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  1. Happy birthday Celery <3

    You bring happiness to more people than you probably think and you're a wonderful shithead. Thanks for being someone we're all lucky enough to know. Have fun today and be safe. BLESS


    Also this


  2. on this day, next year i'll be 21. the world isn't ready.

    1. radezz


      Thought you were like 25, but cool, one more year and you'll be able to drink alcohol wink wink. Hapy Bday ^^

    2. Ragol99
  3. Show your screenshots

    because the 1st wasn't enough
  4. Show your screenshots

    3 in 1 run and a 45 hitter
  5. Halloween Drops 2017

    i'm proud of u, now kill belras instead.
  6. Well, it's finally time

    I wish we could have had the chance to speak on a more personal level, though you put up with my questionable humor with genuine sincerity the times we did get to chat. Everyone here holds you in such high regards and deservingly so. you've made your mark here in the ultima community and its tragic to see you go. I wish nothing but the best for you and kramer in whatever you do.
  7. hi i miss u, hope all is well friendoo.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SelahIsASpot


      Ohhh that was you wasn't it. My badddddddddd 

      I fear the lettuce has ruined my brain

    3. Auli'i


      You even said hi back..

      RIP Spot's brain tho

    4. SelahIsASpot


      People say hi alot, its an automated response sometimes :cr-calm-down:

  8. You're all wonderful, never change.

    1. drdingus





      wow why are there there lindcray screenshots. LOL STUPID COPY PASTE

  9. k, brock is the new bae.

    1. radezz


      why am i here? why am i listening to this? and why do i find it entrancing?

  10. hoooooollllyyyy shit, brock is so good. between pete and brock invalids has one of the most talented math line ups

  11. B> hit samba maracas/fiesta pm me.

    1. Ragol99


      Somebody sell @SelahIsASpot some maracas!:)

  12. B> hit samba maracas/fiesta.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SelahIsASpot


      I could also chuck in a 30 hit h striker

    3. Terrybriggs711


      Hmm good offer , let me think about it a little and ill pm u in little bit

    4. SelahIsASpot
  13. Farewell

    Best of luck with all if your future endeavors, you were a wonderful part of this community and i believe i speak for most when i say it is heartbreaking to see you go.