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  1. JaceAvarice


    Dragon Slayer [25/0/35/0|30] 5pd Sue's Coat [DEF: 15/EVP: 10] [Slots: 4] 10pd I'll buy both these. Should be on most of the day.
  2. Long ago in a PSOBB universe far far away... welcome back, don't know you but happy to see returning players
  3. 3/182/15/0 Will accept very very minimal deviation from those stats.
  4. aight well it's a 5/155/40/0 mag. forgot the name of the mag cell it has on it but I guess that's irrelevant. just messaged him to let em know I need it back, will PM you when I got it. and it'll be 15 PDs.
  5. welcome to the server man. yes, you can do the quests from the original game, and as far as I know all spawns are the same as the vanilla except for the "special" server quests. To access the original quests, you have to set your room to single player mode. Hope you enjoy your time here and stick around.
  6. welp, if that's the case, better off just shoving monomates/dimates/trimates into a mag and using that. Don't really wanna buy a shit mag you'll use once and throw away. But that's entirely up to you. I do have one I can sell but it might be a minute, someone's using it at the moment. They aren't online for me to grab it from em.
  7. what stats on the mag are you looking for exactly? and C/ability is like 3-5 PDs-ish I'd honestly give to you for free if I had one to spare.
  8. don't buy H/battle, buy v101. it has the similar atk speed boost and it gives you +20? i think, to all stats.
  9. your user name and pass will be seperate from the forum user/pass, you should really remember or write down that info. made that mistake once myself.
  10. the general cost of mats is 5:1 5 mats per PD lck/hp/tp can be more depending on the seller i guess.
  11. 188 dex mag? o.o holy crap lmao
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