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  1. Breathe if you are ever:

    Breathe deeply & consistently for good health.

    Water is another form of oxygen, but it does the same thing for the body except faster.

    You might notice your reproductive organ heating up sometimes. 
    Consistent deep breaths can fix that in a matter of minutes.

    The human body is like a computer. When it doesn't have oxygen it gets loud, and doesn't function properly.

    A good set of lungs and habits by which they are used greatly determines a person's cognitive functions, and emotional stability, because oxygen is important for the brain.

    Bad habits need to be checked, and corrected.

    The wizard sasquatch is signing out.

  2. My 7th account has a 3 digit login, because I was running out of names to use. I'm surprised a 3 digit name was even allowed upon account creation, because I eventually realized I can't use Character Viewer on forum with a 3 digit login. I too think it would be much easier managing accounts if more character slots were added, and even though it's too late for some of us to appreciate it, it would still be a good feature to add for new players.
  3. The person who loves you the most is God.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. R-78


      3 minutes ago, Emewn said:

      I wrote 2 statuses yesterday each one being hours in between.

      We have a different definition of "hours".



    3. Usagi-chan


      it can be annoying that someone spam status but similarly you should talk to those people who do spam dislikes to everything he does

    4. R-78


      I actually talked to some of them and helped him recover some points as I'm also annoyed when a cool post from him gets downvoted.

      But it is hard to control people's hate when he's aggressive toward everyone.

      Swearing at Mudkipz because he made a joke, calling Lipelis names because he shared his opinion on an item, constantly arguing with Triforce, insulting the Staff and now also has a problem with me just because I tell him to follow the rules like everyone?

  4. It feels good to be the realest man alive. But my life is not easy.

  5. Demons steal original thoughts from me, and gives them to other people they made contracts with. It's quite the comedy to me.

  6. I got so much dome I damaged my head when I was little, and still got brains to use.
    I'm a freaking sasquatch.

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    2. Emewn


      I ain't the fastest, but I do have something to work with feel me.

    3. killswitch


      crack is a real drug then....lol

    4. Emewn


      I never did crack. I've only seen crackheads growing up.

  7. Bad habits are contagious. 
    Be yourself.

  8. If you want something try your best before you get it, and after.

    Being faithful before the perfect relationship starts is a good quality. Take it from the realest man alive.

  9. Oh snap you're finally right. Thanks for pointing out my error there.
  10. Dudes really gonna make me quote Larva? You didn't even have to 100% reread that thread to peep the facts. Larva: "Another idea would be to reduce speed and combo lock the weapon. To clarify, something is gonna be done to the weapon."
  11. How clean is your temple?
    I hope your temple is kept clean.

    Your mind is special.

    Whether or not spirits dwell there,
    Depends on your efforts.

    Your temple is sacred, and should be reserved for the inspirations God our Father gives.

    The health of the mind or Temple are rather important, but folks think it doesn't matter.

    Yet many men's Temple's are plagued with thoughts that are strange to them including myself.

    The state of my Temple has taught me.

    We all need to protect the place where our thoughts manifest.


  12. Worth quitting the server for? Actually yes when the staff have that kind of mentality about these things. How is the fact it reaches the Flowers in Tower a good reason to nerf the range on Serene Swan? "Oh god a gun that's effective for other classes in Tower, lets nerf it." That is very bad reasoning, and definitely an understandable reason for people to quit the server, and probably is the reason this server's population has been declining as Mudkips has already mentioned. I on the other hand will not be quitting for such things, because I haven't reached my goal of gearing out all my 23 characters. However, I must admit that this Serene Swan situation is complete nonsense, and I am not thrilled about it. Folks should have left it alone, and done something about L&K38 Combat like Larva said he was gonna do. Anybody who is alright with the nerf to Serene Swan is nuts. Way to do it after everybody maxed theirs. Should have done it much much sooner. It's far too late for that $#"#"%. Good job.
  13. Bring up the polls. Serene Swan shouldn't be nerfed just because a few people think it should be while the majority thinks otherwise. Hell no. Just because Lipelis wrote a lot doesn't mean anything to me.
  14. I thought you already had enough ideas from the last Serene Swan VS Ultima thread. You basically ruined the gun Serene Swan with your decision. Rifle Range, and that extra bullet per round made it special. It was enough to nerf the class availability it has. Quit listening to these dumb ideas Lipelis, and others have been suggesting. They're foolish to even suggest them. Considering how difficult that event item Serene Swan is to farm it should not be equal to Last Swan which can easily be obtained. Nerfing Serene Swan x2 that way made it comparable to Last Swan considering the base damage of Last Swan is greater, and has rifle range. The fact Serene Swan shoots an extra bullet makes it worth the hunt, and slightly better than Last Swan. Now you just made a difficult weapon to hunt for obsolete. Larva, please try to hunt for Serene Swan yourself with and without HH. You'll see what I'm saying is factual. Such a difficult gun to hunt for should be better than Last Swan, not equal to. I'm seriously appalled at your decision, and I hope you either fix it, or at least do something beautiful with L&K38 Combat, because things are getting out of hand here.
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