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  1. The very first Phantasy Star game I played on my life was Phantasy Star Zero, the Nintendo DS game. I used to play this game with a friend on high school until he introduced me to SCHT... well, I was playing on SCHT many years ago with him, but I never cared to learn how to play, so I never took PSO seriously, I can't even say I started there to be honest. The further I went was leveling a character with my real name to like level 25 or so (lmao), my gear was just a Tellusis and a Varista (I was like "omg a gun with Yellow Name and name in FULL CAPS o.o, must be really rare!" ohhh "a golden mag"... I had barely begun my PSO journey. Until I stopped playing for a few months and my account got deleted so dw. Recently, on an old backup, I found the SCHT client I had installed on my first PC, and with that, I found some chat logs.... dude... they were hilarious lmao, asking so many dumb questions on lobby and saying stupid things to my friend while we were playing, good ol' times. Only years later, precisely on 2013 that same friend invited me to play on Ultima, that's how I ultimately learnt how to play PSO. He didn't went much further here, he got bored fast as he owned the PSO Ep. I & II Plus for Game Cube so he didn't care to start here all from scratch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I stayed... and nowadays I must say this is my favorite online game and the game that I played for the most time of my life (aside from Super Mario Bros. 3, but that's another story lol =P) This server is very different from others I played, not only the custom items but the community here is great (of course there are the troll and drama queens but this is also what makes Ultima so lively and fun hahahah...). I went on hiatus a year ago and even tried moving to other servers at some point but at the end, Ultima is my home and will for sure be the server where I'll end my PSO career. Long life to Ultima!!
  2. Welcome to the lobbywhore and shitposter Veteran club jerubuzo :st2:

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      Ohhhh didn't notice actually ahah. thanks!

      Man, i really feel the lobbywhore and shitpost spirit growing inside me!

  3. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    Cal's Clock Challenge (Episode II) - MULTIMODE TEAM - PB Players: HUNTER_ - HUcast (a.k.a @HUNTER_), GunnY - RAmar (@rashan0121), Mephiles - RAcast (@Noob Saibot) and Shoutgu- RAcast (@Shoutgu) Remaining Time: 02"55 Video: A few notes - This is an updated version of Cal's Clock Challenge, which is nerfed compared to R-78's video. Here are the list of changes made to the quest: Temple Starts with 40 seconds instead of 30. Each wave cleared on Spaceship gives 8 seconds instead of 10 (2 less seconds per wave). Each wave cleared on Seaside gives 7 seconds instead of 10 (3 less seconds per wave). Each wave cleared on Seabed gives 8 seconds instead of 10 (2 less seconds per wave). Each wave cleared on Tower gives 14 seconds instead of 15 (1 less second per wave). - The following changes results in 150 less seconds (2"30) to clear the quest compared to previous version of CCC. Math: -10 (Temple Start Time) + (2x20) (Spaceship) + (3x20) (Seaside) + (2x20) (Seabed) + (1x20) (Tower) = 150 seconds (2'30) removed from CCC - If that run had happened on previous version of CCC, remaining time would be 5"25 by adding the 2"30 that was cut from the total time, or current Wilson's record would be 1"26 remaining if it happened on new CCC. The reason the quest was nerfed is still unknown. Taking into account the notes above, that run improves previous record by 1"29.
  4. ( •_•)
    ( ง )ง

