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  1. I have more stats ideas if you like to know that could benefit forces more. Just ask
  2. This what I think it should be. Pwand 60% Elemental wands at 40% Summit Moon at at least at 50% preferably 60% Make the PoM about 50% I know to some or most of you guys think this may seem over powering but givng the facts in my experience in schthack there is check and balance to the game play here. These stats alone are lower than schtack. I think it would be suitable for this server though. Pleases considerably check theses out.
  3. Not Church lol

  4. lol. The Name is Lundwick lol

  5. what is wrong church?

  6. Geeze Amnasty. You shall me Lundwick. lol

  7. OMG NO WAIT CHUUUURRRCCCCHHH ( i hope colk sees this first)


  9. I would like to add that you will also need to always try build your battle tactics up. Never feel over confident in your tactics. As a leader you need to make your members feel confident in knowing that they will succeed in your team. When you increase battle tactics you will also have the ability to teach your members to achieve a higher goals in theie tactics as well.
  10. Being creative is one the things you have to to make it grow as well. If you don't have a general purpose for it, your team won't grow.
  11. lol. I'll just wait till Larva fixes it, Or at least it's confirmed that it won't be fixed
  12. I spent roughly 3 hours in about 20 runs to see if I can grab some add slots form nar liilys are blues in normal mode with my redria. I had no luck with either one of my characters. Please check into this
  13. Hi Regina. Welcome aboard to one of the friendliest servers you will ever be in
  14. I agree. Cheating does take away the exp. Not only that The status of pro is demolished when you cheat. You will never achieve that because you never worked to get where you were. One of the roles to success is to endure hardships, and also to (here is a big one for me) to persevere. Once you obtain that skill, you are surely a pro in any thing that you do
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