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  1. Run directly into Mericarols' line of fire because you're consistently a moron. I'm probably disliked by a lot of people when I join tower quests.
  2. I think one of the two little plant dudes in ep2 Greenill ultimate drops godric/ability? Also ultimate ep 2 Del Lillies for Redria drop Bomb Chu Also also ultimate Redria Gibbles for Fire Rod
  3. Third TTF Ultima in a row I saw someone bail and I can't tell if y'all are DC'ing or rage quittin'.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Dracozombie


      I also notice folks get prissy if you don't know the Vol Opt trick. Like, wow, sorry some players don't know PSO's glitches down to the binary.

    3. SelahIsASpot


      Hello i love u baeni and i miss u aaaaaaa

    4. Dracozombie
  4. So do people still buy mats, or... ?

    Also hi.

    1. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      Who does that ...

    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      O snap its a Rani :o

    3. Dracozombie


      Yes it's a Rani, and apparently Rabi buys mats. Well, Rani was hoping to sell mats because she's poor.

  5. Guess I know what I'm doing for Valentine's. <.>

  6. Will probably take a brief hiatus from PSO to recharge my interest juices. Going back to playing Ragnarok Online, and to make me feel less like a traitor, I was sure to name my new archer character Rani.

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    2. SelahIsASpot
    3. Trigunman


      Ahhh geeezzz, still have a pretty high level Ninja there, haven't played in over a year though, haha! Ever since my PC upgrade, I left it in the dust... RO Michael is a isometric-view type anime styled MMORPG that has been around a LONG time for MMORPGS, I remember first trying the beta I think back in the mid to late 90s if that tells you anything. XD

    4. Dracozombie


      I swear, RO is like an old, chewed-up, sticky candy I can never seem to get rid of for good. I've been with RO for many years across many different private servers, both low-rate and high-rate. I sucked at the end of the day cuz I thought it was too complicated/boring to really look at skills and equipment to use in different situations. I guess PSO taught me some lessons in gitting gud. <.>

  7. If I'd known you'd be leaving so soon, I'd have been more active. ;_; I will do my best to uphold your spotiness. what if nvm etc etc. It was great playing with you and I appreciate the help you gave me. Good luck with your non-PSO endeavors.
  8. Okay I'm not ded anymore. <.>

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    2. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      :"L make me some sandwiches for old times :""L with lots of bacon pls

    3. Master Debaytes
    4. theroyalrabite


      You is not garbage!


  9. Haha, oh dear we got a flash floor warning. Drowning is counterproductive to playing PSO.

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    2. Cyane


      grab a boat and laptop and play!

    3. theroyalrabite


      Be safe Draco-Chan, nya! Kitty does not wish to lose ya!


    4. HandlebarsFakis


      flash floors are common when you take lsd.

  10. I've noticed I'm starting to say "git gud" in real life now, and I blame Spot entirely for this.

  11. I'm not a fan of the lobby music, either, but if you think the track of a single area somehow insults the game as a whole, then by all means, leave.
  12. The class that's the most fun to play, is the class that you have the most fun with. But seriously, everyone will have their own idea about what's the most fun. For example, a lot of people like playing as casts because of their traps and overall damage output; I personally think they're limited and a little boring in what they can do. My two mains are a Ramarl and Huney. Even though they don't necessarily excel in anything (Huney moreso, which is why she doesn't get much respect on this server), I like how flexible they are in different situations. They hit hard enough, and they can buff, debuff, and heal if a force isn't available. They can be a front-liner and a support depending on what's needed, and even if they can't do either of those things as well as a cast or a force, well, I still like being able to do it at all.
  13. Step 1: Make a room called CCA Unlock. Step 2: Wait for players who want exp to come in and help. (This can take anywhere from an hour to ten seconds.) Step 3: Kill stuff. Step 4: PROFIT Since CCA isn't a "quest," it does depend on what difficulty you're playing on. So, unlocking it on Very Hard won't unlock it for Ultimate. There's not much to CCA -- you pretty much run through all the maps (Jungle, Mountain, Seaside), flipping the switches at the end of each area to unlock the CCA area itself (though depending on the map, the Mountain switch trolls you by being hidden somewhere away from the teleporter). If you're with other players, make sure you're the one who flips all three switches. If someone else hits it, CCA will still unlock but only for that room; the hit switch will register for that other player, not you. Luckily, next time you make a room you'd only have to hit the switch that you missed to unlock CCA for yourself. Then Gal Gryphon away! Oh. Yeah. Gryphon's a bit of a roadblock. He's buffed on this server, so unless you're high-leveled and have good gear, you'd really want some buddies. Kinda sad, since everything up to that point can be solo'd if you're patient. But the short path to Gryphon is the whole reason everyone wants CCA unlocked, and why they'd help you: a lot of players can't solo Gryphon, either, so all they need for a truckload of exp at 5x event rates is to lend a hand.
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