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  1. Dark Falz Crash

    Something to prevent it is to not run as many background applications. Run the program as administrator as well.
  2. Double Chain Sawd?

    I really like this idea
  3. What can I get for 25 DTS?

    Gotcha, I guess you are right, but master raven isnt bad! And guys have a gender specific custom psycho weapon. BTW I like your sig pic!
  4. Double Chain Sawd?

    Considering we can already donate for weapons and stats, I dont see how adding weapons could break a game and the economy. If anything, IMO I think that it would boost the trading economy and make the server more money in return. We dont need to add anything crazy but it would be cool to see some new badass skins!
  5. Double Chain Sawd?

    Thats exactly what I am saying, if they could put another twin sword in the game without ruining it that would be awesome. Maybe put a berserk special on it with lower atp?
  6. What can I get for 25 DTS?

    What do you mean the girls have better weps? Which weapons are good for girls
  7. Double Chain Sawd?

    I would just like to see more custom skins in the game for weapons.
  8. Double Chain Sawd?

    I was talking about the skins not the damage they do. Would be nice to see more custom skin "non-gamebreaking" weapons
  9. I got this idea from a different server. This was an awesome weapon and was wondering if it could potentially be added into this game as well? Im not talking about adding the damage or game-breaking weapons. Im talking about implementing more custom skinned weapons that look nice.
  10. Sword of Ultima vs Zanba

    Just make a Rainbow sword. That sword looked awesome and made people actually use classes other than Hucast that use Spirit special