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  1. Long ago in a PSOBB universe far far away... welcome back, don't know you but happy to see returning players
  2. welcome to the server man. yes, you can do the quests from the original game, and as far as I know all spawns are the same as the vanilla except for the "special" server quests. To access the original quests, you have to set your room to single player mode. Hope you enjoy your time here and stick around.
  3. your user name and pass will be seperate from the forum user/pass, you should really remember or write down that info. made that mistake once myself.
  4. the general cost of mats is 5:1 5 mats per PD lck/hp/tp can be more depending on the seller i guess.
  5. welcome to the server man. Hope you stick around. Can usually find me in the lobby or in my rooms which are generally named Rev. I help level new players quite often so if you need a hand, let me know. I also don't mind dropping items/weps I don't need if I happen across any you can use. Enjoy!
  6. Damn, that does look hella nice. Not that my crappy laptop could ever handle that lmao. Thanks for sharing man!
  7. Welcome. Hope you enjoy your time here. If you need any help with anything feel free to ask. Can usually find me strolling around in block 1
  8. I'm not sure honestly. The first few installs didn't work regardless of what I tried. Then one time it just did.. didn't really change or do anything different.Not sure what to tell you. On a side note: I am using an off brand POS laptop made by a company that barely survives in the market, so that should be taken into consideration. xD
  9. so I had to redownload the psobb launcher after being away for a few months because it wasn't working. So I did, except I ended up with the same problem. As soon as I start up the launcher, before it even gets to the menu, it says psobb.exe has stopped working. I've gone into my anti-virus and made the file an exception and downloaded the latest update, but nothing seems to work. I've been going at this for like two hours now because I really didn't want to post a topic on something that's been talked about a hundred times before, but I'm at my wits end right now >< PROBLEM SOLVED
  10. LOL for fuck sakes kid, here's a wake up call. We have been profusely nice to you, answered your questions, tried to help you and told you what you could do to make things better. You refuse to listen, you nag, you go on on about how sorry you are and you whine like a little bitch. Personally, I think you should drink some damn bleach and get the hell out of here. You know why no one likes you? Read all the shit you posted. You've basically only dug your own grave here and quite honestly, you're just getting real damn annoying to listen to. Do everyone a favor and lock the thread, lock all of your threads and don't post anything else. Jesus.
  11. lol buddy, I don't know what else to tell ya. It's the internet. Stick around and play the game when you can or find something else. But mud is right, you need to stop whining and spamming the forum, it's not gonna end well.
  12. Well, that's entirely up to you. You had a rough start and some people threw stones at ya. You can get up and brush it off and give it another go when you can actually play the game, or you can sit down and take it and find something else where you feel more comfortable.
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