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  1. Happy New Years!

    1. serverus


      Feliz año diznoob!!

  2. Can I have all your stuff?
  3. what time and date is the event?
  4. Anybody play Happy Wars on XBL?

    1. Xylene


      No, but I always see you playing it. xD

    2. Dizzak420


      lol kaje, yea its not a good idea to modify your xbox

  5. buenos fajitas

  6. when i first joined ultima i came onto the ship and saw some dude named fatboy standing there, then he said something about being hungry and horny
  7. she is by far the hottest asian chic ever
    1. Nami


      music is lol'ed

    2. Dizzak420


      nami you know you would hit that, shes a little bit old for your taste, shes 19

  8. Chuk the trades have decreased a lot, its not the same. I don't even get hits on my tradelist anymore and I got some good stuff for trade. I think its a great idea to bring back HH, and have it at different times for different time zones. If you guys do the prestige thing, I think exp should go back to x3.
  9. Thanks for saying happy birthday mate, and yes....i am 100 years old XD

  10. i think they should do happy hours on occasion....some drops are just really hard to get during normal drop rates
  11. So treefitty how far you gonna drain my rep, you already made it go from 23 to -2.

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    2. Dizzak420
    3. Element


      I will help out to :D

    4. Mattmatt75


      i'll negative rep treefitty for yeah :D (only on post that deserves - rep)