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  1. lol mud. And how do you get pds and pcs?
  2. And I'm on whenever you're ready. I'll be in the forest while I wait.
  3. Once I decide I'll let you know XD. But assuming drops here are the same as psogc, I'll likely make my character a ramarl named Aisha
  4. Sorry for the delayed post lem. I had a few things to do that took a little longer than expected, but if you're still on in about 20 minutes I'll be happy to play with you.
  5. Thank you for the heads up, I'll go create a character and head online
  6. Hi guys, I'm a big fan of the series and I can't believe you'e kept it alive. I played pso back in the gamecube days and a friend of mine told me that there was still a server that hosted pso online. I'm really excited to be here with you guys. I could use a hand though, since I've never played online, can someone point me to what I should be doing to get a good start in leveling up and ect?
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