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  1. Ultimate - Episode 4 - Bluefull - Kondrieu - Girasole
  2. Even if we lowkey know it's all IDs, Ult - Ep2 - Viridia - Olga Flow - Parasitic Gene "Flow" confirmed.
  3. I heard you have really pretty hands.

  4. Sword of Ultima - Gi Gue - Greenill - Ep2 Ultimate
  5. Thanks for your inputs. This did remind me that Resta boosts affect Star Atomizer's range as well so I added that to the list. Solferino I just don't recommend, as the range boost is only +30% of base range. Even for males where a desirable Resta boost is harder to come by a low/min % Rico's Parasol costs only a handful of PDs and boosts more techniques.
  6. A friend of mine asked about what good tech boosts he could get for his Forces and I didn't really have a good answer for him without compiling this list. I have arranged the equipment by individual technique, the equipment slot, and then by how much % boost it gives with descending values. It is not a complete list (and not exactly meant to be), and a few support equip boosts in particular are IMO not worth bothering with. They are there due a lack of options. Hope this helps some of you. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DU9XlrLzgUknNnrHJ3NDlBoX4aVmn2dLwxj4hB-NAHE/edit?usp=shar
  7. What is the best way to hunt for an Amplifier of Gizonde? I tried hunting this on my Pinkal in 2-3 on Ultimate (starts in Caves 2) and I got an Amplifier of Zonde instead, which confused me as every Amplifier table I've looked at says Pinkal gets Gizonde amp there.
  8. Olga Flow - Yellowboze - Samurai Armor - Ultimate
  9. Telling a new player to play solo HUcast with no alternate context in a game that is 100% alt friendly is akin to sending off an ill-prepared recruit to their doom.
  10. Updated data for Kondrieu drops while hunting STA. Only one left to confirm is Viridia: Viridia - unconfirmed event drop Greenill - regular drop Skyly - regular drop Bluefull - regular drop Purplenum - Naka's card Pinkal - regular drop Redria - regular drop Oran - regular drop Yellowboze - Naka's card Whitill - Naka's card
  11. Yellowboze Kondrieu is... Naka's Card. >.> Here's my data on Kondrieu drops with the unknowns blank. Viridia - Greenill - regular Skyly - regular Bluefull - regular Purplenum - Pinkal - Redria - regular Oran - regular Yellowboze - Naka's Card Whitill - Naka's Card
  12. Was hunting Yellowboze PoD during the recent HH and we encountered Kondrieu twice. Among our group we got 4 drops, all nonrare. Since Kondi drop is normally 1/2 v502 I'd say that's enough confirmation for an event drop off Yellowboze Kondrieu and we should be hunting PoD on that ID.
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