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  1. How are you doing? feeling okay?

  2. So how are you doing dude?


    1. Sylph777


      I'm playing some BOTW atm, i took a break after i finished the game ( had like 400 hours xD ) but i had some remaining stuff to do ( mostly koroks and the dlc 2 that was released in december ). Since i'm usually a huge completionnist ( especially since i looooove BOTW so much ), i'm on my way to finish it at 100% ( but like real 100% haha, all items found, all armors maxed, all sidequests, all koroks, all sanctuary ofc, and almost all chests found on the map... just everything that can be done in this game ). How about you man ?

    2. StarFox2223


      Eh... Nothing Much.

  3. Hey my bro, how's going? what's up with your dislikes lol ? and why does mudd keep disliking you all the time ?

  4. Yeah. Because it's not like i can't use them or anything. So i'm not allowed to create more than one Character?
  5. Quick question. Does a Section ID affect what drops you earn?
  6. Good old 80's anime. and i wasn't even born then.
  7. DBZ original and Kai. Pokemon Orgins and Generations.
  8. You're welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here. ^^
  9. Hence the words "In general." LOL.
  10. Everyone here in general is completely sane. you definitely won't get robbed or anything like that. I assure you.
  11. Happy Birthday.

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