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  1. I saw that now >.< I dropped a whole crowd at once lol i thought it was the detonator
  2. I got a revival curiass off oran detonator o.O
  3. S>Soul Boosters 15 DTs, I sold 3 already and the supply is running out! Get yours now!!

  4. S>Soul Boosters 15 DTs, FTDs 4 DTs, I'll post more as I sort through my stuff, if the price is right I might auction my last PBC but it won't be 15 DTs ;)

    1. KarmaTheFoney


      Yo lemme get that FTD <3

    2. Carsomyr


      I got 2 you can have one :D

  5. S>Soul Boosters 15 DTs, FTDs 4 DTs, I'll post more as I sort through my stuff :P

  6. S>Soul Boosters 15 DTs, 2 sold so far! Get yours while they are here!

  7. S>Soul Boosters 15 DTS, get yours before Anniversary starts :D

  8. S>Soul Boosters 15 DTs, get yours now! :D

  9. As stated in title. I have more than 1 for sale, so pm me even if it appears I sold one!
  10. S>Soul Boosters 15 DTs, get yours before they are gone :D

  11. S> Soul Boosters 15 DTs! :D Also Hello again Ultima, I missed you :D

  12. Silverlight is no longer being developed, it's in the "end of life" phase. I'd rather not use it EDIT: Although I guess it wouldn't hurt to use it for a while until HTML5 really takes off?
  13. So umm. A few weeks (or even months now?) ago I told you Soly that using adobe flash in firefox would crash the game... Turns out this IS the same problem. Before I installed AU I had Adobe set to "ask to activate" because it loads a metric butt ton of ads on different forums and whatnot i browse, but afterwards I never set it back to "ask to activate"... And now that it is set that way again, it only crashes PSO when I activate it. Just FYI
  14. No Nvidia plugins here.... And I really don't want to use another browser. IE is.. well that is self explanatory Edge is marginally better, and chrome is bloated as hell. It also runs wonky especially where flash is concerned...
  15. Guildcard: N/A Character N/A Date/Time: N/A Description: Psobb.exe encountered an error and needs to close is happening frequently. Comments: I am Unsure if it is a PSO, latest Firefox update, or win10 Anniversary update issue. (Or if there is a conflict between 2 of them) Notes: Event Viewer shows "C:\Ultima PSOBB\PsoBB.exe" to be the faulting application and module path in some of the Application Error logs(1000), But in the rest "C:\Ultima PSOBB\PsoBB.exe" is the application path and "C:\Windows\System32\USER32.dll" is the module path. EDIT: And this is not the same as before either when I posted about the game crashing if i run firefox, sometimes when I refresh the forum (or other webpages, but not conistently EVERY time) it crashes. Something is really wonky
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