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  1. i forget which event it is, but one of the events had a lot of the merges drop from various bosses
  2. you can translate here: https://translate.google.com/
  3. Ultimate Kondrieu Skyly Girasole
  4. Use this link for all your mag feeding information from lvl 1-50 and how to make rare, non-cell mags http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2452
  5. There's a quest called Christmas Catastrophe that you can get luck materials from as a reward. If you do it on vhard or ult, each player gets 2 materials of any kind. Also, if you weren't aware already, there are a couple Ultima-specific max stat calculators you can use. If you would like, I can PM the link to the one I use. The other is under Ultima>Tool Box at the top of any forum page. Also, it is also cheaper to trade for items from players with DTs than it is to redeem from the list
  6. I'm all in on the lobby15 idea
  7. For people who are interested in this event, I will be making a few PPP mags as part of the prize pool. PM me with some suggestions. Also, I'll want to run PPP before this takes place so I can have time to make the mags. Let me know if you're interested in doing some runs
  8. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/section-id/ also, any name will only display 9 characters in game (i.e. BabyKezia123 would show up as BabyKezia in game). use that to your advantage. you can also use spaces and stuff
  9. Dodging enemy attacks is pretty huge thing to learn if you're playing hunter. You open either the quick menu or the quick chat menu and it will allow you to move at normal speed around enemies
  10. DB doesn't have a RA tech boost at all :"L That's why Psycho Bridge is a thing You can get Luck Material from Christmas Catastrophe
  11. You still suck at df. Git gud Congrats tho
  12. I guess I can make this rhyme FUCK dw's gift to womankind This guy don't know shit Thinking his posts are always lit So much hair no wonder you had bang an ape I bet it's dick was bigger than your 2" stake Now you callin' yourself Osama? We all know it was really Obama Jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams You can't even post a good meme Let me tell you, Mr. Identity Fraud Your body is like a moldy hot dog Like the one you ate last night While I banged your mom (that pussy ain't that tight) I'd say hire a maid instead of maxing DF 'Cuz your dad's house is goddamn mess But that stack of boxes in the alley Can't even support Sally, Your girlfriend. whose chest is flat She transgender? who cares about that? Ya could be a pedophile, I'd say Oh and by the way I could find better meth on the street Y'all mind if I hit that yeet? Real talk though, sorry if I crossed a line somewhere >.> Also, wew lads
  13. I'm in Hunewearl 200, Hucaseal 200, Fonewearl 188
  14. B> 1 naka's card 5dts