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  1. Glide Divine, Glide Divine v00, Magical Piece, Psycho Wand, Merc Rod, Lindcray, Master Sword, Banana Cannon, Samba's Fiesta or TypeME/Mechguns with Demon, Excalibur/Hundred Souls, Hylian Shield/Three Seals, Red Ring/any RR costume, Mother Garb+, Samurai Armor, Kroe's Sweater (if female fo), Godric's Cloak (if fomar), and that's all that comes to mind at the moment
  2. I doubt this is possible (and it's purely for my own personal enjoyment) but... Samba Maracas or Fiesta should get a unique sound effect when you dance with either equipped
  3. Wew lad
  4. B>maxed TJS with no hit

  5. It is Wednesday, my dude
  6. Someone delete this
  7. you can buy them from players. i might have a couple photon boosters somewhere. i'd have to double check for heart keys. i'd sell them for 30pd each
  8. Done with a Force mag 13 monofluids (to level 10) 11 difluids 172 monofluids (to level 35) 24 difluids 128 monofluids (to level 50 stats should be 15/0/0/35) Use a mag cell Difluids til your eyes fall out of your head
  9. /matreset doesn't reset hp/tp mats
  10. Pretty much everything on the donation list is cheaper to get with better stats from a player (chain sawd with hit goes for like 30pds from what I've seen). You can add stats to any weapon, regardless of whether or not you redeemed for it
  11. I have time for a run. Room will be kez
  12. I can do a couple runs with you and show you guys the ropes
  13. *4 items :s
  14. i wanna do the thing with the bronze badges and the mags too please thx
  15. I'll be available starting at like 12am EST