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  1. Come back to us <3

  2. ^~O_O~^ Whats everyone up too.

    1. King Ra

      King Ra

      no way, the legend is back O.o

    2. Cyane


      ooohh they are gathering around the table :D

    3. OMEGA9988


      lol hey Cervantes :D and whats up King Ra lol hey Cyane

  3. Hows everyone doing :P

    1. King Ra

      King Ra

      Hey omega! its going great!

  4. Happy dadgum birthday ya whippersnapper.

  5. O.O

    1. Cyane


      Eyes pop. Mind blows!

    2. King Ra

      King Ra


  6. Excal Overrated

    I agree with King Ra.
  7. Happy Birthday! ":D

    1. fatboy


      thank you omega. glad to have a great player like you on ultima

  8. Happy Birthday :D

  9. Happy Birthday

  10. Introduce Yourself

    Welcome guys!
  11. lol, Had to give it a Try it was pretty fun i think im going to enjoy this.
  12. Hows EVERYONE doing :D

    1. King Ra

      King Ra

      OMEGA!!!! Long time no see

    2. OMEGA9988


      Yeah it has been king XD

    3. King Ra

      King Ra

      You should play some more =P

  13. Ultima Ventrilo Voice Server

    Nice idea ive always just used Skype for talking to people that play this game but when i play World of warcraft and stuff i use vent and raidcall.
  14. A curious gamer wondering into the world of PSO

    Welcome wolfey
  15. Game not starting.

    i had a problem similar to this try these steps they may help. i would try Re-installing it if these steps don't work below first i would try doing what chuk said with the resolution set it to like 1280 x 720 and make sure the window mode is checked on and make sure it is on widescreen or you can try normal aswell. then save and then try to start it. if that does not work it may be your Registry file i can send you a file that can fix that all you have to do is Run it.