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  1. Shall we go to the MEDICAL ROOM first?? > @Everybody

  2. Where are you now?. > Yanvbraz

  3. The enemies here are too strong. Let's leave. > @MadOrNah.

  4. 2017 OlgaFlow PowerUP!

  5. Farewell

    It is time to move along, In these years I had a lot of fun here, I did some unforgetable friends and will miss some people that is already gone. Time flies, it is been already 3 years since I started playing here! The biggest differencial between this server and others is the community. Talking bullshit in lobby 1, flooding shoutbox and joining random TA/RoCT games were the things that kept this game alive for me. I even tried being a good HUnter but well, RAnger was always more suitable for my playing style xD Recently (and by recently I mean since the start of year) I started losing interest in playing PSO, due to not having more free time to play (now I study and also work) plus there were questionable changes/additions to the game in my opinion. Also, I already spent much time in this game, probably over 3000 hours? I know there are some more stuff to explore, but I could say I did all the important stuff I wanted. Now I wanna dedicate time for other games, my family, my duties and myself of course. I have given all of my stuff to my old team members, my trully friends that will keep my memories alive in this server. They will make better use of my stuff than I would probably do in forever I would like to apologize but I'll not reply to any PM at this point, that is also to prevent people from sending me new PMs. I can't also trade stuff since I don't own anything I met so many people here, I will really miss everyone! I may appear in some 'occaction' to better the flow of the shoutbox by spamming GO GO GO CCA and quoting all usernames , but if you see me ingame it should be @MadOrNah stealing my accounts it should be my friend dual logging/moving stuff To all Ultima people, take care and I wish the best for you all
  6. Your inbox is full pm me when you back please

  7. Ryu's 2nd PGF Event

    I'll have to retire from the event, sorry.
  8. If you are using Support Mag, why would you care having Photon Blast? You could just use a PPP and Mark 3 Cell or Ashura and make a 200 mind PB-less mag. What I'm trying to say is that if you are supporting, you will finish a full RoCT run without filling PB gauge. It is pointless having PBs in Support Mag if you don't plan to Melee, as it won't contribute to the cast strenght. Plsu you may want to have a few extra buttons to cast techs without screwing PB-combo. When using Melee then it really counts having PB to take advantage of PB-combo. For Support Mag, just get a blank PPP Mag, use a Mark 3/Ashura Cell on top of it and feed it Fluids until it hits Level 200. For Melee Mag, follow this guide to bypass 1 DEF gain at level 10 and feed it as a melee Sato after. You can find Melee Sato guide in PSO World or you could just use Magatama. Magatama is a really accurate Mag Simulator and I totally recommend it to test stuff. Sato Guide here.
  9. Remembering that if you accept 15 DT=99 PD you are losing potentials PDs that could be used for quick trades. With 15 DT you can add 35% attributes on weapons,while with 99 PD you can add only 30% attributes to weapons. As far as I know, 35% is not equal to 30% 1DT=8 PD is the fair rate
  10. Show your screenshots

    Look @SelahIsASpot, I was blessed :L
  11. Don't forget that you are also HUrrible and not only FOrrible.