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  1. Buffed Belras

    Me too. Who made that ugly Belra skin in the first place anyway?
  2. * poke *

    1. Evie


      :rf-05: Even here!

  3. What does PSO mean to you?

    PSO has always fascinated me. Even though it was very repetitive, I enjoy(ed) going through the forest over and over to kill some booma's. The game was simple enough for me to pick it up as a child and yet deep enough to enjoy it as a young adult. I've met some very nice people on ultima and learned quite a bit of programming by tweaking around with it so it defenetly has shaped me. I've also met my lovely gf on here many years ago which I live together with for quite some years now!
  4. I did this wrong

    It's indeed pretty insane that players are willing to give this much for any item. I personally don't understand this at all. Shame to see you go, you were a pretty chill person.
  5. Hello world! gamecube player here.

    Ah my good old newb guide, if you read in between the lines and the sarcasm, it actually could provide somewhat useful But glad you are getting help from some Ultima veterans. But be careful not to rush the game. Better level slowly and truly learn the game, than being a high level beginner.
  6. Hello world! gamecube player here.

    I'm also from the GameCube era, wonderful time! Welcome to ultima and enjoy the full online experience, both of you!
  7. Old School GC player new to BB

    I'm also from the GameCube era, welcome to ultima and enjoy the full online experience!
  8. Welcome to Ultima, good to see you enjoy it!
  9. Careful what you wish for : https://psoremake.wordpress.com/2016/07/24/pso-remake-forest-monster-edition/
  10. As I noticed several bugs coming back quite often, I decided to make a general topic covering the symptoms and the solutions if known. IMPORTANT: Take pictures of the bugs if you want to make a topic about them. Here's the list of the common bugs : - Error 908 - Error 903 (can't log in) - Items turned into '???' - Unsealing bugs | SOLVED - Ghost items - NPC glitch - Can't type username/password - Joining party error - Error 100 (DC-ing while doing stuff ) - Messed up title screen/graphics - Game won't launch - Lag - Antivirus detects PSOBB as harmful - Launcher is unable to download updates - Merge-swapped | SOLVED - 1/2 drops never drop | SOLVED - Mag evolution messed up - Huge amount of stackable items/meseta - Forum doesn't load - Banked items, dc and 'lost' them - Can't invite new team member - Error code 2 - Game starts up after pressing start, but closes in a split second - Game patches over and over - Invisible walls and floor More info for each bug : Name: Error 908 Cause: Something is blocking the connection to the server Solutions: Check that "Test server" is disabled in the Launcher options. Turn DEP off for psobb. https://www.dell.com/support/article/uk/en/ukbsdt1/sln288643/what-is-data-execution-prevention-dep-?lang=en Whitelist the Ultima PSOBB folder so that your antivirus doesn't see it as harmful. Add it as a firewall exception or turn your firewall off. Set the launcher application to run as an administrator. This will allow you do download updates correctly. Restart your computer and then launch the game via the Launcher application. Change your DNS settings to Google’s on the Protocol Version 4 https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-your-pcs-dns-settings-windows-10 Re-download the game and latest update https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/downloads/ --- Name: Error 903 Cause: The login server is down or the server is under maintenance. (or you have no internet access) Symptoms: Unable to log in, people who are still online from before the login being down, will lose all their progress from the moment the login went down. Solution: Log out, try again later, check the forums for info. --- Name: Items turned into '???' Cause: Mostly occurs in the common bank/inventory. Symptoms: Some items will turn into '???' items and disconnect you. Solution: If its only one item, take it out of your bank and drop it, log out, login and bank all your items, then relog again. If this doesn't help, ask a GM. --- Name: Unsealing bugs | SOLVED Cause: The item you try to unseal has been found before the unsealing fix. Symptoms: Mags will turn back to level 5, weapons will lose their % or even go into negatives and the kills will randomly be 0 again. Solution: Bank your weapons with % and mags in your bank, take snapshots of the killcount (/killcount command). For the kills showing 0, drop the item and pick it up again. The place in your inventory affects the killcount command. Else ask a GM for help. Don't forget, on ultima unsealing weapons takes more kills to unseal then other servers. For ex. Limiters will need 4K more kills to show the 'use' option to unseal it. --- Name: Ghost items/players Cause: Error in the created game/lagg Symptoms: Dropped items will not be seen by other players, or will still be on the floor after being picked up. Solution: Take the items you can, and recreate a fresh room. --- Name: NPC glitch Cause: You took an unexisting NPC. Symptoms: Your character wont load and you won't be able to move in the lobby. Solution: Go in the dressing room (at the character selection screen) and change apearance to default. Type NPC/0 to be normal again. --- Name: Can't type username or password Cause: Wrong keyboard settings Symptoms: You won't be able to type anything at all at the login screen. Solution: http://www.phantasys...rd-to-chattype/ --- Name: Error at joining party Cause: Mostly caused by a connection error/program error Symptoms: You will get a message 'PSBB.exe has stopped working' and PSOBB will close. Or you see the city from a topview and can't do a thing. Solution: Hold 'alt' + 'backspace' to reset PSOBB, ask for the room to be recreated. --- Name: Error 100 Cause: Mostly caused by a bugged/hacked item. Might also be in common bank. Symptoms: You will get disconnected while doing stuff like, feeding a mag, unequipping an itemtake out an item from the bank, pick up your 30th item,... Solution: Browse trough your items to look for bugged ones, and follow the steps above to get rid of it. --- Name: Messed up title screen/graphics Cause: Wrong patch update. (like updating an old version with a new patch) http://img502.images...11812391246.png Solution: http://www.phantasys...