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  1. Show your screenshots

    It's been four years and half since I started playing on Ultima, and this is the first legit STA I've found since then by legit I mean that wasn't given by someone/got by trade before someone starts yelling
  2. Let's talk about the new Fausts

    I don't think a single target arrest gun, which is slower and weaker than others that are much easier to find, is worth the same hunting effort of a PGF (same boss and drop rate). If Fausts were multi target (being broken like the others said), it would at least explain the crazy drop rates for Arrest Booster. Unless you make Frozen Faust multi-target monsters or have at least the same special activation of a Frozen Shooter, then it is also useless with its current design. RA already have Frozen Shooter/Snow Queen/Rage de Glacier/Banana Cannon, HU/FO can use Barta, casts can use Ice Traps, etc. The drop rate is fine considering it is a poor weapon. Now this is curious, how was Banana Cannon possible, and Frozen/Arrest Fausts original concepts wasn't? If you make a weapon that looks like a Faust model, but using the Cannon Rouge behaviour, it would work right? (of course you would have to nerf ATP/ATA) If those weapons are not going to bring innovation or maybe improvements to the gameplay, then I believe it was a mistake releasing them.
  3. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    I would really give a chance to Destiny if I didn't played for so many years here and got burnt from PSO. They surely have cool ideas. Also, you can't technically say 'stolen' weapons just because they look similar, they have a different approach to the item conceptions and hey, they have well respectable ideas, they managed to make a lot of improvements to the PSO code and it is even more impressive knowing it is a fresh new server. They were even able to code weapon types that were 'technically' impossible, like multi targetting Double Sabers, Ultimate Double Cannon wavy special and so many other cool stuff. We can say they "stolen" "our" ideas, but we can't belittle what Destiny managed to do for PSO. But yeah, I may probably end my PSO career on Ultima only lol And back to the topic discussion, I really hope you guys from high staff adds improvements to the Ultima Bringers (piercing features) and the Fausts (multi-targetting).
  4. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    The Ten Years Blade really does justice to its name, it is as strong as a TJS, can swing 5 times in a combo and can have virtually any special possible (except s-rank exclusive ones of course). Perhaps this is the best single target melee weapon I have ever seen. I always wanted to get a Musashi and sphere it because since it does have Berserk special, now Ten Year Blades is the perfect opportunity for adding Berserk special to a strong dual sword, it is really just as strong as it sounds. It wasn't a deception like the other anniversary items, although I now believe something will be done about the situation of the remaining items. I mean, hell, its an interesting upgrade more than desired to the Sword of Ultima, with an item I believe many people already have in their pockets.
  5. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Added some more info.
  6. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    TEN YEARS BLADE Item Combination: Sword Of Ultima+50 + Psycho Black Crystal 650 ATP (Final ATP after grind: 1050) 90 DFP 74 ATP No Special (means you can add any apparently) Facts: Can be grinded up to +200, making it as stronger (same ATP) as a TJS 50 ATP less than a Dark Flow Dual Swords are single target weapons, they are not a TJS replacement Can be equipped by HUmar, HUnewearl, HUcast, HUcaseal, FOmar, FOmarl and FOnewm Can't be equipped by: RAmar, RAmarl, RAcast, RAcaseal and FOnewearl (not enough ATP) ATP req: 900
  7. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Oh, it wasn't reported to the topic though. Thank you for the clarification.
  8. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Anyways people should keep posting their discoveries about common drops. That way you can still trace which monsters can't drop Ten Years Blade until we find the right one. Btw, I'm surprised no one still checked Saint Milion drops. Bet it drops something new. Hope it isn't a joke weapon as the other new items
  9. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    My criticism is directed to the people involved in the creation of the custom weapons, I know not everyone from staff can give the propper answers, but they sure know who they are. Lemon's response was very arrogant and pointless to the initial discussion, not sure why he felt offended as I wasn't directly asking him. Anyways thanks for the suggestion about tagging @Larva.
  10. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    So if I don't use my own money to donate to the server, I can't criticize? Hah, good joke. You say like this server doesn't have pay-to-win options since it was built And I really doubt all of the donations are only used to cover server hosting taxes. With all the donations I have seen in the past years, this server could operate until the human civilization ends. You are being disrespectful to the people that can afford the existence of Ultima. Yeah I had a bad experience, and I'm sure others also agree those new items are very disappointing considering they are part of the so special 10th Ultima Anniversary.
  11. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    So, the drop table has been released today and there are some stuff that doesn't seem right at all. First, seeing that Frozen Booster drop rate is 1/512 from a common monster (Merikle), it doesn't make any sense having Arrest Booster dropping at 1/256 from Olga Flow. 1/256 is almost the same rate as PGF, an item that makes the most desired game-end weapons. I don't think it is fair a weapon such as the Arrest Faust needing the same effort to hunt as a PGF. I'm assuming Arrest Faust is very similar to Frozen Faust, that is, they aren't that good. They can't multi target. It is the same problem Kajex pointed out years ago, the devs couldn't make Iron Faust with custom specials being able to multi target monsters. Ultima Bringer is even worse, it is way inferior to Hand of Justice (https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/wiki/item&id=006A01). The only difference is being able to pierce megid, barely better range compared to handgun and useable by HUmar (which BR isn't). Now the cons, not useable by every class (like rangers), less ATA, less ATP than HoJ, unfair drop rate and very expensive (you can't add hit with P.Crystals like you do with Bringers Rifle). What's the point of that weapon, just looking cooler than Bringer's Rifle? And no Ten Years Blade drop! It isn't even present in the Drop Table, looks like someone lied to us (unless it was removed from the drop table?) Edit: About Ten Years Blade, it is all explained here: There is only one explanation for that, this Event was rushed. There was no beta testing for assuring quality to the new weapons. This is interesting because there is another new server (cough cough) that was able to make weapons such as Arrest/Frozen Faust and they are actually good and can multi target. As suggested in later posts, perhaps @Larva could explain what's happening. There's nothing new interesting to hunt besides the old fashioned items. My point is, if you can't make good items/weapons in time for the event, why adding them to the event?! Why let people waste time hunting utter garbage weapons?
  12. B>Arrest Booster and Ultima Bringer

    I'm offering really good stuff for it. PM me ;)

  13. B>Arrest Booster, Ultima Bringer

    I can offer: D-Photon Core, Proof of Sonic Team, Stellar Shard, Chromatic Orb, Harmonic Ressonance Core, Soul Booster, Psycho Black Crystal, DT's or PD's.

    Trading only for the items I'm buying. Will add DT's/PD's if needed.

    Willing to overpay ~

  14. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    It's been more than two weeks, and no one found the Ten Years Blade yet! Would someone be kind enough to give a hint on where to look for !?
  15. B>Arrest Booster, Ultima Bringer, Naka's Card

    S>D-Photon Core, Proof of Sonic Team, Stellar Shard, Chromatic Orb, Harmonic Ressonance Core, Soul Booster, Psycho Black Crystal

    I'll trade the following items only for the items I'm buying. Can add DT's/PD's if needed.

    Willing to overpay ~

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