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  1. Funnily enough, I got some friends in to ultima who've never played phantasy star before. One friend and i are making pretty fast progress through normal mode of episode 1. Which compared to how fast i was when i was younger is pretty jarring. (I think it's because my childhood friends and i were scared to death of the hildabears so we always ran all the way back to forest 1 whenever we saw one)
  2. I can't believe this is still going. My favorite game i played as a kid still has a community keeping it alive, You don't know how ridiculously happy i am. My old childhood friends and i played this game way too much. But we were young and pretty bad at video games so we never finished it. I still have my GC and a copy (along with my og memory card with my first character!) but my friends and i can rarely meet up at the same place. So being able to play it online together is wonderful. I'm more of a lurker type so i probably won't be posting on the forums very much, I just wanted to leave this post so i could say thanks to the people who make this possible. My inner-child is ecstatic
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