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  1. I'm quite certain the Serene Swan fires 4 bullets per attack, not 3. For the brief moment I was able to test a friend's it appeared to be 4.
  2. I can confirm Cent/Tech drops from Yellowboze Deldepth. I was all excited to hope it might be a Yellowboze Card but nope. 😒
  3. Viridia - Gol Dragon - Ultimate - Ep2 Drops Ultima's Engine.
  4. Would there be an opposition to improving Two Kamui in some way? For the long fetch quest needed to get it (always resulting in a 0'd weapon) it's outclassed by Blood Tornado in terms of ATP grinded. The special is arguably worse, only casting a Lv5 Zalure while Blood Tornado is Demon's. An item combination to upgrade its ATP and special tech cast could be pretty neat. It's a bit of a shame that a cool weapon model like this one has little reason to be sought after or used at all.
  5. Is it possible to obtain only one Type/Weapon per character? Looking to earn my own blank Shots.
  6. Forever spamming that /exp -1 command until a special occasion, though this would otherwise be my first Lv200 in any instance of PSO I've played:
  7. If you just want Mono- items, this was one reason why the "Lemon's Shop" Ep2 quest was implemented. It's a bit clunkier than buying items from the actual item shop, but it's a working option short of making a dedicated lowbie mag farmer or the Item Shop code being rewritten. It also supplies Sol Atomizers and Star Atomizers without fail.
  8. I use a password shortcut before the Gal boss teleporter to ensure no one joins during this fight.
  9. Do attribute %s take into account +grind ATP, or only the base ATP the weapon has? I remember being taught waaay back in the day that it's base ATP only, and when I was shown a Mille Faucille set with full 100%s and 80 hit on both I was confused if the %s were really worth the dough.
  10. I prefer to run La Dimenians for Luck Materials during non-event Happy Hours. If I run Christmas Catastrophe for materials it's generally for TP materials where it really is the only reliable source, and I need hundreds of them for maxing...
  11. When the leader of a room leaves, the section ID of that room becomes that of the next person to have joined after them and so on in the case of a revolving door of players. The /roominfo command will tell you the section ID of the room and thus the drop tables if you forget.
  12. We can't forget HUnewearl's other big con which is her horrid ATA growth for a weapon class, gaining significantly less ATA than even HUcast and only a few more points than FOmarl by the time they all hit 200. You'll be living off Centurion/Arms as a permanently attached slot unit, and maybe even an Adept too before hitting Lv200.
  13. Psycho Bridge's health drain is the same as Psycho Wand's, iirc. It cuts TP costs in half, but drains its full cost from HP as well. You can reduce the health drain by having the weapon listed below any TP cost-reducing equips in your inventory before making or joining a game, like Mother Garb+ or Adepts. Like with Lv30 Grants which costs 76 TP... Grants with PWand alone: 38TP and 76HP drain Grants w/ PWand then MG+ in default sort order: 20TP and 76HP drain Grants w/ MG+ then PWand in manual sort order: 20TP and 38HP drain
  14. Since it's not really a pressing question, for anyone reading now: What would be the ideal way for getting a Brightness Circle for the purposes of making a Neutron Skin? It's a pretty tough drop, but you can apparently make it with Spirit Garment + Star Amplifier. Would it then not have potential for above minimum stats if you do that?
  15. For a relatively easy drop, I appreciated Centurion/Technique the most on my Forces for getting high levels of Grants/Megid. Finding high level Grants/Megid on your own is still something of a rarity, let alone for 4+ Forces... But yeah, slot units in general, just like Materials, do not allow stat boosting beyond a class's limit. Technique units are no exception so it shouldn't be much of a surprise.
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