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  1. I got Kroes Sweater from OLGA Ultimate on Greenill
  2. HELLO SOPHIE!!!!!!!!

    1. Sophia


      Hello ultrajerky. How are you?

    2. ultrajerky


      Well sophie i am ok, how about you?

    3. Sophia


      I am okay thank you.

  3. TTF Multimode Solo. No PB. Died once From Baranz.
  4. How do u get the booldy tornado Sophia pokes

    1. Auli'i


      Bloody Art + Blue Black Stone

  5. B>CENTURION BATTLE Pm me price. And S>IF 30/25/0/0/30. give me offer.

    Edited by Sophia
    1. yanvbraz


      what is your offer for c/battle?

    2. Sophia


      45 Dts 

  6. Happy New Year ULTIMA!

  7. T>SOF 0/0/100/60/70 for ASTERON STRIKER 80hits or TypeGU Mechgun Hell 80 hits 

  8. On my mind..... thinking of selling my HYLIAN SHIELD and GLIDE v00........ What would you Offer me? I want.......... hhmm.......   fishcake and cheesecake..

    1. Night


      HHawk's char fishcake isnt for sale D:

    2. HHawk4
    3. Sophia
  9. B>Scape Dolls 20.1

    1. Misombre


      S > Scape Dolls 10:1

    2. R-78


      T>Scape Dolls 1:1

    3. Sophia
  10. S> S Reds arm 15 pds and Dragon Scales 3pds

    1. Sabrina


      offer 10 pds for the sreds ?

    2. solo guy

      solo guy

      If you still got the s reds when I get on later I will buy for 15 pds : )

    3. Sophia


      I will be home in like 10 hours. I am working right now.

  11. B> MG+ and 3 SEALS

  12. B>MG+ and THREE SEALS

  13. S> Dragon Scales 3pds each

  14. S> Dragon Scales 3pds each

  15. S>Red Ring min.