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  1. 1. Would you rather Ultimas monsters be buffed the way they are or all return to their vanilla stats? Not sure but i think this question comes a litle to late. Ppl alrdy payed alot to get their gear buffed specially on hit %
  2. We want howi back! D: :onion-head25:

  3. yes i also lost my dm storm and star needle set bcuz of this pls give me back
  4. B> cure502/confuse for easter event :P

    1. mudkipzjm


      cure502/confuse o.o

  5. doesnt Gratia boost only yasminkov weps ata?
  6. S> WeddingDress 5dts pm me pls

    1. Biza


      xd can i buy ? 

    2. Howitzer


      sure XD same pass ^^

    3. Biza
  7. Im in! Racast lvl 200 and if needed fomarl 200 but i suck with force XD
  8. S> yas9k 35hit 5dts and WD 10dts pm me pls

    1. Biza


      want that yas

  9. T> 99PDs for 15dts pm me pls

  10. Favourite wep: Huge Battle fan! And i love to Hell special things on ep2 with sh/shot and Le cogneur
  11. changed his statusupdate to single
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