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  1. Name: Austin Age: 15 Hobbies: playing games, hunting, reading, anything im pressured into lol ( like sky diving ) A little more about your self: well, what is there to say? i like to hang out with my friends and play video games with people online. if you are to challenge me at black ops 2... all i can say is that i show no mercy xD. Im also single.. for now
  2. nvm friend fixed it for meh lol herpaderp
  3. how about fixing the trade window? we dissconnect when we try to transfer on it
  4. ok so i got a new computer today since my old one wouldnt connect to the internet and i got psobb ultima server and it wont load the game. my computer says that the application has stopped for a unknow reason. i need to get back on!!!!!!!! what do i do to get it to open?
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