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    My name is Yan, I am playing on this server since summer 2014, through this time I made many friends and discovered many cool things about PSO. Currently I am one of the administrators from EvilEmpire team, so if you would like to join our team you can PM me.

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  1. I heard the earth revolves around the sun.
  2. It was an Whitill ID room. Of course people need to know.
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    2. yanvbraz


      @R-78 your computer seems really powerful ComputerRockXLS1.jpg

    3. TripleR


      upload full video?

      lol if you don't want to that's alright

    4. yanvbraz


      If you want, sure I can.

      Although today we can record a much better run ;)

  3. Which skins are you using for Tower? They look amazing xD Also that Tellusis skin looks badass. Lol, that remembers me when I found this:
  4. There are already amazing quests on Seabed, Ruins, there is WOI, hundreds of custom Epi 4 quests... I personally would like to see something new on Epi 2. Two ideas: Rising Tower idea: A quest that starts on Beach then go to Jungle, then Mountain, then CCA and finally Tower with 10 Floors. Then put really insane spawns on end of each area. Each area have unique enemies so that could be an interesting quest. I'm pretty sure I never saw a quest following the story progress on game. I also would like to see something on VR Spaceship Epi II, Maybe a quest with Hundreds of Baranz in a single room, then traps to activate Confusion Traps and just see them exploding themselves... Or rooms with lots of Gran Sorcerers (Spaceship Beta)... there are many thing that can be done on Epi II, lots of specials effects that we can see on Maximum Attack 2 ver 2, Seat of the Heart also have amazing effects... We have Ultima TTF so what about Ultima RT? eww Epi 1 we probably reached the apex of good quests that can be done for it (IDS, HOD...). I still think Epi 2 have lots of potential for new quests.
  5. B> Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou.

    1. yanvbraz


      Got one already.

  6. Can you guys make De Rol Le Shell drops instead of De Rol Le Shield on Black Paper Deal? The way it was did De Rol Le Shell never drops in any place... Plus it isn't that great shield. Would be nice to be able to use STINK SHIELD to make some De Rol Le Shields with better stats than the minimum one... Also is there any reason Girasole doesn't drop on Black Paper Deal 2 Ultimate? At this point it wouldn't hurt giving it back to the quest seeing that thousands of Girasoles dropped on Xmas/Haloween events. I think some armors deserve a boost. For example: With rare enemies boost, it is super easy to get AURA FIELD. Virus Armor:Lafuteria, an armor that looks super cool isn't anything better than an Aura Field. Its max EVP is still lower than AURA FIELD. It have less resists (-5 EDK and -5 ELT) than AURA FIELD. Who would really need/make a Lafuteria Armor when it costs 80 PDs to get one (unless you get the Parasite Wear: Nelgal with Secret Tickets then it is 40 PDs)? It is a expensive armor that is unfortunately useless because of Aura Field. I think Virus Armor Lafuteria could be better than Aura Field. Give it 308(+20 DFP) and 160(+15 EVP) with some variation and at least 30 EDK 30 ELT. It wouldn't make it super strong but it would make it much more decent than Aura Field. Maybe 30 EFR, I'm tired of seeing people using Aura Field on Tower and seeing this happening to the said person when Epsilon approaches: Same applies to CHU CHU FEVER. You use an Mag to make an armor that is just 5 DFP 5 EVP and doesn't have any resist: really? Someone please give some love to that armor! I suggest 173 (+7 DFP) and 145(+5 EVP). Give it +20 LCK, 15 EDK, 30 EIC and 40 ETH. At least it will be an armor good enough to justify sacrifying an Mag. Plus it would be a nice Armor for those just starting on Ultimate Episode II. EIC to resist Dark Falz Ice Spells and ETH to resist Gal Gryphon thunders. There's no need to make new Armors when there are awesome ones with nice skins that can have better stats.
  7. Enabling Lores and POSS for Forces/Rangers would make the unsealing much more easier xD
  8. I never regreted so much maxing EVP from a RAcast.... Literally I get 1hit kill from Horses because I'm not knocked down.

    Edited by yanvbraz
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    2. yanvbraz


      Hmmm, then I'm really having bad luck with this RAcast D: I don't understand why I can solo Simulator easily with the first and with the other these things keeps happening.

    3. Fyrewolf5


      There was a bug that cropped up the other week that made players take way less damage than they were supposed to, it affected several things but some of the more noticeable ones were things like Baranz only hitting you with 1missile instead of all of them, dark falz spinners and rabarta only hitting once, etc. That mistake has been corrected now though, so perhaps consider reapproaching it; since you mentioned baranz missiles hitting you less, it's very likely you misinterpreted that bug (and it was a bug, I know you know that baranz will usually wreck players very, very quickly) as being a factor of a change in evp, which it is not. Baranz have always been known to be one of the most deadly enemies because their missiles are set damage (unblockable) and will hit with all of them in quick succession.

    4. yanvbraz


      That explains a lot of things, I was using the not maxed RAcast on first weeks of event and the other one I'm using recently...  I almost thought the enemies were buffed lately since they were dealing "more damage". 

      If you have said earlier about this bug then it wouldn't be necessary these wall of texts lol. Thank you for clarifying the whole situation.

  9. It would be cool to be able to delete Donation Changes entries from time to time. It gets really big after doing lots of trades :/
  10. I tried soloing HOD2 with a RAcast and I literally got rekt. Almost 1'22"00~ of game :"L You totally should record a video of solo HOD II.
  11. HUmar nice skins