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  1. Happy birthday Cyane, we miss you ;--;

  2. Did I hear an Amen?

  3. and There is a reason moderation channel exists. A channel dedicated for every staff to give their opinions. I even recorded a video for you to see by yourself the weapon in action. How many times I sent my feedback to @R-78 about multiple subjects, like drop table suggestions, events, about my Serene Swan status suggestions, the event topic translations, weapon skins, bug reports and so many other things I helped Ultima so she could send you? And you say that? I don't think it was needed to keep my opinions or ideas just another secret conversation between you and me, when other staff members can give their inputs. But you seem to ask for other staff members opinions in secret. We don't agree on this point, I realized that and I won't try to change your mind, but you could at least show some gratitude. As far as I know, I'm not anything but a drama maker (accordingly to you). They are a GM and a Developer respectively. Thank you for being honest about how you see me. I'm done talking to you.
  4. Just to let you know, no. Nothing was discussed between staff members. No one was aware of this sudden change. Nothing was announced on moderation channel as well. How do I know, you may ask? I was there today, not a single word has been said. I was there like an hour ago, before asking to be demoted from Moderation. Even though I'm not a moderator here on forums, I had access to the staff members channel on Discord and I was even able to give my input there, give suggestions, report bugs and trying to be a conciliator between community and staff wishes. What happened today sums it up the biggest issue between Ultima administration and staff: Lack of communication. If we keep doing things and taking decisions behind the backs of others, not trusting each other, I really doubt the Ultima will go much further. I did my part, I just left the moderation role that I was so proud of being part. I'm really disappointed with you Larva.
  5. Supposedly they have the same attack speed, yeah. (But for some reason I always felt V101 being slower)
  6. Plus it was not supposed to be class restricted AND having a nerfed range accordingly to this post.
  7. @Larva Mind confirming if those are the final status/classes of Serene Swan? One word from you before making such changes would be, to say the least, worthy.
  8. Well, I won't say again about not nerfing the Serene Swan because that has already been said multiple times. But, if a nerf is about to happen, I beg for moderation to least do something coherent. What do I mean by being coherent? Make it a weapon that has a purpose to exist, is a improvement of something else, and adds something new to the playability. What I explained on my first post, the way another server found to make both unlocked versions of Master Raven and L&K38 Combat useful but at the same time, not game breaking was: nerfing its ATP, its ATA or its Grind, but, keeping the essence of the weapon. What's the essence of Serene Swan? 12 unique bullets (an hybrid of Master Raven + L&K38 Combat). Nerfing the essence of the weapon would ruin its purpose. As others mentioned, and Lipelis, for example: All FOrces already have: Lindcray/Bringer's Rifle/Ultima Bringer's - for long range option and Rage De Glace/Samba Fiesta - for close combat option. Rangers already have: Heaven Striker/Charge or Demon Yasminkov 9000M - for long range option and Psycho Raven (males) / Mille Faucilles (females) - for close combat option. Banana Cannon and Crush Cannon don't meet the criteria because although I consider them close combat options, they are shots, multi-target weapons. So, my suggestion is to keep Serene Swan being useable by Hunter classes only. That will already exclude Rangers and Forces from using it. Fortunately though, they already have plenty of options of weapons choice, so it isn't a big deal if they don't have access to SS. How to balance it? Lets look again at the 2014 SCHT changes to Master Raven and L&K38 Combat and compare to Last/Serene Swan: Master Raven Vanilla/Ultima PSOBB: +380 ATP, +52 ATA (150 ATA req), +5 MST, can be grinded to +9, combo locked. 2014 SCHTHack: +118 ATP, +42 ATA (150 ATA req), +5 MST, can be grinded to +9, combo unlocked. Lord's special Only males can use Master Raven. Fires 9 bullets per combo. L&K38 Combat Vanilla/Ultima PSOBB: +250 ATP, +40 ATA (145 ATA req), -30 EVP, can be grinded to +25, combo locked. 