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  1. Round 1


  2. Only silly people would believe DWs will be combo locked on this server... By the way, Ultima Reaper can actually hit 15 targets I was taking a look on previous pages, and I don't see anyone saying to nerf weapon X or Y except only one person that suggested to combo lock dark weapons. Because it is cool to have new weapons doesn't really mean we NEED them, but yeah, doesn't hurt implementing new weapons to the server, variety is always welcome. Really that the 'poor' human ranger doesn't have low/mid tier weapon options?? Spread/Arrest Needle (sometimes it is much more effective to arrest an enemy to lower their EVP than blindy spam DM you know...), Charge Arms/Baranz Launcher (I should mention Meseta is free on this server, so free power), Crush Cannon (very cheap to make and multiclass), Rianov 303 SNR-5 (can pierce), Hell Laser/Asteron Striker/Le Cogneur with Hell Spec, Frozen Shooter/Snow Queen (both are OP, SQ is overpowered on RAmar), S-Rank Needle for low budget people or TypeSH/Shot for those who can afford (Hell Spec, very effective on RAmar because highest ATA of any class, Demon Spec on RAmar is just atrocious), Psycho Ravens (incredibly strong), Bringer's Rifle (rifle range demon spec), Yasminkov 9000M (which you can make on hit event, can even add 10 PDs to get free 10% Hit, and that is not too bad for a RAmar, or you can get a good one as RoCT prize anyways), both Charge and Demons special are very powerful, Heaven Striker is very powerful and useful to finalize enemies, hit distant enemies etc.). If you can't afford a RR for RAmar (which is already cheap), you can get instead a Ranger Wall if you are low level, then Virus Shield: Vol-Opt for later levels. Can't afford STA? Then trade your TJS for it Then use Wedding Dress, and maybe Anti-Dark Ring, etc. Saying Cannon Rouge should be the equivalent of Iron Faust for cast rangers is bullshit. Everyone probably have a dozen of hitless Cannon Rouges sitting on their banks. RAmar will only miss using CR if the player don't care to use propper materials following a max stats plan, build poor mags for their characters, and now blame the 'elitists' (i.e. veterans) because they don't think another aoe ranger weapon is needed? lol~ LOL, Photon Crystals are only 'rare' just because you don't want to hunt them. Episode 4 - > Ultima -> MA4DMD. There is an Dorphon Eclair for you everytime you start quest, regardless of green names active or not. With an entire HH, you can get enough (or even more) to make your Baranz Launcher 50 Hit. 50 Hit isn't enough for you? Wait for Kajex's Event, save some PCs and make your Baranz 75% Hit If you are too lazy to get a bunch of PCs to make a 50H Baranz Launcher, I can give some to you By the way, with 20 PD as you told, you could probably get the equivalent ammount of 100x Photon Crystals. You can make a good Baranz launcher and even a Bringer's Rifle for your poor RAmar As long as the ATP is nerfed for making a combo unlocked version of CR , then maybe... Or are you saying it is just fine to have a weapon with incredible aoe (much bigger than IF), hits 10 targets (compared to IF's 5) and with 100-150 more ATP than IF? I suggest you taking a look on Wiki to see this is all true. Oh, and you don't have any idea how complicated it is to make a quest to exchange items, not even saying you would lose all weapon properties when grabbing back your weapon lol~ making a combiner is much easier dude.
  3. Oh don't get me wrong lol, it wasn't meant to sound like 'new weapons are bad for server, so stop making them' xD. I was just being ironic that some of those new weapons can be even more useful than dark weapon (some people think DWs are 'broken' so I was trying to explain there are other 'broken' weapons on server). Go for it, new weapons for the happynes of everybody And I also like the @Mr Noob idea of taking a look on those old weapons/items (Double Cannon, Daylight Scar, Nei's claw (real), Heart of Poumn, etc.), they deserve to have an upgrade that could compete against legacy Ultima weapons Ohh and Burning Visit also needs an upgrade, such underrated weapon lol. Oh, and maybe, would you please consider taking a look at this idea @Larva?
  4. Official Max Stats Guide

