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  1. Happy birthday J.A.D.E. !

    💃 AYO!! 💃 

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    1. JADE


      Thank you boiloa

  2. I'm not sure if this is a proper subject for this kind of topic but I didn't feel like making a topic just for that. I noticed it's been a long time we don't see any of the usual mini-events. Last one happened on December, the Holiday Battle Tournament. We also had the 20th April Day, but that's not exactly a mini-event. We also had the one I hosted on Valentine's Day, but we all know that event was meant for only a small portion of player base who wanted a challenge. By this time of the year we would have had the following mini-events: - Serverus Mini Event (to add special to weapons) - Momoka's Shop Mini Event (to redeem Item Tickets that dropped from Easter Eggs) - Another Mini-Event that was hmmm... cancelled/postponed? (I know about it since it has been discussed on #moderation of Ultima's Official Discord) None of them happened so far. Summer is near, and judging from what we already saw, we are not even sure if the meme mini-event that happens annually will happen. Here is a list of some events we don't see since a quite good time: - Hit Event (was it replaced by New Year Cards??, last one was on December 2017) - Lottery (replaced by New Year Cards, happened on February 2018) - Custom Mag Mini Event (last one happened on June 2017) - S-Ranks with Charge Special So I would like to suggest to bring back some of those mini-events, and also, I'd like to suggest some new kinds of mini-event: - An event where you can increase Hit percentage on some selected weapons above the 80% for a limited amount of time. - An event where you can max the DFP and EVP on Armors/Shields, like Wedding Dress, Red Ring, Virus Armor: Lafuteria, Neutron Skin and so on - A very special/unique mini event where the prize is a custom weapon of winners choice, must be something hard to accomplish. This is just an attempt to keep the server active and to give more variety of events other than the seasonal ones that always happen in the same way, every year.
  3. "Think safety, I hate flower."
    - An anonymous thinker


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    2. Heather Siren Tide

      Heather Siren Tide

      nods i hate flowers.  


    3. jezbuz


      SAFETY FIRST - Aristotle, 320 BC

      or was the anonymous thinker that said this too? :huh:

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    4. R-78



      - A great wise man.

  4. Congratulations dad dude!!

  5. It will be Halloween again by the time Larva reads this post
  6. Event is finished. I would like to thank to everybody who contributed to our player made drop table. No official drop tables were released, rates remained unknown. Hopefully this topic has helped the community, I would like to ask a Moderator to close this. Thanks!
  7. Noob Saibot

    Easter Event 2019

    Since the event is ending today, when is the Mokoka's Shop Mini-Event (where you redeem Item Tickets) happening?
  8. B> Heaven Striker and Iron Faust with Hit%

    1. RocketTots


      what about a furst with 95 dark

    2. Noob Saibot

      Noob Saibot

      dts no pds no no no

  9. Add a requirement field to justify downvote on someone's post, just like when we edit our own posts. This may be useful as a countermeasure to reputation system abuses.
  10. You can download the game installer from here. If you already have the base game, downloading only Launcher also works, just paste it into the PSO root folder, and it will download the needed files. If you have problems with your antivirus, try adding the pso root folder into exceptions list. It will not do anything harmful to your computer.

    1. serverus


      hahahaha that guy is so funny Xd

    2. Starlord


      Lmao the hard Rs kill me

  12. Our player made droptable was updated with latest reports. Added to the list. There's just a little conflict: Gran Sorcerer - Episode II - Ultimate Does it drop Centurion/Luck or Centurion/HP? Which drop?
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