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  1. What is the best way to hunt for an Amplifier of Gizonde? I tried hunting this on my Pinkal in 2-3 on Ultimate (starts in Caves 2) and I got an Amplifier of Zonde instead, which confused me as every Amplifier table I've looked at says Pinkal gets Gizonde amp there.
  2. Olga Flow - Yellowboze - Samurai Armor - Ultimate
  3. Telling a new player to play solo HUcast with no alternate context in a game that is 100% alt friendly is akin to sending off an ill-prepared recruit to their doom.
  4. Updated data for Kondrieu drops while hunting STA. Only one left to confirm is Viridia: Viridia - unconfirmed event drop Greenill - regular drop Skyly - regular drop Bluefull - regular drop Purplenum - Naka's card Pinkal - regular drop Redria - regular drop Oran - regular drop Yellowboze - Naka's card Whitill - Naka's card
  5. Yellowboze Kondrieu is... Naka's Card. >.> Here's my data on Kondrieu drops with the unknowns blank. Viridia - Greenill - regular Skyly - regular Bluefull - regular Purplenum - Pinkal - Redria - regular Oran - regular Yellowboze - Naka's Card Whitill - Naka's Card
  6. Was hunting Yellowboze PoD during the recent HH and we encountered Kondrieu twice. Among our group we got 4 drops, all nonrare. Since Kondi drop is normally 1/2 v502 I'd say that's enough confirmation for an event drop off Yellowboze Kondrieu and we should be hunting PoD on that ID.
  7. Skyly, Redria, Oran, and Greenill Kondrieu all have their regular drops from the year-round table. It would help to find out if Kondrieu on any IDs has an event drop like last year to prevent his appearance from being a wasted trip.
  8. Just revisiting that HUcaseal fist weapon idea with something I drafted up quickly while trying to make it sound "PSO": O-Nemuri Touch ATP: +2000 (perhaps grindable) ATA: +75 EVP: +80 Special: Berserk Usable by: HUcast, HUcaseal Req: 228 ATA 🤗 A CPU that scans enemies' vital spots. Its high power draw disables weapons systems, but a precision melee CAST can use this data to deadly effect.
  9. I do have a Two Kamui and unfortunately it suffers from the same issue that Inferno Girasole does. Though they are the strongest ATP weapons of their class, their ATP lead isn't by much and their strongest damage comes only in the form of Hard Attacks. If you want to get up in something's face to use a single target melee weapons it needs to be for a good reason, and (charge) Ten Years Blades only recently provided one. I was hoping for something to fill in a desire for HUcaseal to have something nice to compete with HUcast damage output if only situationally, and also developing upon the ide
  10. Any chance HUcaseal can get something special like how HUnewearl kinda has Lindcray? Something cool like daggers or the often maligned fist weapon types would be a neat exclusive to that class to highlight their unique attack animations. Sure there's Power Glove, but that was made for another purpose entirely and androids can't use the special.
  11. I'm quite certain the Serene Swan fires 4 bullets per attack, not 3. For the brief moment I was able to test a friend's it appeared to be 4.
  12. I can confirm Cent/Tech drops from Yellowboze Deldepth. I was all excited to hope it might be a Yellowboze Card but nope. 😒
  13. Viridia - Gol Dragon - Ultimate - Ep2 Drops Ultima's Engine.
  14. Would there be an opposition to improving Two Kamui in some way? For the long fetch quest needed to get it (always resulting in a 0'd weapon) it's outclassed by Blood Tornado in terms of ATP grinded. The special is arguably worse, only casting a Lv5 Zalure while Blood Tornado is Demon's. An item combination to upgrade its ATP and special tech cast could be pretty neat. It's a bit of a shame that a cool weapon model like this one has little reason to be sought after or used at all.
  15. Is it possible to obtain only one Type/Weapon per character? Looking to earn my own blank Shots.
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