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  1. Oh, well dang. Thanks for the information! I guess this could be locked and if anyone finds this and wants the rifle for something cool just PM me please.
  2. Did you ever wished you can use glowing white rifle? Then trade with me TYPE GU/Gun and we'll have a good deal! Thank. I'm go to grocery store. Hope respond. Edit: Also it doesn't have a special or stats.
  3. I'll sell you mine, in a TTF at the moment but PM me if you want.
  4. Wow! First time I used this thread and so many responses from nice people. Thanks for all the responses, I'll have to rope Grif into helping me hunt split Pan Arms again, maybe after we find him a Syncesta or something. Thanks all of you!
  5. I'll buy some power mats, I'm online now if you wanna make game, thanks!
  6. I got 2 Angry Fists from Hidoom's in Lost Riot Raygun last night in Episode 2 and I'm Whitil. The drop chart says I would get Yasminkov 2000H. Where should I go to hunt Y2K? Thanks!
  7. Hello, Trying to buy a DM for 75 DTS. Looking for 50's, preferably in A. Beast, Dark, and Hit. Thank you! - Rend Edit: Oh, please PM, thanks.
  8. Could I buy Flamberge 40 hit with machine, and Rage? Thank you.
  9. How much for Epsiguard? Thank you.
  10. Ranger Wall is an awesome shield. I love teaching people how to get walls.
  11. I'll PM as well but just to have it written here, sorry that's one I can't trade away. Thanks though and your signature is awesome.
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