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  1. just looking for cent arms now found a V502
  2. Woah bunnies and RevX are one? i mean im ok with it
  3. Hey everyone Im Shade Leader of RevX and I am bring back RevX. Anyone can join we are open for all who want to have fun. Pm me or find me in game and just ask
  4. Please anyone who was apart of RevX I would love to have everyone back c:
  5. well if anyone has something like that ill buy it
  6. how about with hit? cause i got 3 ps's
  7. I wanna see how much it actually is
  8. well i would love to have you guys back
  9. So anyone from my team still on here? Cause im thinking of a start up of RevX.
  10. Shade

    B> DF

    LOL you sound really stupid.This is just a game chill out. If you are going to get this butt hurt about a post you must be having a lot of trouble. I wasnt trying to start a fight until you just blew up on me hahah.
  11. Shade

    B> DF

    LOL wth are you saying? i dont need anything was just going by what i see haha careful who you try to go at buddy you might get hurt and i dont NEED one just want another
  12. Shade

    B> DF

    ok listen does anyone have one for me to buy thats all im asking not trying to start a fight
  13. Shade

    B> DF

    lol are you kidding me? everyone i have played with since i got back has a dm or a df and no i dont think they should be put on the donation list would break the market even more
  14. Shade

    B> DF

    Since i heard they are really cheap and i see everyone has one im looking for another one
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