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  1. Okay! I have a small issue! I did 9-8 a bunch of times with GREENILL, to kill Saint Million where Soul Booster is supposed to drop according to the above posts. And I did not get a soul booster! I found a Rupika from Saint Million. I had my Greenill make the room, and my Redria fight and kill Saint Million. But the room ID, was certainly Greenill. (Obviously I would love to exchange this Rupika for a Soul Booster -- but that's probably not going to happen.) Can the drop ID's for Soul Booster get looked at please, because something isn't right! ~ Tera
  2. 105 minutes of HH remaining.
  3. 419
  4. HH is on! 175 minutes left!
  5. Psycho Black Crystal drops from the Ep.2 monster Morfos, but only during the Summer Event. Master Raven comes from BPD2. You'll need Photon Crystals to do BPD2. http://phantasystaronline.net/quest_drops.php
  6. HH is on! 155 minutes remaining!
  7. Pinkal Ultimate Love Rappies drop LOGiN.
  8. I just found a Butterfly Net, on Redria, from an Ultimate Love Rappy.
  9. Bluefull Ult Love Rappy also drops the Login Cane weapon. And if anyone was curious about what LOGiN looks like, or what its stats are: It's a cute little magazine! Stats: +5 ATP. +25 ATA. (not sure about class restrictions.)
  10. Time to hunt! 165 Minutes left!
  11. HH on. 170 minutes remaining.
  12. Wow. Logged on at exactly the right time. HH started 3 minutes ago! 177 minutes Remaining!!