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  1. thats to you and @McLaughlin86  i can now listen to this wonderful music


    1. SelahIsASpot
    2. mudkipzjm
    3. griffeni


      yes aperntly i heard of this person before you linked that ages ago but didnt relize it because i knew them of snails house and didnt relize it was the same person

  2. dw i regret spending 10x more time than that hunting it that year i also regret selling a 90 hit arms to the shop but eh
  3. got 2 pgf to drop this year
    people really should read my how to get pgf thread because its working

    1. Kush


      get the 2nd on viridia 

  4. whats the reward for TTT? i actually made it into the boss evcen though everyone else crashed but was on hucast so i couldnt solo him and i wanna know what i missed out on X_X

    1. Lemon


      Meseta, and yes, last one into the warp right now will be the only one that doesn't crash.  I forgot a 'skip frame' command in the wait code, so everyone that goes to wait freezes on the frame because they keep looping on that frame.  I fixed it and it's waiting for a ship restart.

  5. might not be on today >.>

    to upsetti to have fun

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    2. rayblasterx
    3. TripleR


      Did you realise hangovers are a thing?!

    4. ryukin


      are you on a lot now that its rare that you're not playing? that's a change from what i was used to ;x

  6. Happy Grifff Day hope you have a good day and i wish you all the best in life <3 

  7. dw about this one i thought the other one was deleted

    Edited by griffeni
  8. WB

    1. Auroboro


      thanks. I'm taking it one step at a time.

  9. ah yes october

    where me and saith have the same birthday in 1 week and ultima reapers for all and then spook day

    1. mudkipzjm


      yes happy griff/saith month to all

  10. S> boredom B>entertainment

  11. congrats man i was working on it after i finished a movie then reloaded to see if it was done and you beat me to it xD i was this far done when i reloaded xD if you want to win this message you must trans-ri-e only those -igne will get the rich -ri-e
  12. thank you for this cy