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    you should enjoy dis lad

  2. happy bday mudman

    still cant belive you answerd the phone when you where taking a shit

  3. When your ment to guard attacks but you decide meh ill do it the easy way


  4. i would have down repped but i can untill downrep comesw back so you get a up rep
  5. thats blasphemy
  6. went camping over the weekend so sorry if anyone needed me for something last few days i was busy living in a tent in the woods and fishing for my food

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    2. griffeni


      yeah well drive your ass uphere next time then you shit also this last time was for a friends party v:

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      i always need u tho bb

  7. when you use wifi for years and then finaly switch to lan and it feel like your sanic going at the sperd of lite 0ac14f8b67.png

    1. mudkipzjm


      but can your pc handle it

    2. thelionorion
    3. JanenbaDMS
  8. opening: all is fine on ultima untill one day, a shadow player logs in and steals acess to all the ship commands and steals everything from all the players and replaces them with base gear. everyone starts posting on the forums asking what happend but the staff has no idea and soly finds himself locked out of all server administration tools and can do nothing so he pms larva asking what happend, BUT larva had started his vacation with his family the week before. the shadow player knew this and took his chance to cause mayhem. the only chance for the players to retrive what they had lost was to complete a series of challenges every week announced by hourly banners but only those who completed every challenge would be rewarded with their lost items. end:one day after starting the challenges and many people had completed most of them the shadow hacker has announced his final challenge, to complete all of episode 1 ,2 and 4 on video with nothing but a saber and nothing else equipped, and to ensure people actually did this he once again removed all items but this time only leaving a single saber in everyones invintory and disabled all quests and shops,while removing all modes except solo and even removed all drops from mosters, however one person did manage to complete this in a matter of hours and for his acompleshment the shadow hacker had decided to return everything to where it was before he started to change things returning all items and the server controls back to the staff. to this day the people who still play on ultima from those dark times are calling it the greatest event ever for being the ultimate challenge of their skills may be more than 5 lines but i couldnt help it i started thinking then it got gud
  9. "you have no say in bans either way" - Soly
  10. well uynless you are quoted directly you should assume its the op imo
  11. yes mad or nah is correct i was talking about the posts that say egg drops that actually include an ID as they can open and be anything from the egg of that dificulty on any ID
  12. eggs drop the same things regardless of id jsyk its dependant on dificulty not id
  13. dw must not be angered or we all suffer D: now is the time to stop
  14. ah well i hope you can figure it out i would love to try it out finally and it really is a shame people were using it to dupe as it was a good way to have a harder challenge but i can understand why it had to go