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  1. did u quit pso man?

  2. Happy New Years!

    1. serverus


      Feliz año diznoob!!

  3. i have one 0/100/0/100/50. what is your offer? i mainly need pd's
  4. It is not an easy task, but it is possible.
  5. i need an excal 100/100/0/0/60 hit, gizonde 30, and gifoie 30. if you get those 3 items we have a deal.
  6. i don't need glide divine or three seals
  7. i have a dark flow fully sphered, 0/100/0/100/50 hit, what is your offer?
  8. ill post some more, "sonic for hire" is hilarious
  9. Here are some cooking tips from the man himself Eggman!
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