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  1. Ultimate - Episode 4 - Bluefull - Kondrieu - Girasole
  2. Even if we lowkey know it's all IDs, Ult - Ep2 - Viridia - Olga Flow - Parasitic Gene "Flow" confirmed.
  3. I heard you have really pretty hands.

  4. Sword of Ultima - Gi Gue - Greenill - Ep2 Ultimate
  5. Thanks for your inputs. This did remind me that Resta boosts affect Star Atomizer's range as well so I added that to the list. Solferino I just don't recommend, as the range boost is only +30% of base range. Even for males where a desirable Resta boost is harder to come by a low/min % Rico's Parasol costs only a handful of PDs and boosts more techniques.
  6. A friend of mine asked about what good tech boosts he could get for his Forces and I didn't really have a good answer for him without compiling this list. I have arranged the equipment by individual technique, the equipment slot, and then by how much % boost it gives with descending values. It is not a complete list (and not exactly meant to be), and a few support equip boosts in particular are IMO not worth bothering with. They are there due a lack of options. Hope this helps some of you. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DU9XlrLzgUknNnrHJ3NDlBoX4aVmn2dLwxj4hB-NAHE/edit?usp=shar
  7. What is the best way to hunt for an Amplifier of Gizonde? I tried hunting this on my Pinkal in 2-3 on Ultimate (starts in Caves 2) and I got an Amplifier of Zonde instead, which confused me as every Amplifier table I've looked at says Pinkal gets Gizonde amp there.
  8. Olga Flow - Yellowboze - Samurai Armor - Ultimate
  9. Telling a new player to play solo HUcast with no alternate context in a game that is 100% alt friendly is akin to sending off an ill-prepared recruit to their doom.
  10. Updated data for Kondrieu drops while hunting STA. Only one left to confirm is Viridia: Viridia - unconfirmed event drop Greenill - regular drop Skyly - regular drop Bluefull - regular drop Purplenum - Naka's card Pinkal - regular drop Redria - regular drop Oran - regular drop Yellowboze - Naka's card Whitill - Naka's card
  11. Yellowboze Kondrieu is... Naka's Card. >.> Here's my data on Kondrieu drops with the unknowns blank. Viridia - Greenill - regular Skyly - regular Bluefull - regular Purplenum - Pinkal - Redria - regular Oran - regular Yellowboze - Naka's Card Whitill - Naka's Card
  12. Was hunting Yellowboze PoD during the recent HH and we encountered Kondrieu twice. Among our group we got 4 drops, all nonrare. Since Kondi drop is normally 1/2 v502 I'd say that's enough confirmation for an event drop off Yellowboze Kondrieu and we should be hunting PoD on that ID.
  13. Skyly, Redria, Oran, and Greenill Kondrieu all have their regular drops from the year-round table. It would help to find out if Kondrieu on any IDs has an event drop like last year to prevent his appearance from being a wasted trip.
  14. Just revisiting that HUcaseal fist weapon idea with something I drafted up quickly while trying to make it sound "PSO": O-Nemuri Touch ATP: +2000 (perhaps grindable) ATA: +75 EVP: +80 Special: Berserk Usable by: HUcast, HUcaseal Req: 228 ATA 🤗 A CPU that scans enemies' vital spots. Its high power draw disables weapons systems, but a precision melee CAST can use this data to deadly effect.
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