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Malxerz last won the day on September 1 2016

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  1. remember that time you didn't disappear forever? me neither :C

  2. Malxers are you still alive?

  3. Maybeeeeeeeee

    And he will start another team and never leave that one again for a week This time he srs
  4. just saying hello

    hello am doge v:
  5. Cy turn me into man c:

    1. Cyane
    2. Misombre


      Now I wanna see how one get turn into a woman D:

      But really, Mulan is great ^^

    3. Malxerz
  6. Why does Starlord not have the "Fake Goth" member title already? 

    1. Starlord


      Because from the time you were gone and I decided to take a break to study the art of goth. Been through rigorous gothic test and past them all with black flying colors. My soul is as dark as Wesley Snipes. 

    2. Malxerz


      You cannot un fake goth yourself, your studying is lies 

  7. Happy protoss day v: i made a banhammer cake 4 u

  8. Farewell for now, friends...

    good luck D:
  9. Howdy

    hello v: am doge please wow
  10. Roses are red 

    Violets are blue 

    Radez is showing thirst

    but Inga is still the worst 

    1. radezz


      Wow many thirst,

      Such very rhymes.

      Inga is worst

      my name has two z's.


    1. radezz


      where is the link inga?! where!

    2. Starlord


      Yo what's up girl? You back to gaming again? 

      Remember you said and I quote "I'm tired of these mothafucking snakes on this mothafucking plane" 

      then said you were gonna take a long needed break.

    3. Malxerz


      Yes am gaem now v: screwing around online when I'm not working or dying @_@