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  1. Hard times my friends...


    1. mudkipzjm


      Not surprising since they have more stuff to do outside events.

    2. TripleR


       server still kinda sucks though lol

    3. McLaughlin86


      Been that way for months tbh.

  2. Well, here are some thoughts that isn't related to server code, but it is about Auctions. Auctions... the main problem about this trade modality is the lack of rules. The only rules that exists for auctions only checks if the auction advertiser is: Setting a starting bid and a end date for the auction. Failing to do so will result in the possible lock of your auction. And that's all, apparently there's not a single rule checking: if the bidders are in fact making fair offers or if they are joking; and I mean joking in a way that harms the sales flow, which should be a bannable offense. in a bid war between two users if they are purposely bumping the CHB to prevents other bidders from posting their offers, and finally retreat (I think that kind of bid war should be included in joking); Retreating after posting a considerable number of offers should have a penalty/temporary ban. In real auctions you can't go back/can't retreat offers, that is against the sales flow, that harms the experience of the people making serious offers. there are no bannable offenses/penalizing for the bidder that bump/make an offer that is suspiciously much much higher than the previous and retreats (and that also can be considered as a joke); there are no rules saying that someone who makes an offer that is negligible higher than the previous (1 PD more) is invalid, which leads to unecessary drama; Advertisers should have the right to choose which offers are invalid/irrelevant. if there are unecessary comments in the auction topic that may prevent bidders from posting their offers; And these kind of rules is proving to be more than needed, some users are annoying the advertisers that is only trying to sell their stuff and preventing the serious bidders from having a good experience in the auction topic. I think it would be interesting if someone can review previous auctions topics (and the one I did, which is a really good experience) to see what shouldn't happen in auctions.
  3. A> SJS. 12 hours left!


  4. A> SJS


  5. Happy Birthday. > mudkipzjm.

    May the dw bless you with juicy drops!

  6. A> SJS!


  7. Sealed J-Sword Auction!


  8. How to get SJS 1. Get really, really bored 2. Enter on a random Phantasmal World 4 run 3. Kill 2nd Gi-Gue and get your SJS
  9. I see dead people on this screenshot :"L
  10. Hey, I'm not sure if I'll have time to play/join that event, but I guess I can partner with you. Before that, I would like to point some things about that event. The idea of challenge mode is amazing, but the way people are grouping are really, really unfair. We already know the results of this event: Do I have to say anything? I think that can be solved if the partners are chosen randomly, so the middle experienced player could have a better chance to win this event. Now you get two of the most experienced players teaming up... lol Also what about the people that are looking for a team but they don't have anyone to partner with them because they are new on forums/whatever other reasons? Is that fair? Then if someone don't get a partner they can't join event? So I really support the idea of random parties to keep the results more balanced.
  11. Anyone know where I can find latest mag feed simulator tool?
  12. Is it possible to make a mag 0/0/70/130 with pb/twins using a PPP mag? If so what should I do for that?
  13. Love is in the air Sinow Zoa Sinow Zele Beautful
  14. @serverus is a master troll xD. He just said that to free up lobby 1 so he could join and afk there.