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  1. Just wondering if there is a possiblity to add SWORD OF ULTIMA to the list of weapons that you can add hit to. I know no one cares for SoU
  2. Where do they come from
  3. A command to lock the usage of materials. Lets suppose you don't have the needed material to max a certain attribute atm, there is always a possibility that while playing you use a material accidentally and screw up the max stats of your character. So I suggest a command where you can deactivate material usage until you want to reactivate them again.
  4. Tradelist updated: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/25103-yans-tradelist-updated/

    Check it out!

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      For once I don't need to buy anything :P

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  5. Lets get back to the topic... R.I.P.
  6. Also, Banana Cannon Skin is completely broken: How it should look: How it looks:
  7. Looking on the Wiki, I noticed something: RAGE DE FEU (10 Stars) => RAGE DE GLACE (11 Stars) GIRASOLE (10 Stars) => INFERNO GIRASOLE (10 Stars) RED SWORD (10 Stars) => CRIMSON SWORD (10 Stars) S-RED'S BLADES (10 Stars) => MACHO BLADES (10 Stars) Shouldn't Inferno Girasole, Crimson Sword and Macho Blades have at least one more star compared to their vanilla versions? At least Rage de Glace have +1 Star... or even better, why INFERNO GIRASOLE doesn't have 12 Stars? It is stronger than Double Cannon (12 Stars) and much more rare....
  8. Anyways, the event was a blast, I wish I could have more time to hunt other things but heh, PGF is PGF after all
  9. Yeah but I mean, @Shiva though exactly the same thing as me, but there wasn't anyone from the staff saying if it was going to end on 20th or 11th. But @Larva already posted 3 times in this thread after I asked about the dates and he didn't said a word about dates. First post was already edited, there is nothing saying the event will go through January 20. So that is the end of event Misombre, there would be no point in replacing original drop table, removing Xmas trees and still believe event will continue. Everything leads one to believe that event ended. But oh well, I may be wrong, but I believe event ended for real.
  10. Lol, my question was completely ignored by staff and event ended suddenly. What to expect after all, that happened past year too (event ending along with pgf drop) and no one cared about being clear about dates. Still, that was a great event. Thank you for this event Ultima server.
  11. Woa, interesting how using PB makes the run slower hahaha. Twins casting animation is like 12~15 seconds right, I really don't get it Anyways, congratulations on the time.
  12. Anyone know the Mag Status that are used by most classes? I heard something about the 0/170/30/0 Mag (used by RAcast/RAmarl(Adept plan)/FOmar(crap plan)). Is there any other Mag Status commonly used by more than one class?
  13. Fact is people that owns a Dark Bridge just have it for the cool looking or if they already have all other dark weapons :"L Hmmm, I noticed that /cam command have a side effect, if used it hides the mag even if you disable command. The mag will only reload if you refresh areas. I was thinking about a command that can hides mag/shield permanently until you enable it again (sometimes you just want to hide things to take a pretty picture or record a non polluted video ).
  14. S> PGF. PM me for details.

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