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    Rag Rappy
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    Melissa, -MeliChu-, Cookies, CuteEevee
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    Somewhere in a Mitten because I am a Kitten :3
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    Being a random Derp that does too many :3 faces :3
    Also I played this this pserver since like 2012-2013 or something but never made a forum all the way back then :3 Oh Well :3

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  1. What Everyone thought when Episode 3 came out (and then realized it was a good game.) :3
  2. Ashura mag cell.... I've gotten at least 5 of these from presents. (I use a Greenil ID, if ID matters)
  3. Found a Toy Hammer On VH Kondrieu on Greenill :3
  4. Ultima Engine confirmed on Redria :3