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  1. Live in the moment, and appreciate what is in front of you if you want to be happy.

    1. bobshlibidich


      My computer? I appreciate it already, lol.

    2. Emewn


      I mean if you see a flower, stop to smell it.
      If you see a kitty, take a moment to pet it.
      If you get the chance to help someone, do it.
      I'm sure all these little things will make anybody feel good inside.

  2. sup its me Kiefer

  3. Combo unlock L&K38 Combat. That is all.
  4. As for PGF dropping, For the second time I forced PGF to drop by getting the last hit on Olga Flow with a Red Handgun. No Happy Hour during both times. 1st with Bluefull, 2nd with Redria. Feel free to try with Red Handgun.
  5. If President Trump is asking for a wall to be built, a wall only he and his Masonic friends want built. Why doesn't Trump pay for the wall with the aid of his Masonic friends? It doesn't even cost 5.7 billion dollars to build a wall. People just want to steal that money.

    If the U.S. Government has billions of tax dollars that were collected from the people, why then is anybody poor? That tax money should be used to end poverty. People must not be in their right minds.

    That "Wall" President Trump is gonna build better be Gold Plated if it's gonna cost 5.7 billion dollars.

  6. Most of the PGF that dropped so far was for Oran ID. People keep saying PGF drops for all ID, but it hasn't really been dropping for all IDs. I'd like to know a little more about the drop rates. As for PSO's coding. Wise is he who believes he doesn't know it all. There are some things about machines that the common man would still consider unbelievable. It's almost as if man gives machines life in more than one way. The human minds seems to affect all sorts of things in many kinds of ways. There are things even I'm still learning about PSO. A game people think they have completely figured out, because they've played it for so long. However, people sometimes keep the same perspective on things for years, and find it difficult to grow. I was one of those people for most of my life. Let me tell you a story. In Schtserv 08, I met a guy who I used to hunt PGF with. He used to get the last hit on Olga Flow with a Red Handgun, and said it was to increase the chance of PGF dropping. I'm not sure what sort of coding made that possible, because I'm somewhat retarded. However, that trick did work in Schtserv. So I tested it on Ultima server... And recently during my 1st Bluefull RT of the day, I managed to get the last hit on Olga Flow with a Red Weapon, and PGF dropped. Considering the chances of getting a PGF to drop are slim as hell, that could be a coincidence, but I will experiment more to be 100% sure. Feel free to test this with me. Get the last hit on Olga Flow with a Red Weapon in the name of old Havoc from 08 Schtserv. May PGF drop for us all.
  7. I have played PSO on Schtserv, Ultima, Eden, Ephinea, and Destiny. There was a time when the admins of Schtserv showed their true colors, and stole money from a lot of faithful users. Today, Schtserv gets 0 respect by PSO vets for that reason. Nobody should ever play there, but rather let it die just because. Eden was poppin when Choko was god. Then Karma happened, and left to go be annoying in PSO2. Eden is probably ded since I haven't heard about it in ages. Karma is cool people now a days tho. Ephinea's admin's main focus seems questionable as they often speak without much sense. Ironically, they also inspire others to think like them, and senselessly talk about their server being vanilla when it's far from it. People swear making Hardcore users able to play with normal users still makes the PSO experience vanilla. They should have kept the Hardcore mode separate like Sandbox mode. With a bit of sense and observation one can tell that whichever server has the most reasonable and respectable admins is likely to thrive. Destiny server on the other hand is for fun, and perhaps a better solo experience. You might enjoy Destiny server, but it ain't legit like this server. In Destiny you can't even get knocked down. Need I say more? If you wanna set and meet real goals, play on Ultima, because it's legit and pimpin. If you wanna play on a ded server by yourself, Schtserv, Ephinea, and Destiny are good alternatives. Ephinea ain't really ded yet, but it probably will be soon, cause I said so, and I know my shit. Have fun either way, and welcome to Ultima. <3 You can find fun in any server according to your perspective. Cause I have found each server to have very beautiful and wonderful people. Kind folks who really love PSO. I have good memories with others on each server, so that says something. Feel free to try each server.
  8. Let's talk about the new Fausts