2014 SCHTHack: +80 ATP, 0 ATA (145 ATA req), -30 EVP, no grind, combo unlocked. Burning special All classes can use L&K38 Combat. Fires 15 bullets per combo. Last Swan +90 ATP, +32 ATA (150 ATA req), +5 MST, can be grinded to +9. Lord's special Only females can use Last Swan. Fires 9 bullets per combo. Serene Swan 175 ATP, +37 ATA (170 ATA req), can be grinded to +80. Devil's special All classes can use Serene Swan. Fires 12 bullets per combo. Serene Swan could probably use the same kind of improvement. To make it equivalent to Master Raven (9 bullets) in terms of damage output, it would need at least 90 ATP. Suggestion: Make it grind to +40 only or remove the grind and keep the base ATP to 80-90. Personally, I suggest 100-150 ATP at least, because otherwise, it would be just slightly better than Last Swan. Means it would be questionable to look for this item if Last Swans with lots of status are so easy to get on Valentine's Event, whereas Serene Swan isn't. So, Serene Swan is still way too good on HUcast/HUcaseal compared to their counterparts, HUmar and HUnewearl. How to fix this? Gives it a special that could be exclusively useable on those classes = Spirit That way, HUcast SS = HUnewearl SS (Special attack) = HUmar SS (Special attack) = HUcaseal SS An example of this is the Rainbow weapon concept used on SCHT. Also, Spirit is probably the best special choice because: Makes SS being desirable to use on HUmars: He is the 2nd best ATP character in game and for that only reason, would make it the best weapon for that forgotten class since long time Makes SS being desirable to use on HUnewearl: Due to its high TP and an interesting alternative to Lindcray Isn't harmful to the game balance, when used on Androids like HUcast and HUcaseal (who could reach the 2nd place in best ATP if using Sue's Coat) Rifle range vs. Handgun range About the range... as R-78 revealed on previous posts: Mechgun Range : 85 (including Psycho Raven) Handgun Range : 170 Rifle Range : 210 There's a great difference between Handgun and Rifle range. Is nerfing the range on Serene Swan that big deal? Could Serene Swan be the perfect rifle range weapon Hunters were needing? Hunters doesn't have that many rifle range weapons compared to their counterparts. Their options currently are: Lindcray - Useable only by HUnewearls. Spirit special. HUmar, HUcast and HUcaseal can't equip them, since the MST requirement is way too high. Asteron Striker - Meant to be used for Hell special, but the damage output is really low and it is in general, a slow weapon. Eggblaster Mk2 - Strong weapon, but really slow due to the nature of their bullets Water Gun - Its usefullness relies in having any special, but it is in general not meant for damaging enemies because it is a slow weapon and the ATP is low as well. Its ATA was nerfed as well, meaning there are other weapons could be potentially more useful than WG. The biggest weakness the Hunters have in combat (specially on quests like Tower) are ranged attacks. Not only they need to reach close to their enemies to unleashed their attacks, but also evade and position themselves correctly to not get sniped by one hit kill enemies. Example of this are Mericarol/Merikle/Mericus plants, Purple Shielded Epsilons, far away enemies that can't be easily reached by walking. Hunters are also missing a fast and strong weapon to clean room leftfovers. This is specially important on quests like ToD (Tower of Dreams) by R-78, CCC (Cal's Clock Challenge) by Lemon, PPP (Power Plant Plight) by Lemon, ROW (Realms of War), RoCT (Raid on Central Tower), Maximum Attacks quests in general, where a single enemy left, floating in the room, means wasted time. Serene Swan may be the perfect weapon Hunters were needing for this purpose. Hunters, as well as Forces, already have a great disadvantage regarding the use of ranged weapons. They need Smartlink unit to remove the ATA penalty they naturally have on the ATA vs EVP check when dealing attacks. This unit is a must and means those classes only have 3 units lefts for whatever purpose they need. Maybe, 2 units if you consider you will be always wearing Centurion/Battle. That already puts Rangers in a great advantage regarding unit flexibility. That's the reason I personally would leave rifle range and the twelve bullets as something unqiue and exclusive to this weapon. Why four (twelve) bullets? Because there is a great difference between SCHT's Centurion/Battle (50% Speed) and Ultima's Centurion Battle (110% speed). Comboing with Last Swan (3 bullets only) is very hard and difficult to keep the timing with proper combos. The addition of one more bullet is what solved this problem, makes the combo much more smoother, easy to keep and feels synchronized with Ultima's Centurion/Battle speed. And there's a technical reason involved as well. Rifle range wouldn't be possible with three bullets only, like the Last Swan pattern. TL;DR - In a nutshell, my suggestion for the revamped version of Serene Swan would be: Serene Swan 100 ATP (0 base ATP) , +37 ATA (170 ATA req), can be grinded to +50. Spirit special Rifle range Only Hunters can use Serene