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  1. Afaik. rate for Nei claw was changed. from 1/193000 to 1/1000 +- .Not so hard to find,PW4 has lots of ill gills,but not many people use viridia in tower. Good luck getting one :3
  2. Vol opt vh, viridia id drop Red Merge, confirmed by Shiro. Vol opt vh yellow id drop yellow ring, confirmed by Lemon.
  3. Vivienne : 0/0/40/35|35 Burning Gladius : 0/50/50/0|50 Arrest Diska : 0/40/35/0|45 I want to buy these please c:
  4. Is this list color coded? meaning the color of the item is the id to hunt it? because we found kroes from vol opt white and is labeled oran here?Also a few df shield have drop with white id too. Thank you c:
  5. 1-No, material limit isn't increased :c 2- You can reset your mat count for 10 dts with a GM.
  6. I think is a dumb idea x: , imo, the number of runs dont increase the chance on getting a drop, even if something is 1/2 that doesnt mean is going to drop. The droprate could be better indeed and i will also like to see droptable for event, but trying to count how many STA have drop and after how many runs just doesnt change anything. I remember someone said once that a guy found a SJS in his 4th try (choko,chuck cant remember), that doesnt mean at all that is an easy drop, thats how probability works and that's it.
  7. i have found those from dark falz ultimate, redria id
  8. Yeah. i confused you with another person c:
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