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Moiy Sanchez

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    Business man :"L
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    Robo-OP"- Hucast Lv200,DarkWinte-Racaseal lv 200,Bounce-Fomarl Lv200
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    why you want to know it :"L? haha regards :D
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    i don't know bro sorry :P

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  1. At one point and time. You were best doge.

    1. Moiy Sanchez

      Moiy Sanchez


      i was :) Welcome back! ^^


      Edited by Moiy Sanchez
  2. New Player

    hello welcome to Official Ultima Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Ultima Server, we hope you enjoy the time youre playing here with us send a pm if u need something i have some spare Pow mags if you are a Hunter or Ranger Class, i have a mind mag too for forces and weapons for them, just ask for help if u need good luck on leveling and hunts
  3. No you are not too late to post everyone's opinion are welcome 24/7 :D

  4. WOW !

    ty hahaha
  5. WOW !

    wow ! definitively forgot about this ahahahahaha where do i find it ^^ ?
  6. WOW !

    Wooow absolutely the best drop of valentines day <3. Love to all...... - DarkWinter
  7. Confirmed Valentines Drops 2018

    kroes sweater - merisa A - ult - ep 4 - skyly gempei - pyro gogan - ult - ep 4 - skyly
  8. Valentine's Event 2018

    Oops confirmed by me in the few runs i did with friends hunting on hod and MaS also bluefull - kroes sweater - melqueek
  9. Valentine's Event 2018

    Ep 1 Max attack S - Ultimate Yellowboze - master raven - dark bringer Yellowboze - last swan - delsaber Whitill - ricos parasol - crimson assasin Whitill + purplenum - glide divine v00 - chaos sorcerer Purplenum - magic rock "heart key" - crimson assasin Purplenum - rianov303snr-4 - nano dragon Redria iirc - dress plate - delsaber
  10. Valentine's Event 2018

    Master Raven Ep 1 Yellowboze Dark Bringers
  11. Valentine's Event 2018

    Yellow - Last Swan - Delsabers EP 1 ultimate ^^

    thanks ( i didn't reactioned because i can't anymore lol ) but i agree with you and yeah r.78 asked to larva alot so something will happen in a nearly soon ^^
  13. it is for other class diferent than Force
  14. yeah its mech only not ranged weapon that now can hit 2 times each shot like rambling may or the incredible lindcray usable by all forces and hunewearl only ik there is sacred bow but why not a master raven combo unlocked for those who still use fomar and fonewm with lindcrays tired of non having them or use it at high evp mobs and miss alot because they would have low hit or something like that, maybe to starters would help alot, and now use a cool item like a mini psycho ravens? u said psycho ravens definitively outclass any other female mechgun, but females dont have mechguns only, they have amazing and good gun and rifles that males can't use, also if psycho raven outclass master raven too, why not unlock the combo of it? it doesn't affect anything psycho ravens will be better at all i would like stopping using high sphered high ranged weapons that don't do all what they could do in damage and now using a cool high ranged master raven with 40 hit that doesn't need to be used the special and can't miss with those mobs, at least if the unlock of the weapon can't be done for the single weapon then why don't add a combiner and changue the name of it without adding anything more than the comob unlock thing?
  15. Yeah but what about the unlock of it? Lets give males another good chance to wear a diferent and cool thing, females got toooons of stuff males cant use