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  1. WOW !

    I would be surprised if it had more than 300% of total attributes Or 90% Hit
  2. T> DF 100/0/0/100|80 for PGF+50 DT. Last offer.

  3. I am also not much active, but when I am, I like checking multiple threads and giving reputation to what calls my attention lol.
  4. Increase the number of reactions we can do in a day :"L 15 at least
  5. New Year Raffle Results

    Thank you for the opportunity! Fun event
  6. T> DF 100/0/0/100|80 for PGF+55 DT. I won't go lower than that.

    Edited by yanvbraz
    1. yanvbraz


      PS: I also accept PDs. (5 DT=40 PD rate).

  7. T> DF 100/0/0/100|80 for PGF+60 DT

  8. T> DF 100/0/0/100|80 for PGF+65 DT

    1. Starlord


      Ewwwww pls get on the 90hit DF lvl NOOB!

    2. Henry Fernandes
  9. I cant launch the game :(

    You can always try running the game trough PSOBB.exe, so it bypasses the Launcher settings and run with native options. I guess it will save working configurations after you exit game.
  10. I'm surprised that your account hasn't been deleted yet. > @R-78


    Edited by yanvbraz
    1. R-78


      Because when you try to delete me, you get an Access Denied.

  11. Will you use a program to better the flow of the game? > @MadOrNah.

    1. MadOrNah


      maybe on one occasion or more, in order for me to access special commands for my accts.


  12. T> DF 100/0/0/100|80 for PGF+70 DT

  13. Where have you been. > rashan0121

  14. New Year Raffle Results

    Alright, I would like to get that Charge Calibur 85% since it is unique And I already have all the other items so...
  15. New Year Raffle Results