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  1. S> ADPET.


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    2. MadOrNah


      U SELL ADEPT???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    3. yanvbraz


      I change to Photon Booster

    4. MadOrNah


      I change only change adempt for psyco cristal

  2. LOBBY 11 (MAIN)

    About the topic, I'm sure that in Aselia test server that was implemented. I always get teleported to lobby 12, which was the lobby I was before I leave game.
  3. @MadOrNah @mudkipzjm @Eres @PSOAddict @Patrick Bell

















    PS: The bann is final

  4. S>













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    2. mudkipzjm


      i offert 6.9 pds

    3. MadOrNah


      I think he is taking pm offerts only 


    4. yanvbraz


      Selling for real money tbh


  5. PR vs LK

    I really enjoy Ultima, but this server is like "How to scrap possibly good vanilla weapons to make custom OP items". - No, L&K38 and Master Raven should never be unlocked, because if they were it would be overpowered! Instead makes Psycho Raven and Banana Cannon, which aren't overpowered at all... (being ironic) Of course Psycho Raven is much better than L&K38, even if L&K38 was combo unlocked. PR was good even if 0's%, which was a reality before the this past Valentine's. Now everyone I know have PR's with much much much better stats than the ones made before 2017. Years ago you would spend 100+ DTs to make a triple stats PR (PR doesn't even need hit in most cases to be good). Now you barely spend half of that to make said PR, after all Master Ravens now drop with %s. Now make a Master Raven with 80% Hit and go to Tower. It is trash without combo. You will always miss against a Merikle, Mericus or Ill Gill. With a 0'd PR you can kill them in almost 1 combo. Last Swan, which is the counterpart of Master Raven, is combo unlocked. Ironic no? What I'm saying is that Master Raven and L&K38 Combat being combo locked because it would be overpowered is a very lame excuse when Banana Cannon, Iron Faust, Burning Visit and all Dark Weapons are combo unlocked, when PR exists and when MR counterpart, Last Swan, is combo unlocked.
  6. S>Boredom/Afk

    1. Space


      Trade 1bad luck for 1 AFK

      Edited by Space
    2. yanvbraz


      I only have Hiatus/Maintenance for trade, sorry.

  7. Just a thought...

    If it drops all year round, then everybody will have like 20 dark weapons, just saying... People here are very dependant from dark weapons... there are other server where DWs are combo locked and no one complains.
  8. Anyone have a guide for making 15/0/0/185 Mags?
  9. Ryu's PGF Mini Event (finally)

    To be honest I don't think it is your fault. It was in fact a really good challenge, that proves no cares to even give a try about on cmode, even with PGF as a prize. I find this ironic because in other servers many people do challenge mode. The gameplay here was so heavy modified that people forgot the basic mechanics of game. Ultima people are more tempted to just farm farm farm and farm weapons and get rich, most don't care about improving their gameplay or to discover new game mechanics. Big lesson yeah. Anyways, the challenge mode here isn't very inviting, I'm tired of hearing cmode players saying gameplay is broken on this server. And it will probably never be fixed (not when we can get S-Ranks from Naka's Cards).
  10. Show your screenshots

    Too bad, I already reported you for blackmailing me
  11. Show your screenshots

    That's exactly what I thought :"l What are the chances of someone getting: the same prize two times in ROCT?
  12. Show your screenshots

    Psycho Raven guys. wait, there's a traitor using Last Swans. Get out This is a fish And some people. Someone left a Red Ring on floor.
  13. B>Dragon Scales, 5 PD each.

  14. Confirmed Summer Event Drops - 2017

    Last year Morphos dropped PBC on Bluefull so I believe it's the same drop.