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  1. weekend is here give use x5 pls


  2. s>7bornz badge give me a offer

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SelahIsASpot
    3. Terrybriggs711


      5dts and 20pds

    4. leezy


      im on now if you still need it


  3. ready for my 2nd redeem
  4. hey i need one more run to get enough for another mag
  5. ready to redeem
  6. T> demon yass 9000m with 70mech and 60 hit for a charge yass 9000m with hit 60+

    1. leezy


       and i throw in a ultima reaper with 60hit for a nice stats charge yass9000m

    2. SelahIsASpot


       leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzyyyy if i had a spare i'd give it to you. how have you been though?

    3. leezy


      im doing good long time no see,,,how you ben ? and you still in school?

  7. b>mind mats have pd


  8. is only me,,i be getting no.100 not network connection, i resseted my router and modem still doing this,, only when im standing still ,,i work on it after i eat pho sound good right now

  9. first sov and no hit more pls

  10. if you playing hod dont skip on them green box,,might be lucky and found lvl 30 tech like i did,,,

  11. T>yas7000 hell 80hit for type/shot hell 80hit



  12. cyane hi miss you so much
  13. S>elenor lvl 200 with twin stats are 5/126/69/0 10pds

    Edited by leezy
    sold one
    1. Eugene


      i will buy chao plz

    2. leezy


      chao sold

  14. Pick up this game in 1999