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  1. I found the topic that describes the drop system and the commands. I read it. But I don't really understand it. I suppose I'm the type that gets easily confused. Here's the topic: I usually hunt alone. What's the best mode for hunting alone? What command do I type in to make sure it's on the correct mode for me? Please spell it out as simply as possible so there's absolutely no way for me to misinterpret anything. <--- which my brain will surely try to do! Easily confused types needs drops too!
  2. Green names are on, so I have a few questions about the best way to hunt a few different things. I was away for a year, and I noticed that many new quests have been added. These were the best ways (imo) to hunt the following items a year ago: Trigrinders: Bluefull, Episode 2. Normal Difficulty. Quest: [VR] Maximum Attack 2 Ver2 [Continue in a straight path moving south. When you cannot go south any further, go west. You'll find a room full of Hildebears and Hildeblues. Repeat.] Luck Mats: Greenill, Episode 2. Normal Difficulty. Quest: Lost SHOCK GUNGNIR [First two ro
  3. A few questions! I was away for the last year and a half, so things may have changed. Has Dark Bridge undergone any changes during the last 2 years, it terms of its attributes and what it does? Also, I was hunting Luck Mats yesterday, and a Luck Mat dropped in an ugly green box. I almost walked right past it. They were much better when they were red. I could hunt luck mats and watch netflix for hours on end, and I'd never miss a Luck Matt. The red boxes always caught my eye. Them green boxes though...
  4. Tera

    Easter Event 2016

    Okay! I have a small issue! I did 9-8 a bunch of times with GREENILL, to kill Saint Million where Soul Booster is supposed to drop according to the above posts. And I did not get a soul booster! I found a Rupika from Saint Million. I had my Greenill make the room, and my Redria fight and kill Saint Million. But the room ID, was certainly Greenill. (Obviously I would love to exchange this Rupika for a Soul Booster -- but that's probably not going to happen.) Can the drop ID's for Soul Booster get looked at please, because something isn't right! ~ Tera
  5. Oh man, that's terrible! I hope this gets solved soon! Don't forget to post the Character Slot: # and the Time it happened if you remember that. Also, what kind of disconnect was it? (For example: Common Bank ate it.) And do you have any screenshots of the Lindcray in your possession, or a screenshot of the error/disconnect when it happened? (You probably don't need ALL of that stuff. Just trying to give helpful advice and speed the recovery process along, so your topic is as ready as possible when GM assistance arrives. Good luck Patrick!)
  6. I was wondering this also! Thanks for posting this topic mudkipz! :3
  7. Psycho Black Crystal drops from the Ep.2 monster Morfos, but only during the Summer Event. Master Raven comes from BPD2. You'll need Photon Crystals to do BPD2. http://phantasystaronline.net/quest_drops.php
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