    Since Alis's Resolve is now a thing, I am debating about adding a new max stat plan for RAmarl, which is oriented for support. I would like opinions about the pros and cons of this plan, if people like it and think it is a good plan, I'll add it to the main post. Here it is: Alis' (Support Oriented) Plan Mag (PPP): 0/171/29/0 Units: ADEPT, Centurion/Mind Shield: Alis' Resolve, Red Ring/Costumes Materials: - 75 Power - 125 Mind - 10 Evasion - 40 Luck Maxes ATP,ATA,MST,LCK if using Alis' Resolve (for full support) Maxes ATP,ATA,LCK if using Red Ring (for ATP, ATA stats over max = optimal melee combo), can replace Cent/Mind and V801 with other useful units. There is enough MST to equip Clio even when using Red Ring. Use Frank the Bunny Costume and Clio together to boost Zalure. For melee, use Red Ring, for support and full MST, you only have to switch RR to Alis' Resolve. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/&c=11&l=200&m10=75&m11=125&m12=0&m13=10&m14=40&m15=125&m16=125&m20=0&m21=171&m22=29&m23=0&i0=-1&i1=173&i2=78&i3=-1&i4=100&i5=75 I'm not sure if other classes would benefit from Alis's Resolve, perhaps HUnewearl? Let me know what you all think about this specific plan.
  5. Please make 'No More Questions' the default (first option) in both Black Paper Deal #1 and #2. I want to hit my head everytime I choose the wrong option
  6. Oh and complementing what @Starlord said, I don't think Ephinea is a bad server, it is just that Ephinea main goal is to offer the same experience of the original Sega game, with several quality of life improvements. Ultima have a completely different goal, where being overpowered is the fun part of playing here, but you need some effort to achieve that goal. It is somewhat ironic the complaints about the dark weapon when everything else on this server is already broken, and gets even more broken as new items are being implemented.
  7. Sure it would drive down the prices since the usefullness of dark weapons would drive down too, so what's the point? Thinking that enforcing people to use alternative weapons would make them play better is bullshit. There are people who always want to improve their game knowledge and skills more and more, and there are some who just want to 'DM spam' the whole room and nothing really could be done about them. That's why I don't see the point of ruining the most desidered endgame gear lol.
  8. Ultima's Time Attack Records

    THE reference lol Cal's Clock Challenge (Episode II) - MULTIMODE TEAM - PB Players: Asphyxia - RAmarl (a.k.a @Starlord), Gunmaster - RAcast (a.k.a. @rashan0121), Mephiles - RAcast (a.k.a. @Noob Saibot) and Shoutgu- RAcast (a.k.a. @Shoutgu) Remaining Time: 02"23 Realms of War (Episode IV) - MULTIMODE TEAM - PB Players: Mephiles - RAcast (a.k.a. @Noob Saibot), Psych- FOnewm (a.k.a. @rashan0121), RRR - HUcaseal (a.k.a. @TripleR) and Wheatley - RAcast (a.k.a. @mudkipzjm) Remaining Time: 00"39 Video Max Attack S (Episode II) - MULTIMODE TEAM - No PB Players: Agency -RAmarl (a.k.a. @rashan0121), Mephiles - RAcast (a.k.a. @Noob Saibot), SheaLeBuf - RAmar (a.k.a. @mudkipzjm), Shoutgu- RAcast (a.k.a. @Shoutgu) Remaining Time: 25"17 (1517 seconds left) Video Power Plant Plight (Episode II) - MULTIMODE TEAM - No PB Players: Masaki -RAcast (a.k.a. @Sylph777), Shogun - RAcast (a.k.a. @Noob Saibot), Agency - RAmarl (a.k.a. @rashan0121), Mayaka - FOnewearl (a.k.a. @Henry Fernandes) Finish Time: 7"47
  9. Show your screenshots

    Warning: Sad story He just wanted to marry the Boomalette ;____;
  10. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    Cal's Clock Challenge - MULTIMODE TEAM - PB Players: Asphyxia (RAmarl), Gunmaster (RAcast), Mephiles (RAcast) and Shoutgu- (RAcast) Remaining Time: 02"23
  11. Show your screenshots

    Latest RoCT reward