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  1. I'm going on a pso2 break,,,be back for sta and pgf event,,tell then happy hunting hunters .

    Of you on pso2 ship 2 look me up my highest lol now 40 hunter/fighter





    Male cast with female head 

    1. MadOrNah


      Names there? 

  2. free items ,,,everythings must go,,,make room i be there in a few min

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SelahIsASpot


      lol leezy u trollin too hard.


    3. MadOrNah


      I heard he gave out maxed TJSabers

    4. radezz


      thanks for the items leez! :3 too bad no one else believed you, sorry to hear you're quitting though :(

      Edited by radezz
  3. still x5 im try to lvl up more character if you need to lvl you can tag alone,,,pls no lvl 200,,,,im lving my fomarl so its wont be fast like ranger........

    1. MadOrNah


      I will tri log and join with all lvl 200chars.

    2. leezy


      you are welcome to join with all lvl200 its boring solo cca but the exp is rape

  4. Serverus Mini Event

    i got everything ready need you to log on a lag out,,jk let me know when you on pls
  5. im be CCA all day join my room if yall want free exp and try not to die alot,,speed is the key

    1. MadOrNah


      I'll join.

    2. Virec


      are you still going buddy ill come along :) 

    3. leezy


      im bout to open again 



  6. Trying to kill gal with low lvl its suck. Can't do damage if their keep on dying


    1. CFlo


      Well you know what they say

    2. Virec


      I couldnt agree more :)


  7. weekend is here give use x5 pls


  8. s>7bornz badge give me a offer

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    2. SelahIsASpot
    3. Terrybriggs711


      5dts and 20pds

    4. leezy


      im on now if you still need it


  9. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    ready for my 2nd redeem
  10. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    hey i need one more run to get enough for another mag
  11. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    ready to redeem
  12. T> demon yass 9000m with 70mech and 60 hit for a charge yass 9000m with hit 60+

    1. leezy


       and i throw in a ultima reaper with 60hit for a nice stats charge yass9000m

    2. SelahIsASpot


       leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzyyyy if i had a spare i'd give it to you. how have you been though?

    3. leezy


      im doing good long time no see,,,how you ben ? and you still in school?

  13. b>mind mats have pd


  14. is only me,,i be getting no.100 not network connection, i resseted my router and modem still doing this,, only when im standing still ,,i work on it after i eat pho sound good right now

  15. first sov and no hit more pls