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  1. HOii DElsaber-Gempei-EP1-Ultimate-Grenill
  2. hii guys buying next items

    -Last swan with high%

    -MAster Raven with high% need 2 of this


    pmme how many pds or what items u want for them, thx

    Edited by Moiy Sanchez
  3. how about if we make something like helmets in game? , or my idea is absurd?
  4. lol .... i don't know what to say now lol . but i want to have more gempeis now
  5. @kajex but if we had gempei in the next event i would like to have it with their ability and non as vanilla shield , literally gempei is like rr med for lv 80s without gempei ability
  6. i think we need the next items: 1. A weapon with AoE type of damage for hunters because if u don't have df u can't do much on gal gryphon/barba ray 2. need an upgrade of v801 for fo's like cent/cast or something to do super fast cast of techs , like cent batle for melee things 3. gempei with their native ability i mean ( 1 kill = more def ) 4. Lindcray for ramarl/humar .. unless u buy a heaven striker super stated or sup gun chargue super stated u still do low dmg and have low range . then thats we need lindcray on ramael/humar :7
  7. another thing super usefull to max your hunters
  8. hii i think this would be usefull Spread needle drops with the purple monsters of ruins in ultimate ep 1 i think they're called merlan and drops with purple id Frozen shooter drops with Purplenum ID- Hidelbear - Ultimate - EP 1 you should do the first part of ttf ultima ( don't kill the dragon ) and repeat Photon booster ... i asume you're saying , What's a photon booster? Answer : a photon booster can be mixed with some weapons example : Panzer Faust - Frozen Shooter and another 2 to make Iron faust - Snow Queen . How u can get Photon booster? simple ,, if u have 50 pds make a room episode 2 any dficulty and normal mode , after u do this , talk with the girl of hunters guild the girl will give an list of many types of quest ,you need to choose Shop Quest after u select gallons shop and run it . now the quest is running and u're in pioneer at hunter's guild seccion . u need to walk to the down part of pioneer , after go and talk with the gallons child ( bluefull fonewm ) u need to have the 50 pds in inventory , and the gallons child will talk to u about him dad shop and will And will offer to go to her , now u're in gallon's shop and what u need is talk with gallons and selec the option buy i think , he will offer many things like blue barrier etc , but all you need is photon booster , you should select the option No thanks to the items you dont need , if finally he decide to offer the photon booster click the option yes i want and u finally will have the wished photon booster now wear the Frozen shooter ( preferable with hight hit and full grinded ) and use the wished photon booster ,,, Now u finally can enjoy freezing all the mobs with you New Snow Queen regards!
  9. Hola

    Espero que :

    > tengas y disfrutes tu cumpleaños  

    > te acuerdes de nosotros una  que otra ves ( lo que digo es que queremos volver a jugar rt con ust ;<; )

    > cumplas muchos años mas 

    >que hayas tenidi una feliz navidad y año nuevo

    y que 

    > seas la misma de siempre :3

  10. T> TJS 100-0-0-100|50

         TJS 0-100-100-0|50

        CSword 90-0-95-0|40

     For sta :)

  11. ;)

    Edited by Moiy Sanchez
  12. ;P dont pay attention to me kk 

    B>mag 5-156-39-0 and cent ability and 121 pow mat

    Edited by Moiy Sanchez
  13. hola! Feliz cumpleaños broo y feliz año nuevo...

    pd. cuando vuelves :(

  14. maybe can u borrow me the Dm 100-0-100|80 ? please
  15. pinkal - Tablet - Gal Gryphon - Ultimate