Swan. Fires 12 bullets per combo. This is my last suggestion. As others said, with all the feedback we got on this page, I think the server's administrator and the staff got more than enough options and ideas to make a great choose, while keeping the player base happy with the result. And hopefully, a decision is taken after all and maintained until the end of Ultima's existence. We all seek for transparency and reliablity. People spent hours of their lives farming this weapon. People spend their well earned Photon Spheres to make it stronger. People spend their own money, Donation Tickets, to increase its accuracy. I root for staff to make a wise choice. That said, this is the last cent I throw on this topic. I really hope we don't get disappointed with the outcome. I see your point, but at least on my mind, Serene Swan and Psycho Ravens are two completely different weapons, different types, different ranges, different purposes and so on. It is almost the same thing as comparing Heaven Striker to Mille Faucilles, for example. Weapons of different parts will never replace each other, and I feel that's the case here.
  9. Feel free to ban me if you wish. I couldn't care less honestly. You would do me a favor doing this. Go ahead. Isn't what you always do? Threaten to ban people (even though it is a joke)? This is how grateful some persons from Ultima are for everything I contributed to the server. Amazing. I always give constructive criticism when I try to prove my point. And now, I'm being threatened to be banned. Do you really know the context? I find hypocrite the fact his (@mudkipzjm's) post was censored (for whatever reason) when the server's administrator isn't even using the best or the most respectable of languages with someone that simply gave a constructive criticism. That's not an appropriate language for a leader. I fail to see how @jezbuz's post deserves such an aggressive answer from Larva. And I'm really thankful that persons like @Soly are part of staff. Thank you for being coherent with the context of the situation, and for everything you do for Ultima daily. @C01D1 used words that I couldn't describe better. He said everything I also think about you and the other staff members like @R-78. I truly appreciate everything you both do for our server.
  10. I would like to know why @mudkipzjm's post was deleted/moderated/censored for saying something against the administrator behavior, while the real agressive and demagogic content on this topic started with @Larva's response: Leaving a copy of the response here. So are we gonna start deleting/moderating thoughts that could be harmful to the server's public image? Such hipocrisy.
  11. This is a really long post. Don't even bother reading my post if you are not willing to hear constructive arguments. Ultima Server was never about balancing the game, and it will never be. We give every class even more status boost (+100 ATP, +100 DFP, +100 MST, +10 ATA and +30 EVP). Material usage was never increased to balance this (you are able to max less attributes than you could on a vanilla server). That means, what was unbalanced, become even more unbalanced; Enemies were buffed on Ultimate difficult. They have more EVP, which means that commons weapons needs more ATA to land their attacks than on other servers. There are no ways to increase hit on weapons other than using Donation Tickets or waiting one or two years for a Hit Event to happen; Monsters on Ultimate got: more ATP - monsters lands more powerful attacks more DFP - our attacks deals less damage more ATA - monsters lands more accurate attacks more EVP - monsters evades much more, means attacks have more chances to miss more LCK - monsters lands more critical attacks Almost everyone starts playing as Ranger because they have a much better growth performance than any other class type. You can kill literally every monster before they have a chance to land an attack on you. This server is dominated by Rangers, and for that reason, we don't have many skilled Hunters or Forces playing here. It is much easier to spam DM and Hell Shots than actually learning how to position yourself correctly or use optimal weapon choices for spawns; Hunters and Forces, on the other side, have a really bad growth performance, unless you are decently geared already. Because the material usage was never increased, they need to use Status Units to reach max stats, or switch mags depending on your playstyle (melee or support). That means useful units like Proof of Sword Saint, Cure Units, PB/Increase and a few other useful units have a very limited usage here, unless you sacrifice the use of something else; Because the Ultimate mode was buffed to the point casting techniques barely does damage and are more "harmful" than beneficial (due to the Damage Cancel), Forces here become