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    Rule playing with hunter #1 never use resta for any reason,,,#2 never spam resta cuz you think is your job(MF is not) #3 only use resta when you in a part with out hunters, #4 stop with the resta

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  1. is only me,,i be getting no.100 not network connection, i resseted my router and modem still doing this,, only when im standing still ,,i work on it after i eat pho sound good right now

  2. first sov and no hit more pls

  3. if you playing hod dont skip on them green box,,might be lucky and found lvl 30 tech like i did,,,

  4. T>yas7000 hell 80hit for type/shot hell 80hit



  5. cyane hi miss you so much
  6. S>elenor lvl 200 with twin stats are 5/126/69/0 10pds

    Edited by leezy
    sold one
    1. Eugene


      i will buy chao plz

    2. leezy


      chao sold

  7. Pick up this game in 1999
  8. hello welcome to ultimate if you have any question just make a topic hope you injoy your stay
  9. Take your time and I hope everything goes will with you man...
  10. T>hylain shield for psycho wand+hell raygun with 50+hit+125hp mats+100 power mats

  11. its fuck up my buzz ,,so i cheak and you yall right sorry kid this is why you say no to drug
  12. when i was waiting for player to join my room in the quest counter,,,i look out side the window,,its look like we in sky not in space over earth any more. gm what are we landing soon?
  13. T>hylian for blank pr

  14. b>100 power mats