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  1. Oh it wasn't to PLAY battle mode. It was to play the regular game with absurd S/D. That's why we had to split up into mines and ruins separately, otherwise we'd just kill each other with our S-rank needle and sword haha. It was a pretty tricksy way to have super-high S/D at like a 4-way PB chain combo with only two players, that's why we did it that way. Since BA mode was the only way to apply S-rank special to other players. Also, don't take numbers I say too seriously. I just say ostentatious &#$% when I don't know actual numbers, but I know it's a far, far, far cry above what a player would normally be able to achieve through normal means. Shame to hear how S-rank specials don't work like that anymore. It was a really fun way to cheese the game out and do something unique. Thanks for the informative response though! I really appreciate your honesty and transparency.
  2. Curious, can you uh... add Shifta or Deband to S-ranks? Yeah, I said that. The first S-ranks had their special randomly pick from ANY proc in the game, including megid, demon, fire ice or lightning damage... and they could actually Shifta proc, too. Why does that matter? Battle Mode. Me and a bud used our S-rank weapons to go into battle mode, which allows you to damage/attack other players. We would go down into forest and keep spamming the special attack from our S-ranks onto each other until we got both Shifta and Deband from S-rank weapons. It was annoying, mind you... cuz 99% of the time you'd finally get Shifta and then either get Jellen to override it, or Hell proc and kill them and have to start over. However, S-rank weapon Shifta proc was like, nearly level 120~. It was absolutely incredible. We would buff each other for 30~ minutes and then go off soloing ruins and mines each, telepiping to each other to open double-switch doors as needed. Just wanted to toss out that concept as it relates to S-rank weapon application. I'm curious, IS it possible to add SHIFTA to S-rank weapons still? In this version? I'm basing this on Ver.2 DC original S-rank weapons. Just an idea. o3o
  3. Yeah it was just part of Today's Rate on Dreamcast, and the little extra bit for enemy weapon parts was removed from Gamecube and on. PSO world still has a guide for the old Dreamcast version up: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1314
  4. Unfortunately, I'm not sure anybody does. Like I mentioned, it was something unique to Dreamcast Version 2 in the quest Today's Rate. Montague would appear all the way next to the bank area, and that's where he would make things like S-Red's, Baranz Launcher—the newer enemy weapons that were added from Ultimate mode enemies. It would be pretty unlikely anyone has that quest these days sadly. There's still evidence of its existence documented elsewhere, though that doesn't help you with the code itself. ;p I just figure, it was already a thing long ago, and I think having the ability to let users try to get cool %s on enemy weapons would make this server stand-out among others of its ilk. It was, after all, something that already existed at one point. It wouldn't really hinder DT use I don't think, as it only applies to a small range of weapons that generally aren't that-used anyway. Exceptions, of course, would be Macho Blades once boosted if you had some rad S-Red's as a base. But like, Bringer's Rifle only needs hit anyway since people only use it for the special and not its raw damage usually. I don't think it would hinder DTs at all for those who use them to give %-ups. Plus, it would maybe make Photon Crystals slightly more valuable to some people, and give newer players to this server another way to get their foot in the proverbial door of an already-established economy.
  5. So here's an odd request... is anyone here familiar with Dreamcast Version 2's unique quest where Montague showed up? It was originally the only way to turn Ultimate Mode enemy parts into weapons, and it gave them affinity %s as well. I distinctly recall trading for some S-red's Arms for my friend so he could get them weaponized in that weird online quest, and in so doing, he ended up with 45% A.Beast 35% Hit S-Reds Blades. But to my knowledge, that quest was nixed when Blue Burst became a thing, and now you can only add hit to enemy parts post-craft in EP4 via government quests and Photon Crystals. I would really like to see at least some way to add affinity % onto enemy weapons with Photon Crystals maybe, simply because it USE to be in the game back when I originally played it way back when. Just my two centavos. o3o
