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  1. lindcray native dark hits or abeast dark hits ??? ><

    1. abousweid


      I use abeast dark and its good as hell but ive been thinking about that myself

    2. hyosuke


      dark its obvious but native is better that abeast after thinking about which enemy i'll most face

  2. Thx ! and do you think this could have been the issue about sometime i use dark flow skins and the dark flow disapear ?
  3. Well , the probleme is with server weapon like asteron striker and recently lindcray ( couldn't see it ) look at this asteron striker I didn't had this probleme in past weird
  4. So i put a dark flow skins and wave special , the wave worked perfectly but the weapon disapeared , can't see it anymmore I use the afs manager to do it , itemtextureep4. afs --------> import afp ------> the skin and still don't work Need help thx Edit: Never mind , i'll restart skins on a new folder
  5. B> Native/Dark/Hits Last swan ( or just with some stats in one of those)

  6. B> Photon sphere ( sell best ranger weapons)

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. makaveli


      dw youll be back on valentines day :)

    3. R-78


      then PM Starlord so you won't sell anything

    4. hyosuke


      pm me and i'll pm back

  7. >< I have maybe sold a TJS to someone , if so tell me plz thx

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. hyosuke


      its just that i think my tjs disapear i don't wanna make a topic before know if i sold it or really lost

    3. Cyane


      i got one from you D:

    4. hyosuke


      thx for have tell me cycy , i was lost

  8. S>DF 0 0 100 100 80 around 90 dts or against DM 0 100 100 0 50+ thx

  9. S>Dark Flow 0 0 100 100 80Hits Around 90 DTS Thx

  10. B> DM Abeast Machine + yas 9000M Demon and Heaven striker Dark + Hits thx ^^

  11. S> Dark Flow around 50 dts

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    2. hyosuke


      and ricardo i already gonna get a yas 7000V hell so no thx

    3. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      ok if so i can buy that df now

    4. hyosuke
  12. B> Yasminkov 7000V Hell With hits Paying really good !

    1. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      i have yask7000 0-0-45-35-30 no special

  13. Just saw my name in that topic was a honor
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