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  1. its funny because its dw artist is the beehive but edited for ultima memes link to her original comics
  2. another movie to watch is the princess bride, kind of a comedy action drama with amazing actors also it either came out 1989 or 1991 im not sure witch but shouldnt be to old for ya
  3. acurate representation of me seeing metroid prime 4 reveal


    1. Sylph777


      @lostgriff forever

    2. mudkipzjm


      same dood, same

  4. watching e3 and metroid prime 4 gets a little 5 second thing saying its happaning and now i need new pants fucking wew lads


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. griffeni


      all good man although i have played the one you linked but there is new stuff in the New remake i want to try

      but yes main hype is for the non remake of metroid prime 4 because 1 and2 were gold and even though they messed up on how the weapons worked in 3  ( stacking instead of choosing one depending on what your fighting/where you are) it was still really fun


      but i will be playing the remake of 2 on 3ds anyway as i wait for prime 4

    3. Sylph777


      do you have a video of metroid prime 4 gameplay ? i saw nothing bro.

    4. griffeni


      haha no sadly this morning i was watching e3 and all retro studio annd nintendo allowed was just a 10 second video showing the title of it to show its happaning but no gameplay

  5. looks at squares e3 schedual for any kingdom hearts related stuff for kh 3 and they arnt even going to show it at all

    im dissapoint mostly bc wheres that release date yo

    1. thelionorion


      i'm disappointed b/c i found out you're not my real dad

    2. griffeni


      no but i love you like your my real son

    3. McLaughlin86
  6. Drop - Enemy - Difficult - Section ID - Episode yes pls - the hard ones - always is - that one color - 3 im sorry i couldnt help it dont be mad at me yan
  7. i found a pso related thing


  8. X_X i wish turtle beach didnt use such shit tier plastics in their headphones because not there are 2 full breaks on one side of mine and i have no idea if any amount of gorilla glue can solve this

    1. thelionorion


      Just get a HyperX headset. I use the Cloud II

    2. griffeni


      well really i use this shit tier companies headphones because the specific model i use can connect to everything either with a cord from heaphones to controller or wireless via wifi band or bluetooth

  9. courage had some lit songs tbqh


  10. welp opening my 3rd eye has brought many things into light, specifically that im fucking crazy someone help me stop these visions

    1. Auli'i



  11. im sorry kajex for i know not what i have started but started it i did do
  12. reminder this quest is easy to get the badges as long as you have a minimum of 2 people and do it on hard mode or higher as you will be able to get more per run me and the lion orion just did 3 runs to get a total of 7 for me and like 10 for him because we skipped the extra room at the end
  13. hi ytes i would like to redeem for a mag thanks i have all 7 brinze badges
  14. so many ideas for ogg packs that i never get around to making and now i want to make a final fantasy crystal chronicles one