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  1. Vol opt vh, viridia id drop Red Merge, confirmed by Shiro. Vol opt vh yellow id drop yellow ring, confirmed by Lemon.
  2. Is this list color coded? meaning the color of the item is the id to hunt it? because we found kroes from vol opt white and is labeled oran here?Also a few df shield have drop with white id too. Thank you c:
  3. 1-No, material limit isn't increased :c 2- You can reset your mat count for 10 dts with a GM.
  4. I think is a dumb idea x: , imo, the number of runs dont increase the chance on getting a drop, even if something is 1/2 that doesnt mean is going to drop. The droprate could be better indeed and i will also like to see droptable for event, but trying to count how many STA have drop and after how many runs just doesnt change anything. I remember someone said once that a guy found a SJS in his 4th try (choko,chuck cant remember), that doesnt mean at all that is an easy drop, thats how probability works and that's it.
  5. i have found those from dark falz ultimate, redria id
  6. Hello, i would like to know if this is still happening : .I have done roct duo and it have crashed me when i talk to momoka to get the prize.
  7. It does have a special, is just tricky, it can show traps same as trap vision, you have to use it in a room with traps x: . It is supposed to boost team members stats as far as i know, but i have test it with no results.
  8. pinkal, 1/10 from astark ultimate i think
  9. As far as i know, nobody have found one with oran, i tried and got no luck.Better dont waste your time
  10. No, only female hunter can.It was event drop for valentine i think.
  11. Hi.What is the halloween pionner quest? does it gives a special prize?