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  1. :rf-03:

    1. chuk


      :cc-star-eyes:Evieeeeeee ~ 

  2. Heyyy!:onion106:

    1. Trigunman


      Ohhh my... You've returned from beyond the PSO2 hitherlands!  YEEEUUUUSSSSS :onion-head72:

      Welcome back dear Evie! :onion-head32: 

    2. Evie


      haha I haven't played PSO2 for over a year and half ! nor any other game really, just been busy with life D:

      Thank you :D

      Imma send you a pm so I dont spam here ^_^ 


  3. One more exam I tell you, one more :onion-head30:

    1. Cyane


      hang in there girl! >:3 then you're all mien!

    2. Evie


      yesssss <3

  4. Game keeps starting in Japanese

    Start learning Japanese . Good luck or wait for Soly/Saith.
  5. Happy Birthday Choko!! o((*^▽^*))o

    1. Soly


      Happy Birthday!!

    2. Choko


      thank yoouuuuuuu

  6. Hello everyone! 大家好 :)

    Hello and welcome, Enjoy your stay~
  7. He drops Kroes sweater, always use the drop table on the forums. The drops for Ultima are altered here and there compared to ones you would find on psoworld for example. To talk you press the space bar, and then enter to submit the text. Sometimes you get stuck in chat mode and to disable this press F11. The F9 you are referring to is for group chat, if you are part of a team then you use this chat to communicate with your members. and welcome to Ultima ~
  8. Title Screen Auto Scrolling

    :c maybe try plugging in a controller to use if you have one ?
  9. crashed and set character back to level one

    hehe you're welcome doood. Avoid using that character whilst you wait for a GM (Soly xD) to fix it for you.
  10. crashed and set character back to level one

    I meant edit this topic instead of making new topics!
  11. crashed and set character back to level one

    Hello, Please use the format in this topic for the GMs to efficiently respond: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/23799-bugs-crashes-how-to/
  12. Title Screen Auto Scrolling

    I saw a similar issue before a long time ago and If I remember correctly it was a conflict with another device that was plugged in. maybe try unplugging stuff like headphones/mic if using it etc. and restart laptop and check again? Also update your drivers D:
  13. No that doesn't look right. As far as I know, the DEF plus DEX of the mag must equal the POW plus MIND at level 100, so I guess the closest could be 5/50/45/0 at level 100. And don't forget that you have to have the right class and ID for it to turn into a sato ... If this advice is wrong, I will wait for Saith to correct it xD
  14. Hello, No you cannot use your credentials from another server. You have to register for an account with this server, Ultima. You can do so through this link: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/register.php