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  1. Glide divine will surely help you and your team out. I'd also go for a good demon weapon (slicer of fanatic and alike should be affordable even without hit to start with).
  2. "By the way, I am playing with fish recently."

    ~ Choko 2016

    1. Choko


      fish - friendly interactive shell

  3. Welcome to ultima, hope you enjoy it as much as everyone around.
  4. Welcome to ultima, enjoy your stay
  5. Glad you enjoy it!
  6. Welcome to ultima, the step from offline to online is bigger than you think. You'll see that you still have a lot to discover about this game.
  7. Happy to see the good old ultima reaper made it into the event. It's almost tradition by now ^^
  8. Purely stat-wise speaking, HUmar is at the lower end of the class spectrum. However with the right gear and skill, you won't notice an extremely big difference in endgame with other classes as long as you don't do Time attack runs. So if you don't take the game that seriously and just play for fun, without caring about efficiency, HUmar is a perfectly viable choice.
  9. It's not like PSOBB loads extremely high resources/textures. It's as Soly says, the real bottleneck for most players is the CPU as the game itself does not make use of the graphics card very efficiently. I don't even think you would increase the loading time of the area's as some waiting timers are simply hardcoded in the client. Probably to avoid concurrency issues.
  10. Great to have you joining us. Welcome to ultima
  11. Welcome to Ultima
  12. people dream child bull's eye And that's about all the kanji I recognize from my Japanese learnings. Either way, welcome to Ultima ^^