included: RAcast 200, FOnewearl 189, HUcast 170, FOmar 170. I haven't touched PSO for nearly a decade, and have never experienced Episode 4 at all from never playing BB. All the events, constant upkeep and dedication to this server are absolutely awesome, and I'm excited to dump another 10,000 hours of my life into this game all over again. Cheers. o3o