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    Robo-OP"- Hucast Lv200,DarkWinte-Racaseal lv 200,Bounce-Fomarl Lv200
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    why you want to know it :"L? haha regards :D
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    i don't know bro sorry :P

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  1. Feliz cumpleaños broo! que te la pases super bien :), haber cuando nos vemos otra vez, jaja no eh podido entrar mucho al juego y me gustaria volver a jugar un poco mas como antes pero no se puede, espero verte pronto y te deseo lo mejor de lo mejor! @Kraven202

    1. Kraven202


      Gracias Moiy c: sii broo espero puedas ejtrar pronto y podamos jugar ;-;

  2. Halloween Event 2018

    oh geez!
  3. Feminist doesn't aprove this.
  4. i love the idea of this i also like the spirit special and UR range on it how about if we put sword animation on this and at least 750 atp / 45 ata we can also give it the skin of flowens sword or so i also want a Moiy Shot please
  5. i know this is not something helpfully or so but, did you bought that vampire cloak from that no name Fomarl lv 110 PD shop in game?
  6. Jizai needs some power too It's just another forgotten weapon of the time, it should hit 3 enemies per swing
  7. then y'all should go to ephinea :"L
  8. Serverus Mini Event

    Lol i love my new Blizzard water gun <3
  9. Serverus Mini Event

    a la water gun/supressed gun tambien se les podra poner especial ? y si en caso de que se pueda, cual arma necesitaria para poner especial?
  10. with excalibur happens the same thing, why jizai can't have a litle boost too?
  11. How about to buff jizai and make it capable to hit 3 enemies per swing and not only one, would be cool to see that, since jizai is a very forgotten hunter weapon. Hunters deserve some love & fun too <3. Maybe give it an already existing combiner to make the buff possible.
  12. Can't recieve pms, please clear inbox <3

  13. B>Great Fairy Sword

    with more than 45h and more than 70% total other stats

    paying well but not overpricing ;)

    1. CFlo


      Was best doge at one point and time.