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  1. Oh my.... the improvement over the last one 40:40 is really really impressive 😮 Can't wait to see the 47'00 run. Great job guys, congratulations 👏 Makes me wish I had motivation to play here.
  2. When will you hack more DTs to my account?


    1. Lipelis


      Be honest, I'm not doing this anymore

    2. Noob Saibot
  3. 🌩️🐍⛈️☠️Here's my latest accomplishment, this one is really hard to achieve and the most meaningful for me ☠️⛈️🐍🌩️ [Ultima]: Noob Saibot Has Found a Warning Point! I consider this like a seal of quality of my forum contents 🥰😍😘
  4. I am here to cuase problem  again 
    rage no good. roported inapropriprate language 
    call safety with bf Optimus Restrictiums, feel mad with stitch anchors on profile 
    feel well behaving captin, had bugs cant write profile status
    beer with the family 🍻 , feel good

    It wasss a jooookkkkeee...

    1. jezbuz


      Yan had bugs. Can't post my love letters on his profile. This isn't a joke.

  5. ahoy


    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. R-78


      Sorry but I honestly can't honestly ban you, Mr Honest. This is honestly far beyond honest comprehension tbh.

    3. Lipelis
    4. jezbuz


      #FreeYan2019 i want him to show me the middle finger without moderation (it waaaas a jooookeeeee)

  6. Exactly what I thought when he said "It wasss a jooookkkkeee..."
  7. Good job, so whoever didn't get a STA so far gets a big middlefinger from now on 🖕 Congratulations 👏 I feel sorry for people who have to deal with your bad decisions, looks like you can't see for yourself how the consequences of your words can be catastrophic for the server's image. Even if you decide not to apply this change (because we know you are not reliable regarding concrete server changes, like previously seen on Serene Swan episode), clearly shows how you have zero empathy towards your playerbase. How in the world do you think you are making people happier by letting them know they will have to spend more time finding a item they only have the opportunity to get only once every year? I'm sure you have sample numbers of STA's dropped from previous years and their rates somewhere on your computer. How hard is for you to take your time and design a decent drop rate that is coherent to the number of STA's you guessed to drop the whole event? I mean, you could do that if you didn't just take the rate numbers out of your imagination and used some math instead. Also what do we have to say about the items you released since previous Anniversary and are still broken, non functional? The most important server's event and yet the most decadent event in terms of polishment and care from server's owner.
  8. Just found this Sanic Magazine on my shelf, not sure if it counts. Test.
  9. I would recommend Maximum Attack 4th, either A, B or C, there are many Lizards right at the start of the quest, after you kill Sand Rappies and Bootas. For Goran, try first room of Lost Son Hopkins.
  10. Centurion/Battle is already the most powerful unit, 110% speed, and no, nothing else stacks with it. The only stack I'm aware of is using Tellusis mag+Excalibur and V101 (a 45% speed unit). That combo slightly increases the Excalibur attack speed by 10%, but it is nothing as broken as the Centurion/Battle speed. I don't think that combo works using C/Battle. Anyways such simple questions should really be discussed/posted on this thread:
  11. I want a Garscole too  cry *sniffles* *sobbing* :(

  12. Your selfie is great too, didn't know that you were so pretty. Would you marry me? 🌈

  13. nice selfie

    1. jezbuz


      Thanks sweetie. Felt cute might speed later dunno

    2. RocketTots
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