  6. It occurs to me I don't think I ever actually posted here? Doesn't matter; if I did, whatever I said wasn't the truth anyway. I'mma fix that. Name: Tony Age: 35 Pref. Contact Method: Forum PM, in-game, don't care. I'm not here to tell you how to live your life. o3o Hobbies: All-things video game—strongly favoring PSO, Warframe, & RPGs from the 1980s-1990s. I also have been studying various holy texts from about 10 different religions around the world for like 25 years I guess? I don't even know anymore. It's just a thing I'm fascinated by, and spend a great deal of time delving into, learning about ancient cultures and the like. Guess I could have just said theological anthropologist? Oh, also, I've written like 13 novels. The QWERTYs keyboard is the only instrument I know how to play. Stuff about me: Sorry, I'm about to become a total downer for a while here. I started playing on this server a few years ago because I was hungry for some PSO, after playing Warframe for many years and wanting to play the game that started my online game obsession. That was I think about two years ago? As of last year, my father passed away from a combination of Multiple Sclerosis, a brain tumor, late-onset type-2 adult diabetes, and pretty much everything else life wanted to throw at my father. I had been his caretaker for the final 11 years of his life, giving up my own life in the process to be there for his needs due to our financial instability. It was during those years I took care of him that I undertook the conquest to write books—to give life to stories that had been floating around in my head since adolescence. There's one thing I'd like to point out right now before I go any further: I am currently a recovering drug addict. No, I'm not being humorous and talking about PSO—I'm talking hard drugs, opiate painkillers, that I was addicted to for the last 13 years. I suffer from Crohn's Disease, something that became more severe after a pretty life-changing time when I served in the US Air Force when I had just turned 18 years old. I was prescribed these life-destroying pills by a doctor, when I was very young, and so I simply assumed "surely they wouldn't prescribe something dangerous." Yeah, I was wrong. My reasons are theological for why I quit, and this isn't the place to really get into that: it suffices me to say, however, that it was the study of holy texts that finally gave me the courage needed to go cold turkey off of them. Something I was advised against, because it can actually kill you. But I refuse to buy into the $1,000 rehab clinics for prescription rehabilitation. I've gotten over the three-day hurdle, which is the worst part. I suffered through what is essentially low-key seizures, fevers, chills, hallucinations, fever dreams, full-body convulsions and the inability to swallow at some rare times. Why am I telling you all this? Because PSO is the thing that's kept me sane. Life drove me to the brink, because I lacked proper self-control where it mattered most, in the end. With the loss of my father, which was my purpose for living for a decade, I felt horrendously lost. So I did what most people do in that situation: I sought things from my childhood, that I experienced back when things made sense and wasn't haunted by inner-demons every day. It's helped beyond words to simply play this game again, especially on a server I happen to quite like. The event pacing has kept me playing pretty consistently, rather than getting everything I want, getting bored and quitting. To that end, this server is the best for me and my preferences of how I want to experience PSO. Of course, I don't really want to get to level 200 for the 11th time, and the bonus exp multiplier is a wonderful change of pace. I'm still not one much for CCA Gal grinding, though. I do like to get excited when I finally level up now and again. ;p OK I think I vomited my heart out enough here. Here's a picture of my wife and I's cats. Rudy's the odd-eyed (one green, one blue) tuxedo, Rosa is the cinnamon bun Maine Coon. Alongside PSO, and my faith, and of course my supportive wife, I still could have never broken free of the chains of addiction without these kitties. They bring endless joy to me. o3o
  7. Is it actually even Resta that's triggering, or is it the type of heal Sinow Golds and Gran Sorcs cast? The animation itself seems more like the latter... or maybe I just don't pay as much attention as I think and it's all just the same thing. ;p
  8. I regretting using that HP mat I found once I saw what it did to my HP, hahaha.
  9. For as long as I have played this game, I never knew the skybox for Jungle North was nighttime with a full moon. I've never played on PC, either, so the draw distance is different vs. consoles. I had to stand in just the right spot to get the treetops to disappear. This place is suddenly even prettier.
  10. Well RAcast does have latent droprate+35% so that must be part of it.
  11. Well, this got sorta more interesting than I expected. I'll admit I have a personality type that wants everything in life to be some huge secret like Myst/Riven puzzle that needs to be solved, but then gets disappointed at the simplicity of reality. ;p I had been watching that AGDQ speedrun marathon for the last week and a half (catching up on VoDs), so I guess when I heard about someone going 300+ Olga Kills with no PGF, part of my brain was like "if you're doing the same thing... and getting the same outcome... then maaaaybe..." It didn't help that when I was a kid I messed around with the debug modes in Sonic games a lot. I was, for some reason, fascinated by the coordinate field that took the place of the score data when in the debug mode. Having listened to people talk so much about RNG manipulation, and feeling honestly pretty sorry for someone who put so much dedication toward getting a drop and ended up not getting one, well, you see where I'm going with this. I was really just thinking of, you know, casting an extra whatever here and there, dropping a monomate and picking it up. Nothing major, just something you wouldn't normally do. But of course, I know this doesn't do anything now. o3o Also... Thanks for the reply and the clear explanation. I really appreciate the honesty.
