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  1. if i cant be the best i sure as hell can be the worst

  2. welcome to ultima :3 have fun and dont be shy asking people for help :3
  3. fuck summer and its bullshit hot as hell at night at 11:30PM....sweating and i am just laying here

    1. StarFox2223


      Nasty feeling. 

  4. this is a good idea :3 i hate trying to find the damn mags i want on PSOworld or PSO wiki or whatever has the info on now these days X3
  5. kinda off topic but i will say this what about people with multi accounts? also what about someone like me a FOnewearl that does not have really strong gear? so my main charter would be hopeless getting a PGF unless your midori and i get the feeling this would take a LONG LONG time to beat ep 2 cause of the devil mobs unless u have strong gear or a lot of time to just pick off mobs one at a time but at this point u prob have a PGF from other means x3 not trying to shut down your idea but thats just how i see it x3
  6. but then u would been to boost the cap on stats and add harder settings for rooms or if its just a number going up then again u may aswell just be level 200 cause it means about as much XD
  7. well soly just clean up everything i could say would be a thing that i see stoping this idea but talking more about rewards would players be able to get a medal on your forum profile for the times reset? or a counter or something? just to give more boosting rights and to show how much of a old hand u r at this game? or a item that u cant earn normally for reaching a level of prestige? (this item will not be tradeable and if this has been said i am sorry x3 tl:dr)
  8. mmm well now anything i say would be the problems you would face if i was a GM trying to get this to work XD like how to keep gear after resetting to level one ect x3
  9. but dont u guys offer ID changes? and i remember on schthack Lee would give ID changes from time to time? but i guess i have no idea how hard/easy anything to do is on this game X3
  10. i like the idea as it gives u something to do once again when u r grinding for gear maybe give u a ID change aswell each time? only other thing is the exp rate after u hit 200 u can have 3 times exp or whatever but this is more for when you have a new level 1 char the exp rate should be lower then higher as u level up i base this on the fact if a player is new to this game they will level up SO fast they will not learn the basics of the game and when u get to the higher levels thats when it starts to get to a grinding mess and i find it rubs salt in the wound with a 2 times exp when u hit level 165 but maybe thats just me and i got a little off topic but yes a very good idea :3
  11. i normally use google chrome on my laptop but i need to use firefox to use this website :P and there is a ad for league of legends...we need some control of what ads we are showing our kids on this website and none of this porn :P

    1. Cyane


      clear cookies D: any advertisement you see is based on your browsing... so if you see that you prob searched something like LoL on there D:

    2. Lemon


      Ads are based on your browsing history.  So clearing cookies will in deed help.  Also, consider installing Adblock Plus, it will hide all that stuff.

  12. what can u do as the dragon? cause i remember seeing something about this AGES ago but it looked like u was just stuck in the boss room x3 would be cool if they pulled a demon souls and the dragon was being controled by some player when u do TTF or something :3
  13. for some reason i remembered the dream i had with a really cute girl that i was thinking i made up but turns out i worked out who she was :P9f0.gif

    if u know who this is then i swear nothing happen XD

    1. StarFox2223


      I know who it is.

  14. if u live in england and on the isle of wight like me this is what happens when u leave your backdoor open for 5 mins https://goo.gl/YlDFu1

    1. Misombre


      It's always better on the couch =)

    2. dwalters98


      the cow just wants to cuddle >_> don't see the problem here....

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