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  1. ^this. level 15 or 20 gifoie. higher atp would be cool, but there's already girasole(inferno and regular). level 10 gifoie is great for hucast/cassy because they have traps, but i'd like to see humar/huney get a little more range to rabarta delbiters/bringers
  2. Glide v00 Dolmdarl Ultimate Pinkal ep2
  3. Kroe's Sweater Ill Gill Ult Whitill
  4. Angel Harp Sinow Spigell Ultimate Pinkal ep2
  5. i was wrong D:
  6. It's the red one that drops SoV, I think they're sinow zele
  7. hoi :3
  8. SoV Astark Ult Pinkal
  9. [rant] Seeing as I haven't been on Ultima very long (about 5 months), I think the valentine's event has been the best-implemented event since the triforce event (I was but a wee lad at the time of it). The drops are decently difficult (except rose on every ID for deldepths and arlans), but I've seen newer players ACTUALLY getting things like Glide v00, SoV, Lindcray, and the combination things. Which, is unlike the previous events, in my opinion. The Halloween event, in particular, I found to be extremely difficult for lower level/new players. Buffed belras and all that jazz. I may be bias because I mostly play huney, and had no demon weapon at the time; but, nonetheless, (Please insert reworded first sentence of this "paragraph" [if I may call it as such] because, I lost my train of thought and hope I'm truly triggering someone with this run-on sentence that I hope is correctly punctuated) [/rant] I'm gonna add some formatting to this when I get bored tomorrow night >:3
  10. Regular drop Ultimate Mil Lily Whitill
  11. Welcome to Ultima! You picked a good time to join, considering it's the Valentine's Event. I hope you enjoy your time here :3
  12. whitill ult ep1 melqueek angel harp
  13. whitill vhard ep1 sorcs heavenly/tp