  5. First 90% Hit prize on Cal's Clock Challenge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Constant Crashing

    I've sent Soly a dump when my game crashed on our CCC run. I also didn't get any error message, game just got frozen for a few seconds and closed.
  7. ~ Trivia ~ 1. Characters present on Event Banner: Smoke - HUcast (Noob Saibot) Bambietta - HUcaseal (R-78) 2. The Vivienne seen in the banner is the same one used by Linde on R-78 and mudkipzjm entry. It was gifted by Noob Saibot to R-78 on Valentine's Day (to be more precise, as a birthday gift). The weapon choice and stats (0/0/100/100|78) means something special. 3. The mag seen in the banner picture is named Sita, although the mag name doesn't mean anything in particular, it resembles flowers. It was also a gifted item just like the Vivienne. 4. This isn't the first time a Vanilla RoCT event happened on Ultima PSO:BB. Another event, previously hosted by Echoes, happened on 2016, around the same time this one was hosted. It is believed that only one entry was submitted because the prizes were not worth the grind/effort. 5. This event got some more restrictions than previous one, such as male ♂ and female ♀ and two characters only. However, more weapons and items were allowed. 6. The author of this mini-event has chosen to host it after Official Valentine's Day Event due to the event drops, that could have been useful for the RoCT challenge, such as Angel Harp, Dual Bird, Rambling May, Sweetheart, Dress Plate and Last Swan for example. 7. One of the rules were suggested to be changed later, removing some restrictions, but the author has chosen to not alter them to make the event fair for everyone. - Removing Hit % Limit for photon weapons only (Vulcan, Laser, Arms, Diska, etc.) - Removing 50% Hit Limit from enemy parts weapons. 8. The prank video was done on Test Server. Using commands to warp to boss (/warp 13) did not work on Raid on Central Tower Quest, as it kicks you directly to the Lobby. To solve this problem, authors of the prank started the Respective Tomorrow (RT) Quest, waited on Temple part until 55'30 and warped together. In the very first attempt, R-78 got a disconnect error while waiting untill 55 minutes; at second attempt, we messed up and forgot to activate God of Equip (/goe), making it impossible to equip Dark Meteor Storm, we only made it after third attempt. As seen in the video, there is no alarm sound and red light blinking on Olga Flow boss battle and the timer is increasing instead of decreasing (like on RoCT). 9. The Raid on Central Tower wallpaper idea came out while the mini event author was tweaking some PSO:BB weapon skins for R-78, a person he really likes and have a lot of consideration. Programs used were: GIMP (to cut objects from pictures) and PowerPoint (to paste objects and layers). 10. I ❤️️ you Bambietta. Additional statistics information has been added on Results Post, such as character resistances and time until reaching part II of Control Tower. ~ Claimed Prizes List ~ - 1st place prizes - Dark Flow (50/0/0/50|50) Dark Meteor (0/50/50/0|50) Dark Bridge (50/0/50/0|50) Sonicteam Armor - 2nd place prizes - Centurion/Battle Centurion/Battle - 3rd place prizes - 10 x New Year Cards 2 x Chromatic Orb
  8. The mini event entries have been finally judged (this time for real)! From the eight teams that have been subscribed for event, only three have successfully completed the challenge. I would like to wish them better luck next time! I would like to thank everyone for showing interest, for all the given feedback and for having patience with my judging process. Without further ado, here are the winners of our challenge against the clock! 🥁 drumroll 🥁 Third Place Second Place And the most awaited moment, our grand winner, is... First Place Congratulations to you three! You guys, yes, each one of you, did an amazing job, I am very impressed by the tricks and strategies used on your entries! I’m sure everyone learned something from my little challenge! For the first placed team, you can PM me here or on Discord with the prizes being claimed. Second and third placed teams, please message me as well stating when you would like me to meet you to get your prizes. ~ Final considerations ~ 🎉🎉I’m glad that we reached the end of the event. Despite it being a competition, this event demonstrated how important teamwork is. I hope that with this event, we learn to value more our bonds of friendship. 🎉🎉 🎊 Here is an exclusive wallpaper in honor of this event 🎊 Title = Valentine’s Day = Vanilla TA Mini Event Resolution: 1920x1080 (Full HD) Made by: Noob Saibot Logo: Ultima PSOBB Server Thanks everyone! See you soon! 😊 Prank post idea and video by: R-78 and Noob Saibot. ~ The End ~
  9. And so, the judgement has happened, and it is time to announce the weiners winners: (dat looks tasty yummm!) Pheww... the most awaited moment, let’s finally reveal the team that obtained the 1st place! Ok....ready...... ....... ...... ..... .... ... .. . Remaining Time: 55”37 o.o ~ Players ~ r78 and mudkizpJM =D Yayyyy! (It is so unbelievable, I’m amazed by the time they achieved, simply a perfect run, yeah bois! 👌 Congrastastuslastion!) *cough* With a record like that, who cares for 2nd and 3rd place teams? 😉 🥓🥓To the weiners: Meet me in Test Server, I’ll log there as fast as possible, I’ll be waiting for you to generate distribute prizes in Lobby 16. 🥓🥓 *winners ok (typo) ~ Final considerations ~ As you all may have guessed by now, it was a prank…. I mean, the event was a prank, but not the records. There won’t be rewards for second and third place teams as I ended selling them all for real cash, only prestige will remain, your name shall be remembered forever! Okay GM, please lock this topic! Thanks and good bye! ~ The end? ~
  10. ⚠️12 Hours Left for end of submission period on Vanilla TA Mini Event.⚠️

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  11. ⚠️ Watch out! ⚠️ An advice for contestants who still did not submitted their time and didn't talk to me on Discord, I recommend you PM'ing me with the list of gear you are willing to use beforehand (to avoid possible problems/mistakes). Be aware, the event is about to end in the next two days! Submission deadline ends on March 31th at 12:00AM GMT -3 - Submission period has ended - Results will be posted soon...
  12. CTD

    Is your game on full screen mode? If that is the case, there may be a possibility a program is getting the focus (i.e. when a window pops-up on the screen), causing the game to crash (PSO:BB originally wasn't meant to allow focus switching on native full screen mode). I recommend you using Virtual Full Screen instead. Open Ultima Launcher, click on Options, click on Display tab, and on Window Mode, select Windowed or Virtual Full Screen. Try adding PSO:BB on DEP exception list: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/875352/a-detailed-description-of-the-data-execution-prevention-dep-feature-in If you recently replaced a skin/music(OGG) or something else in data folder of PSO:BB, double check if it is working properly. There may be a possibility your graphics card doesn't support some specific graphical effects. Open Ultima Launcher, click on Options, click on Graphics tab, and uncheck Advanced Effect box. If it doesn't work, try unchecking Low Resolution Texture box as well. Just some guesses. I hope that helps you.
  13. Quiero un pan de queso.


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      That looks so yummy

  14. Don't forget the Valentine's Day Vanilla TA Mini Event submission deadline is on 31th March!

  15. Today, I am happy for @mudkipzjm and @Starlord.

    Now there is only @Saber +7 left to join their fellow friends :blush:

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      I'm so happy for both too. Congrats @mudkipzjm and @Starlord. Invite me for your marriage, if you decide to do it. But i'll only go if there is tons of lobster to eat.

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