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  1. For FOnewm Centurion/Arms plan Melee mag: 0/146/54/0 and Demon's Support/Nuke mag: 0/0/55/145 Units: Centurion/Arms, v801 Shield: Red Ring/Costumes, Hylian Shield Materials: 5 Power, 110 Mind, 35 Luck Maxes ATP, ATA, LCK with Melee mag. Can be combined with Neutron Skin to be -7 MST from max (helpful option for FOnewm Resta range). Mag is identical to HUnewearl Centurion/Arms plan. ATA, LCK, and MST are maxed with Demon's Support/Nuke mag. Mag is the same as the below FOnewearl plan for the possibility of sharing it, as ATP is already high enough to use important Demon's and Hell weapons. Calculator Links: Melee Mag Nuke/Demon's Support Mag For FOnewearl Centurion/Arms Demon's Support Demon's Support/Nuke Mag: 0/0/55/145 and Melee side Mag: 0/100/55/45 Units: Centurion/Arms, v801 Shield: Red Ring/Costumes, Hylian Shield Materials: 150 Mind Maxes ATA, -55 MST from max without barrier or weapon. MST is maxed if using certain combinations of barrier and weapon (Red Ring/customs and Hylian + Lindcray for healing, Glide Divine, Quasar Staff) Maxes ATP/ATA with alternate Melee mag. Luck is not considered, as there is no room within the ATA/MST plan. I've been leaning towards this plan for the times I use FOnewearl, which is rarely and not enough to warrant procuring a custom mag. It's primarily aimed for maxing her ATA potential for effective Demon's weapon use while getting MST at/very close to max for Ep4 nuking and utilizing her Resta strength with a single mag. The lack of ATP building with the support build does lock her out of useful ATP req weapons however, such as Slicer of Fanatic and Tyrell's Parasol. Her actual weapon damage outside of Lindcray will also be very lacking. Calculator Links: Nuke/Demon's Support Mag Melee Mag
  2. The Lame D'Argent that can be unsealed to Excalibur is an EP4 drop where the chance to drop with Hit% is substantially higher. Hunting Excalibur directly saves you from the unsealing process but the realistic expectation is to hope there's a good sum of nonhit %s on it since you can't bank on finding a hit drop in EP2 for a drop as rare as that. While we're on the subject of the Olga Flow drops, is there a chance the Glide Divine rate on Pinkal can perhaps be increased 4x-5x what it is currently? The regular drop source, Vhard Sand Rappies, can be mindnumbingly inconsistent and is largely a solo farming task. The added drop source on ultimate Olga Flow is appreciated but far too low to ever consider going into with a Pinkal room as opposed to another ID's drop, imo.
  3. Ultimate - Episode 4 - Bluefull - Kondrieu - Girasole
  4. Even if we lowkey know it's all IDs, Ult - Ep2 - Viridia - Olga Flow - Parasitic Gene "Flow" confirmed.
  5. I heard you have really pretty hands.

  6. Sword of Ultima - Gi Gue - Greenill - Ep2 Ultimate
  7. Thanks for your inputs. This did remind me that Resta boosts affect Star Atomizer's range as well so I added that to the list. Solferino I just don't recommend, as the range boost is only +30% of base range. Even for males where a desirable Resta boost is harder to come by a low/min % Rico's Parasol costs only a handful of PDs and boosts more techniques.
  8. A friend of mine asked about what good tech boosts he could get for his Forces and I didn't really have a good answer for him without compiling this list. I have arranged the equipment by individual technique, the equipment slot, and then by how much % boost it gives with descending values. It is not a complete list (and not exactly meant to be), and a few support equip boosts in particular are IMO not worth bothering with. They are there due a lack of options. Hope this helps some of you. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DU9XlrLzgUknNnrHJ3NDlBoX4aVmn2dLwxj4hB-NAHE/edit?usp=sharing
  9. What is the best way to hunt for an Amplifier of Gizonde? I tried hunting this on my Pinkal in 2-3 on Ultimate (starts in Caves 2) and I got an Amplifier of Zonde instead, which confused me as every Amplifier table I've looked at says Pinkal gets Gizonde amp there.
  10. Olga Flow - Yellowboze - Samurai Armor - Ultimate
  11. Telling a new player to play solo HUcast with no alternate context in a game that is 100% alt friendly is akin to sending off an ill-prepared recruit to their doom.
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