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  1. B> 19 Luck mats pm me pls

    Edited by Howitzer
  2. Finally my -10hit Devil's Saber comes to play : P
  3. B> Racast Telusis Mag


    Edited by rayblasterx
    1. Howitzer


      No Wienerschnitzel for Centurion/AFK user

    2. rayblasterx
  5. 1/500 on one ID and 1/700 on another one .. 1/700 from a fugn boss that doesnt even show up 100% of the time XD
  6. Sign me in pls
  7. B> Scapedolls, RR and Halo Souls pm me pls

  8. S> 99PDs for 15 Dts pm me pls

  9. yes pls XD
  10. S> 99PDs for 15 dts

  11. B> Girasol and RR pm me pls

  12. B> Girasol pm me pls

  13. Some1 should try the thing on a full grinded Cannon rouge/Banana Cannon or sell me a cannon rouge pls xD I can do it with my ramarl or racast. Maybe there is an ATA requirement and we need ramar for it