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  1. Happy Birthday bro :3

  2. Happy Woof day!

    may the holy dw be with u :3

  3. A lady in a lavender dress dances gracefully in a field of daisies and violets. She looks as if dancing with someone, her long lost love, but to everyone else, she is dancing with merely the atmosphere. She never misses a step. Perfection. Each time she turns you catch a glimpse of her face, she is smiling a beautiful smile. Though her sorrow may last a lifetime, she will smile as long as she knows her lover is with her. In her heart, in her soul. They are one. There is no music playing aloud, yet you still seem to hear it. She dances to her own melody, one that has never been heard before. It is a beatific melody that shall play forever in her heart and to whom ever may witness her beautiful dance. She dances every day, even if it is pouring rain, she will dance. To this day she can still be seen dancing in the field of where her and her lover have been buried. Only a chosen few can see her, and if you are one of the lucky ones, you will never forget such a beautiful sight.

    1. Sabrina


      this is so beautiful i read it with tears in my eyes today its 10 years ago i lost my grand mother and i still see her sometimes her face her smile and till the day of today i still miss her so much she was like a mom to me this text is realllyyyy beautiful <3 

    2. Shiva



      im sure she is still watching u with a smile

  4. Made by an unknown SchtHack player.
  5. :onion112: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :3

    1. Noopy


      Thank you ♥

  6. nice ideas :3 but i doubt somethink like that or close to it will happen, since Larva wouldnt agree with any of these. totally sure about it. just take the other ideas for example which arent way to op.
  7. Made by Yalyn what a lovley face...
  8. i told u not to scare him D:
  9. all legit... and i bet @JanenbaDMS can confirm that