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  1. To proof everyone that the droprate is veeeeerrrry looooowww :3

    1. Noopy




    2. R-78


      THANK YOU !!

  3. probably not proof enought, since u can barely see the ID. also the name can be still from someone else XD
  4. Take care Luna, we all will miss u. Feel free to message me anytime on discord if u feel like it.
  5. +18 (needs to be censored)
  6. Im never in my waking life,
    dreaming is my all the time.
    wheather its the weather,
    or my mind its all too much.

    callin' in the frigid wind,
    a whisper is my dearest friend.
    leading me along a lilly laden twisting trail.

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    2. Shiva


      Well, I used to write poems, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

    3. radezz


      Thank god it wasnt an arrow to the hand or you wouldnt be able to talk XD

    4. Shiva
  7. We lov u and will never forget u
  8. In the short time we have to play out our lives,
    We get swept off our feet by the calm.
    Remaining with the memories we'll always have,
    Spinning them into two spirals and then they fade away.
    As for me, I will sing the song of the present,
    That's all I can do, be singing and talking.
    I won't remember what happened at that time,
    But it's been engraved in my heart, so let me go.

  9. Non GMs need to take over the Event section. otherwise events will repeat all the time. (Lack of creativity since cy left) also i would like to see non GMs can make events too WITHOUT using their own stuff as a prize.
  10. Happy Birthday ^^

    1. Ah Chua

      Ah Chua

      thank you :)

  11. Don't think, is like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory!

  12. Happy birthday bro

  13. Happy b-day :D

    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Thank you Shiva!

  14. For luck & TP mats i recommend Christmas Catastrophe in ep1 on very hard. make sure u dont have a full inventory cause u can choose any mats as reward at the end.