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  1. hi, i would like to buy this one.
  2. AMIGO!!!!! porq??? no necessitas de trabajo tu eres rico pero no olvide de los regalos para tu grand amigo
  3. =----======================================>|---|<==============================================-=
  4. LOL why i dont have a team ?? i'm FOX_BR can remember ? i need a team. thanks
  5. pow pow pa pa pa pa ta ta ta ta ta pa pa pa BOOOoooooOOOOom PIMBA powww pa pa apa tatatatataatat POW POW fire TATATATAATATATATATATATATATATATAATA POW
  6. i want enter in team 7 i'm hunter level 189 !
  7. ola quero mudar minha senha por motivos de segurança ! chars:FOX_BR -Genesis - vinte B - zack
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