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Shiva last won the day on April 7

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  • Birthday 07/31/1991

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    Shiva; Nei; Tails; Ult, Alys, Demi, Joe Musashi, Shion, Purapril, BarObama
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    42167675 and a few

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    Berlin, Germany & Block 1 in Lobby 13
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    Nunchaku, poems, games (classics), modify, books, photodesign or any other creativity ^^

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  1. what a lovley face...
  2. i told u not to scare him D:
  3. all legit... and i bet @JanenbaDMS can confirm that
  4. Play the quest Christmas Catastrophe in ep1 to get 1 or 2 luck mats as a reward (no full inventory allowed)
  5. Welcome to the club :3
  6. sadly i didnt made that, but its still freaking cool^^
  7. Now get every ID with every class and every single character to lvl 200

    Don’t count candles,
    See the light.
    Don’t count years,
    Enjoy your life!


    1. Auli'i


      Thank you!

      Also, that little poem is super cute

  9. The sun is casting shadows,
    an afternoon is fading.
    I ask, but no one knows,
    the answer to the question.
    My life is like an island,
    where does this ocean go?

  10. Nei's Claw (real) Virus Armor: Lafuteria OPA OPA OPA OPA OPA OPA OPA OPA OPA OPA OPA OPA