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griffeni last won the day on July 6 2016

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    worshipper of dw
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    griffeni HUCAST, canada FONEWERL kate RAMARL GRiFfEni RAMAR lisa FOMARL stephanie RACASEAL
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    smash bros and mario kart yo fo sho

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  1. *takes podium like bill clinton*

    mud did not hack me and steal jefferys dts


    i played jef like a fiddle and sent the dts to my friend that he was picking on because you cant just start a hey lets all hate on this guy thread and get away with it


    it was done for top keks and because he was harassing my friend over nothing other than just afking in lobby and thats not okay

  2. thats inappropriate for vchildren
  3. but on a serious note that mudkips guy is always in lobby looking down on everyone and just because he got a dark weapon when it has a shit rate thinks he is elite and better than everyone who doesnt have one
  4. clearly mudo kapzis a bed men and should be punished for what he has done to you

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mudkipzjm
    3. Auli'i


      I'm going out with @Molla then


      I don't need either of you anyways



    4. griffeni


      wow and now im left with no one but pate

      i think i win then bc pate is gr8

  6. zelda botw has the cleanest ending i have ever seen for a zelda game like now i cant wait 5 years at the least to see how they top it because they would need to have started working on the next one when this came out because jesus its gonna be hard to do better than that

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    2. griffeni


      got the true ending but now im gonna go get the rest of the shrines bc thats all im missing still

      also i tried rushing it like 2 days before it came out because im a dirty hacker and got the leaked version  but didnt know how to beat 4th ganon form and instead of doing all of the forms to get back to that one figured might as well do the story so i can do them all seperatly and figure out the best way for each so after i 100% it im gonna try a ganon rush again

    3. Sylph777


      What ?!! appart of the 120 shrines, did you discovered all towers ? explored all locations ? found all items/tunics and rare weapons/shields/bows ? did all the 80 didequests ? found the 900 koroks seeds ? upgraded all your armors from great fairies ? completed the hyrule compendium fully ? defeated all the monsters camps to get their "chests" ? got everything from kilton ? and i probably forgot other stuff but if so, you must have played ALOT xD did you get the game before the 3march ? and yeah rusing to ganon's castle in new game is truly amazing in term of game design and this castle itself is incredibly well made with an amazing level design, i've rarely seen this in a video game before.

    4. griffeni


      yeah i got it on the 27th because i hacked my wiiu and downloaded the leaked version before buying it at launch

  7. s>proof of sonic x3 team pm me

  8. thats to you and @McLaughlin86  i can now listen to this wonderful music


    1. SelahIsASpot


      this is my jam

    2. mudkipzjm
    3. griffeni


      yes aperntly i heard of this person before you linked that ages ago but didnt relize it because i knew them of snails house and didnt relize it was the same person

  9. dw i regret spending 10x more time than that hunting it that year i also regret selling a 90 hit arms to the shop but eh
  10. got 2 pgf to drop this year
    people really should read my how to get pgf thread because its working

    1. Kush


      get the 2nd on viridia 

  11. whats the reward for TTT? i actually made it into the boss evcen though everyone else crashed but was on hucast so i couldnt solo him and i wanna know what i missed out on X_X

    1. Lemon


      Meseta, and yes, last one into the warp right now will be the only one that doesn't crash.  I forgot a 'skip frame' command in the wait code, so everyone that goes to wait freezes on the frame because they keep looping on that frame.  I fixed it and it's waiting for a ship restart.

  12. might not be on today >.>

    to upsetti to have fun

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    2. rayblasterx
    3. TripleR


      Did you realise hangovers are a thing?!

    4. ryukin


      are you on a lot now that its rare that you're not playing? that's a change from what i was used to ;x

  13. Happy Grifff Day hope you have a good day and i wish you all the best in life <3