    There are a bunch of elitists here who would rather see Ultima server stick to being as close to vanilla as possible. I'm certain a lot of common users are all for the multi-target versions. I'm not trying to call anybody a liar, but I can see why folks would say that it isn't possible for them to achieve multi-target on those weapons when they can. If Destiny devs can pull it off, I can't see why Ultima devs can't do it. However, those are the types of weapons I can imagine somebody like Firewolf saying no multi-target for. People are always waiting and hoping for new exclusive releases here that don't suck, but bad exclusive weapons are often what we get on here. Like I have not seen a single person use Outlaw Star except myself when I tried to like it. On one of my rangers I use outlaw star over hit hell rifle just so I can like it more, but I never did. It's still just a collectible to me unfortunately. What stands this server apart from Destiny is that Ultima is more the official server where you can get good and feel good about your accomplishments, because it's not so easy. On Destiny you can get good so easily, you just have fun wit it, especially cause of the well thought out exclusive gear. You'd still feel more proud of your Ultima account just because its the more official server. No offense to either server. I think both serve good purposes, and both are actually enjoyable.
  9. App: Tapatalk works well for forum private message cellphone notifications. Sent from my SM-J727T1 using Tapatalk
  10. The top section of the team member list often refreshes to show all the current online users in the team. The way to message offline users is through the forum. As for the friendlist, just don't use it. Loljk Sent from my SM-J727T1 using Tapatalk
  11. Smartlink is HUcast's best friend. I recommend keeping a handgun on him. Hand of Justice, Asteron Striker, Egg Blaster MK2, Suppressed Gun, ect This will enable you to tag whatever you need experience from like Gal Gryphon even when he's flying. Also, I recommend using a double saber like Girasole or easy daggers to get like Bloody Tornado for some bosses, so that you have a better success rate of landing hits. I can give you either a 50 hit charge repeater or 50 hit charge gatlin if you want or a photon drop to buy a Smartlink from someone if you need. Let me know in PM. Some of the exclusive weapons don't need hit to use the base damage effectively. Look out for those ftw, and best of luck to you. As for the larger monsters outside of boss rooms. The unit V502 would benefit a HUcast later on. As you could easily set a freeze trap, step back a bit, then pop it with a handgun very quickly then shit on monsters. Most enemies won't stand a chance against you if you take advantage of the traps at all times. It's too bad they can't be used in boss rooms, we do with what we got right.
  12. One of the best things in life is the opportunity to dedicate your love, loyalty and faithfulness to someone, because if you have somebody to love, that will keep your mind away from sinful thoughts about other people. Eventually your soulmate becomes the primary reason you sin less. When you're busy loving someone faithfully you sin less. Look out for your soulmate. They will save your life.

    1. RIPBenny


      my dad is the primary reason i sin less

    2. nnorton44
    3. yeyy


      I sell the fozem boosted but dts no pds gogo its sold quick also s> arrest needlen 

  13. Wont let me download launcher!Help

    The Launcher reads as a virus for some unknown reason to me. I suggest clicking on the arrow on the bottom right screen, and "quit" the anti-virus for the moment. Or click on the little shield, it should bring you to Windows Defender Security Center. On the left, select Virus & Real Treat Protection, then on the right side select Virus & Threat Protections Settings. In that setting, turn off the first three tabs that you see, then try to download the PSO Launcher. It should work then. Don't forget to turn on those virus protection tabs later on.
  14. That cover picture is pimpin

  15. Starting up a FO?

    Hi, welcome back to the server! It seems like you're Set on dealing high tech damage, so let's start with that. If you need anything please feel free to message me. I have extra items. As mentioned above, you can come across decent melee gear that are equippable by forces, but that requires time because forces need hit on their melee weapons to be effective. As for tech dealing damage, it's possible to find an event item that's worth 10 Donation Tickets, and flip it in-game for technique boosting gear such as: Useful FO Shields: Hylian Shield* Franks Bunny Costume* Anti-Dark Ring* Useful FO Armors: Mothergarb+* (this stacks TP reduction on top of Adept unit) Samurai Armor* Useful FO Area of Effect Technique Boosting Weapons: Quasar Staff* Psycho Wand* Prophets of Motav* Dark Bridge* Psycho Bridge* Sorcerer's Cane* Fire Scepter: Agni* Ice Staff: Dagon* Storm Wand: Indra* Useful FO Boss Damaging Weapons: Summit Moon* Glide Divine v.00* Twinkle Star* Magical Piece* Mercurius* Club of Laconium* Mace of Adaman* Club of Zumiuran* The Sigh of God* Hildebear's Cane* Hildeblue's Cane* Useful Resta Range Boosting Weapons: Solferino* Marina's Bag* Madam's Parasol* Useful Shifta/Deband Range Boosting Weapons: Striker of Chao* Madam's Umbrella* Principal's Gift Parasol* Useful Jellen/Zalure Range Boosting Weapons: Clio* Glide Divine* Useful FO Units: V801* V502* Heart Container* Centurion/Technique* Adept/Limiter* Cure/Freeze* Trap Search* Smartlink* Useful Melee/Range FO Weapons: Vivienne* Tyrfing* Hundred Souls* Excalibur* 50Hit Charge Mechgun* Great Fairy Sword* Ultima Reaper* Sacred Bow* Rambling May* Sil Dragon Slayer* Master Sword* Samba's Fiesta* Rage de Glace* TypeME/MECHGUN* Lindcray* Banana Cannon* Inferno Girasole* Asteron Striker* Suppressed Gun* Hand of Justice* Blood Tornado* Slicer of Fanatic* Bringer's Rifle* Peep this link for more information on which weapons boost what: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=472 Also, feel free to try Terror's Ultima Pso. Have fun, and keep it respectable. May the manliness be with you.