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  1. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Bomb-chu - Whitill - ep2 - Del Lily (Ultimate)
  2. Bye Everyone ^^

    bye bye ;-;
  3. I don't know if that's possible, but it'd be a waste of pds to sell them to the shop. You can buy a max stack of meseta for like 2-3pds. There are several quests that award between 100k and 350k meseta. If you have a strong group, you can get a stack in an hour
  4. I would use this on fomarl with halo costume exclusively while playing with HUs that use DF special
  5. Fo characters

    Glide Divine, Glide Divine v00, Magical Piece, Psycho Wand, Merc Rod, Lindcray, Master Sword, Banana Cannon, Samba's Fiesta or TypeME/Mechguns with Demon, Excalibur/Hundred Souls, Hylian Shield/Three Seals, Red Ring/any RR costume, Mother Garb+, Samurai Armor, Kroe's Sweater (if female fo), Godric's Cloak (if fomar), and that's all that comes to mind at the moment
  6. I doubt this is possible (and it's purely for my own personal enjoyment) but... Samba Maracas or Fiesta should get a unique sound effect when you dance with either equipped
  7. How To Play MLG

    Wew lad
  8. B>maxed TJS with no hit

  9. There's Just Something About It

    It is Wednesday, my dude
  10. Show your screenshots

    Someone delete this
  11. you can buy them from players. i might have a couple photon boosters somewhere. i'd have to double check for heart keys. i'd sell them for 30pd each
  12. Done with a Force mag 13 monofluids (to level 10) 11 difluids 172 monofluids (to level 35) 24 difluids 128 monofluids (to level 50 stats should be 15/0/0/35) Use a mag cell Difluids til your eyes fall out of your head
  13. /matreset doesn't reset hp/tp mats
  14. Pretty much everything on the donation list is cheaper to get with better stats from a player (chain sawd with hit goes for like 30pds from what I've seen). You can add stats to any weapon, regardless of whether or not you redeemed for it
  15. Weapon Badge Meetup and Discussion

    I have time for a run. Room will be kez