literally Hunters and/or Rangers. Forces have more weapon choices than Hunters or Rangers together, whereas they don't shine on what they were supposed to: cast strong techniques and give optimal support for other classes; I think that conversation with the desire to balance classes and gameplay because Serene Swan is "too broken" is kinda hypocritical. There are much more important things to care about, instead of fighting for a single target weapon nerf. People say Serene Swan should be exclusive to HUmar... but no one plays HUmar. Will people bother to play HUmar if it becomes a weapon exclusive to this class? Honestly, I don't think so. It is a class that could really benefit from having SD15 at least or SD20 optimally, but HUmars only have access to Macho Blades, which casts SD level 7 only. They could benefit from Lindcray usage... but that weapon was strictly taken from HUmar for unknown reasons. The fact is, HUnewearl is just much better than HUmar on every instance. Lets stop being hypocritical. "No one cares about HUmar because HUcast exists and have traps". That's just not true. Interesting enough, Serene Swan is already useable by HUmars... what are people waiting for to make their first HUmar then? 🤔 Now about Serene Swan... I don't remember a single time the Devil special on Serene Swan landed successfully on a Episode II mob using HUcast, and considering casts already have a penalty using HP cutting special + the low ATA of the weapon + its special, a reduced version of Demon's, I don't think the special on the weapon is harmful. It is almost close to an useless special on casts. My idea was to give it a Spirit special for some kind of "balance" in terms of a damage output of a HUcast vs other classes. When I suggested status, it was a handgun range weapon, just like the Last Swan we already know, but instead, have more ATP than it currently have (my idea was 200~250 ATP). But the staff decided to give it rifle range and Devil special. It wasn't possible to give Serene Swan a rifle range without also increasing the number of bullets. We should admit, HUcast will be the strongest class regardless of which weapons you give to other classes, that's how they were designed to be. Unless a status/material usage balance is done on Ultima, that won't change. That video was shown during the weapon moderation, on first days of event release, and there was a staff agreement to not change the weapon status and keep it as it is. Larva himself said he didn't found Serene Swan that "game breaking" as some have stated. Want me to be honest? I don't think the outcome of the weapon is that bad as people say either. For anyone who is willing to make a serious comparison, here are some weapon stats I collected from Vanilla PSOBB, 2014 SCHTHack and Ultima: What SCHThack did to compensate/balance the specified weapons to make them useable but at the same time, counter the possible game breaking problems? They combo unlocked said weapons and nerfed their ATP and ATA. But differently from Ultima, they never touched monster status, which was the case here. So basically, saying the Serene Swan should be nerfed to the ground as SCHT did to their counterparts would be inaccurate solely because of Ultimate mode boost; Ultima is a completely different server. Now, if we stop to think, isn't it kinda disrespectful at this point to do anything on Serene Swan regarding nerfs, for those who invested their money, Photon Spheres on it and also, that would probably ruin the purpose of hunting the said weapon? What is it going to be now? Just a bettered Serene Swan? Another Serene Swan useable by females? Should take careful choices before doing anything in my opinion. Ultima ruined Blood Sword (because Hundred Souls exist) ,Water Gun (because it was nerfed to the point it isn't as useful as it was before) a few otehr good weapons became obsolete, so I don't want to see the same thing happening to Serene Swan. The latest 10th Anniversary Items were a total failure, people were complaining because of how bad was their outcome. I'm surprised people are now complaining because Serene Swan is "too good", come on, just let it alone... Anyways I'm sure many would be disappointed to a potential high-end replacement for Charge/Berserk Rayguns for Hunters being buried. So yeah, stop to think Ultima must have the same assets as SCHT, Ephinea, or Destiny. That is the fun part of playing here, having a few "overpowered" weapons and add other styles of playability to every class. tl;dr I'm against any nerf.
  12. Tower of Dreams (Episode II) v1.00 - MULTIMODE TEAM - PB Players: focus-ash - RAmar (a.k.a. @JupiterDeMars), Guan Yu - HUcast (a.k.a. @rashan0121), Linde - FOmarl (a.k.a @R-78) and Wasabi - RAcast (a.k.a. @Noob Saibot) Finish Time: 44"18
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