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  1. I shoulda done this first before my goodbye topic. But I have one final request as an attempt to lower the prices of the market here: If you received something from me as part of my giveaway and plan on trading/selling it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE USE IT AT HALF THE NORMAL VALUE I bought my STA for 350dts and a PGF for 250. These items should never go for this much and I sincerely hope that no one has to pay this much for them. Finally, shout out to @PSOAddict. Give him upvotes b/c that's the least he deserves <3
  2. Goodbye! :3 Anyone that might host an event soon, PM me. I might feel like donating some of my gear
  3. This is unrelated to the topic and I apologize for it. There are too many people with lion profile pictures
  4. PM me and we'll figure it out. Also, bump
  5. I'm not able to be online much anymore so I wanna buy some of the stuff that's dropping I've got pds, dts, and spheres. PM me or post here Bombchu (no hit, 3 stat would be cool) Boomerang (clean with hit) GFS (2 stats with hit) Master Sword (no hit, 3 stat would be cool)
  6. Bomb-chu - Whitill - ep2 - Del Lily (Ultimate)
  7. noob/hp was glitched, causing it to increase your max hp when removed. instead of fixing the glitch (which would've been difficult), it was replaced with heart container
  8. I don't know if that's possible, but it'd be a waste of pds to sell them to the shop. You can buy a max stack of meseta for like 2-3pds. There are several quests that award between 100k and 350k meseta. If you have a strong group, you can get a stack in an hour
  9. I would use this on fomarl with halo costume exclusively while playing with HUs that use DF special
  10. Glide Divine, Glide Divine v00, Magical Piece, Psycho Wand, Merc Rod, Lindcray, Master Sword, Banana Cannon, Samba's Fiesta or TypeME/Mechguns with Demon, Excalibur/Hundred Souls, Hylian Shield/Three Seals, Red Ring/any RR costume, Mother Garb+, Samurai Armor, Kroe's Sweater (if female fo), Godric's Cloak (if fomar), and that's all that comes to mind at the moment
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