__10#entry33853 or this : http://www.phantasys...itchy-graphics/ --- Name: Game won't launch Cause: The source folder is corrupted or files are missing (not in the same folder) Symptoms: The game won't launch, sometimes giving you an error. Solution: Redownload the source folder and make sure everything is in the correct map. You can always use a shortcut for the .exe. --- Name: Lag Cause: An issue with your internet connection/speed. Also caused by fog. Symptoms: The game will run very slow at several episodes/quests Solution: Check your internet connection, lower the resolution and game quality. Download an anti-fog skin. --- Name: Antivirus/firewall issue Cause: Antivirus/firewall acknowledges PSOBB.exe as a virus. Symptoms: Game won't run. Solution: http://www.phantasys...with-installer/ --- Name: Launcher unable to download updates Cause: Antivirus/firewall blocks the launcher's internet connection. Symptoms: The launcher fails to download an update with an error along the lines: "The underlying connection was closed" Solution: Whitelist the launcher under your firewall or antivirus that has any type of network scanning capabilities. You can also download the latest updates manually from the downloads page. --- Name: Merge swapped | SOLVED Cause: Common bank doesn't like merges lol Symptoms: Any merge put into the common bank has a chance to be replaced by another, mostly razonde merge. Solution: Take pictures of your merge and trade it back with a GM. --- Name: 1/2 drop never drops | SOLVED Cause: When a droprising event is going on, all drops who go higher then 1/1 won't drop. Example : a 3X event on a 1/2 drop = 3/2 so it won't drop. Symptoms: Rare monsters won't drop their 1/2 drops. Solution: Wait to hunt those after events, they are still 'easy' to get, as the appearance rate of rare monsters is high on ultima. --- Name: Mag evolution messed up Cause: Wrong character/ID reference from the mag Symptoms: http://www.phantasys...2804#entry32804 Solution : Log in and out, has a slight chance to resolve the problem. Needs to be resolved in the binaries. This will normally prevent the bug from happening : http://www.phantasys...8132#entry48132 --- Name: Huge amount of stackable items/meseta Cause: The common bank bugs these things Symptoms: Meseta, monomates, PDs and such will be multiplied by a very high number. ex. 2344523X Monomates Solution : Get the items that are valuable to you out of the bank, and make a topic for a request for a bankswipe. Remeber, bug abuse can get you banned. --- Name: Forum inaccessible Cause: Error with the SQL database | Queries not executed correctly or no connection to SQL database. Symptoms: U will get this image : http://img7.imagesha...40/sqlerror.png Solution : Refresh the page, try again later. More info here : http://www.phantasys...__10#entry35992 --- Name: Banked items, dc and 'lost' them Cause: bad sync between client and server (bad connection ? ) Makes the storing pointer messing up. Symptoms: While banking several items, your game will dc and when you log back in, the items are 'gone'. Solution: Look in your bank, u will have stored the first items of your invent instead of the items you wanted. Else there might have been a rollback and then, nothing you can do about it. --- Name: Can't invite new team member Cause: Player is writing a message/ looking at something with f12 Symptoms: You will 'fail' at the inviting Solution: Let him close all his menus, and try again. Reloading blocks could also help. --- Name: - ERROR CODE 2 Cause: Missing files/blocked patcher by antivirus/firewall Symptoms: You'll get an error message upon starting the game (Error 2) Solution: Disable your antivirus while downloading/updating the client and installer. More info here : http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/6760-error-code-2/?hl=error --- Name: Game starts up after pressing start, but closes in a split second Cause: A wrong resolution is selected in the game options. Symptoms: The game will try to draw the game rectangle but will crash cause the resolution is too far off. Solution: In the launcher, go to >options>resolutions and try to change it to one that is supported for you. --- Name: Game patches over and over Cause: You're not using the online.exe or not as administrator mode Symptoms: Your game will keep patching over and over and create a .pat file in your PSOBB root folder. Solution: Run online.exe as administrator and/or rename the PsoBB.exe to PsoBBbackup.exe and the PsoBB.pat to PsoBB.exe --- Name: Invisible walls and floor Cause: You probably have a software like Raptr or part of AMD Catalyst software that will interfere with PSO's graphics Symptoms: You walls and floor will be almost invisible Solution: Disable the software described in the cause Still have a problem? I hope this helps you solving your problem, else you can always post a new topic to get specific info. Post a topic by these rules : http://www.phantasys...rollback-topic/ This topic will be updated whenever we discover a new common bug/solution.
  11. You can use a controller for the game to have a closer experience to the original. Out of curiosity, which article led you to here? Oh and welcome btw.
  12. New Auction Rules

