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  1. When it comes to picking a weapon of choice, better listen to this guy :
  2. Me too. Who made that ugly Belra skin in the first place anyway?
  3. chuk

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      :rf-05: Even here!

  4. PSO has always fascinated me. Even though it was very repetitive, I enjoy(ed) going through the forest over and over to kill some booma's. The game was simple enough for me to pick it up as a child and yet deep enough to enjoy it as a young adult. I've met some very nice people on ultima and learned quite a bit of programming by tweaking around with it so it defenetly has shaped me. I've also met my lovely gf on here many years ago which I live together with for quite some years now!
  5. It's indeed pretty insane that players are willing to give this much for any item. I personally don't understand this at all. Shame to see you go, you were a pretty chill person.
  6. Ah my good old newb guide, if you read in between the lines and the sarcasm, it actually could provide somewhat useful But glad you are getting help from some Ultima veterans. But be careful not to rush the game. Better level slowly and truly learn the game, than being a high level beginner.
  7. I'm also from the GameCube era, wonderful time! Welcome to ultima and enjoy the full online experience, both of you!
  8. I'm also from the GameCube era, welcome to ultima and enjoy the full online experience!
  9. Welcome to Ultima, good to see you enjoy it!
  10. Careful what you wish for : https://psoremake.wordpress.com/2016/07/24/pso-remake-forest-monster-edition/
  11. You can use a controller for the game to have a closer experience to the original. Out of curiosity, which article led you to here? Oh and welcome btw.
  12. The only way to 'enforce' auction rules would be through an ingame system (like they do in some other MMORPGs). You put an item in the 'auction house' with a 'starting bid' and a 'buy now' price. (with 3 monetary values : meseta, PDs and dts) You select a time period in hours (max a few days) You submit your auction item and it remains in the system until it's either sold or withdrawn within the first 10 minutes (e.g. you made a mistake with the pricing) People who want to bid on it, select a certain amount and place the bid. You can't take the money out until someone overbids you. But as Soly said, auctions are something you need to have your own responsibility in. It's a system where the buyer wants the most value out of an item and thus should cope with a certain level of uncertainty when an offer is too good to be true. If people constantly withdraw their offers or break other rules, they'll pretty much ruin their trading reputation and will have a harder time buying something. Implementing a system like I mentioned above takes quite some work and has to be completely safe/exploit-free. Afaik there were no real item auctions in the forum several years ago.
  13. Welcome to ultima, great to see you enjoy the server. Spread the word!
  14. Heretics, There is only one true Ultima God and it's senior avocado with sombrero :
  15. Does it crash whenever a specific person joins you or just always? My guess would be that they could have an item that your client cannot load for some reason, making it crash. Have you already patched the game after doing an installation?
  16. chuk


    Even rappies who should also always drop something when scared yield occasional null drops.
  17. chuk


    I've been playing a little recently and paid attention to this and indeed, so far I have not seen an enemy drop meseta either. Of Course this might just be coincidental bad luck but it could be a hint to the issue.
  18. You also might want to get a spread needle.
  19. Hello and welcome to ultima!
  20. I'd also type a wall of text if there weren't already a lot of great stories written out and if I wasn't at work (lol). My story is pretty similar to Soly's although I already was into programming before I joined this server. I think the biggest impact ultima has made on my life is making me meet my wonderful girlfriend whom I live together with now. I've seen a lot of people come and go on this server but I'm still in touch with several veterans of this game (mainly other staff members). I remember failing a couple of exams after discovering this server right before the study period haha, but I still made it in the end. No regrets! Good luck with your story. (I'm 25 now if you want to know)
  21. Nice to see everyone co-operate to find the goodies. Keep up the good work.
  22. Yeah, high level player can easily farm those units (and even better, the heavenly variants). You should try to collect a few PDs and trade them for a basic set of those units if you want to go through the game faster/easier. But that can also take away part of the fun
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