  12. Hi, so, I'm going to just kind of put this out here and if a GM or coder/programmer who may have more direct knowledge on this could prove me wrong, I'd gladly accept any such proof that I'm incorrect here. Let's go! I just got done watching Awesome Games Done Quick '19, a video game speedrunning marathon, and during the Final Fantasy 9 run, the runners/commentators said something that kind of blew my mind. Just to be 100% clear if someone just doesn't know: FF9 is a classic turn-based RPG that has random encounters. They are able to beat FF9 in under 10 hours (it's fast trust me) by abusing RNG to avoid most random battles, however, there is a particular city, Burmecia, that has rain falling while the player is walking around. A commentator then said, "when we turned on the memory values to be visible in an emulator, we discovered that the rain drops here make every RNG value in the game go absolutely crazy. Every individual drop of rain just completely randomizes the RNG so we never know what it's going to do here." Now, please understand one thing that most anyone who's ever even coded a tic-tac-toe game can tell you: there is no such thing as TRUE RANDOM with computers or code. There is only what can be coded within a range. However, PSO seems to do something very similar to classic Pokemon games from the old, OLD Gameboy era: looks at hex memory values for other things. EG: in Pokemon games, whether or not your attack is a critical hit, whether a ball catches something, what pokemon you encounter in the grass: ALL of these things are deterministic of memory values you cannot see, being set by things such as # of steps taken, items used, in-game timers (not often), or pretty much just things you would think have nothing to do with each other. SO, herein is the crux of all this, a conversation I overheard here recently. It went a little something, a'like-a-this: "I'm over 300 olga kills and no PGF." "That one person who takes 40 minutes per run has gotten 5 PGF." "Maybe we should take longer per run it's like the game takes pity on you or something." I heard this a few days ago and I'll be frank, I couldn't stop thinking about it. What if there WAS something to that in reality? Now I'm not using memory value viewers or anything (does that even exist for this game?), but after playing video games for the last 29 years, I like to think have a vague sense of the invisible code generating the game I'm playing. So, here it is, my insane, stupid theory on how you may or may not be able to change your PGF luck, if you are in fact part of The 300 Club I've heard so much about: Stop speedrunning it with dead-on efficiency. Why? Well, you've already determined the methods you're using are not the required memory values needed to trigger a PGF drop. I could be entirely wrong, you COULD just be entirely unlucky, after all. But humor me, and humor the neurotic mentality you've probably developed because PGF isn't being nice to you (sealed J sword drove me to neuroticism). It could very well be that PSO uses a similar rare item drop as another game I've played long ago. Far as I'm aware, and I hope I'm not wrong about something as simple as this... DAR is simply the chance of an item dropping period, wherein the rare item drop rate is then checked after a successful DAR roll to get AN item et al. So, what determines if PGF is gonna drop? Other hidden memory values. Memory values that, if you are clearing rooms the exact same way, exact same attacks, same time, same gear in the same inventory slots, and since most of you are LVL200 that's another memory value that is never going to change since your EXP is static now. But, do you see what I'm saying? I've for real seen this exact style of "RNG" in other games, and I'm thinking I'm starting to see it here, too. I'm probably wrong about the exacts, but I do believe that for some of you who cannot seem to get a PGF when you clearly should have by now, it's possible you're preventing its drop by doing the exact same actions in the same order every time. Suggestions: use other weapons, re-order your armor units, use other shields, cast techs randoml—razonde feels like a good RNG manipulator candidate to me as it has to pull up a graphic effect for each little electrical flourish. I recall long ago on Dreamcast seeing a gameshark user cast Razonde in Pioneer 2. Oddly, the "lightning" had the texture of the floor in Pioneer 2, so I know that tech is issuing a simple callback for a specific texture that's intended to be in a specific memory value—a value that callsback on a specific texture, in a specific location in the game's files. It's things like this that can shuffle other hidden values that, to me, seem very responsible for rare drops. EG: let's say a 1/216 drop rare requires 20 different memory values to be lined up. As in, it may be checking in 20 different locations for the first two values in this field, that field, etc, and then compiles them all into a single sum to check against the required values to trigger a drop. If it doesn't line up all 20 values, then a DAR trigger will just give a regular item and not a rare. This is only an example, I have no idea how any of this REALLY works, but I do believe I'm at least close to the mark. TL;DR: player actions affect hidden hex memory values and doing the same thing every run will give the same result every run. Starting a new team will always begin RNG at the same values, and doing the same actions will push them into the same places, every time. Be a little more random yourself, and have hope—for hope is the foundation of miracles. Good luck, hunters. o3o
  13. Purplenum Earth Wand Brownie - Very Hard, Chaos Sorc
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