    The only way to 'enforce' auction rules would be through an ingame system (like they do in some other MMORPGs). You put an item in the 'auction house' with a 'starting bid' and a 'buy now' price. (with 3 monetary values : meseta, PDs and dts) You select a time period in hours (max a few days) You submit your auction item and it remains in the system until it's either sold or withdrawn within the first 10 minutes (e.g. you made a mistake with the pricing) People who want to bid on it, select a certain amount and place the bid. You can't take the money out until someone overbids you. But as Soly said, auctions are something you need to have your own responsibility in. It's a system where the buyer wants the most value out of an item and thus should cope with a certain level of uncertainty when an offer is too good to be true. If people constantly withdraw their offers or break other rules, they'll pretty much ruin their trading reputation and will have a harder time buying something. Implementing a system like I mentioned above takes quite some work and has to be completely safe/exploit-free. Afaik there were no real item auctions in the forum several years ago.
  13. Hello everyone

    Welcome to ultima, great to see you enjoy the server. Spread the word!
  14. How to get anything ever

    Heretics, There is only one true Ultima God and it's senior avocado with sombrero :
  15. Multiplayer combat crashes

    Does it crash whenever a specific person joins you or just always? My guess would be that they could have an item that your client cannot load for some reason, making it crash. Have you already patched the game after doing an installation?
  16. Launcher.exe on Mac

    It's a curse
  17. Gal Gryphon doesn't drop stuff

    Even rappies who should also always drop something when scared yield occasional null drops.
  18. Gal Gryphon doesn't drop stuff

    I've been playing a little recently and paid attention to this and indeed, so far I have not seen an enemy drop meseta either. Of Course this might just be coincidental bad luck but it could be a hint to the issue.
  19. You also might want to get a spread needle.
  20. Introduction.

    Hello and welcome to ultima!
  21. I'd also type a wall of text if there weren't already a lot of great stories written out and if I wasn't at work (lol). My story is pretty similar to Soly's although I already was into programming before I joined this server. I think the biggest impact ultima has made on my life is making me meet my wonderful girlfriend whom I live together with now. I've seen a lot of people come and go on this server but I'm still in touch with several veterans of this game (mainly other staff members). I remember failing a couple of exams after discovering this server right before the study period haha, but I still made it in the end. No regrets! Good luck with your story. (I'm 25 now if you want to know)
  22. Player-Made Easter Drop Chart =3

    Nice to see everyone co-operate to find the goodies. Keep up the good work.
  23. Yeah, high level player can easily farm those units (and even better, the heavenly variants). You should try to collect a few PDs and trade them for a basic set of those units if you want to go through the game faster/easier. But that can also take away part of the fun