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  1. 1st song I ever sang at age 3 ❤️ 


  2. Me being single and celibate for 8 years just to get rekt lol 


  3. It's a miracle that I still have a good heart when I'm broken, and it's all thanks to the love God embedded in my soul.
    I give thanks to God, because no matter what pain I experience I can still feel for what I see.

  4. One day this will be me and my woman in the same house during alone time.

    No cheating. No sadness. Just enjoying personal space and reflecting on good things. ❤️

  5. If you think about killing yourself remember that nobody cares.
    You need to be the one who cares. Love yourself.

    1. Kotta


      The one fun thing about life Is that,

      "Life Is about you, as a person, against the world."

      It's up to you If you want to let the world get the best of you, or you get the best of the world.

    2. Emewn


      So true bro. I forget that sometimes, and often feel suicidal myself.
      I'm always putting the whole world before me. Caring about everything and everyone, and stressing their struggles.

      Today I just found out my grandfather is dying in Dominican Republic, and I can't go see him, because although I finally just became a U.S. Citizen I still don't have my passport. 

      Words can’t express how upset I am today.
      How people neglect the elderly so much that they feel like dying makes me angry and sad.
      My awareness of the world drives me near insane, and when I need love and support there is none.
      People neglect the elderly too much, and I don't know what to do about it bro. 
      But I know something has to be done. I care when nobody cares, and it got me feeling a special kind of lonely.

  6. Rich people: *Hosts controlled pandemic, and names it Covid19 after Jewish scripture 2 Corinthians Chapter 1: Verse 9*

    Rich people: "Never let a good crisis go to waste"

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