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  1. Are there any specific items you want to move between characters? If so, I can help you out if you find me around. IGN: Storm If this is an item from a character who happened upon the bank bug or the ??? bug, then avoid moving it until you get that character looked at.
  2. If this is a pretty new character, I suggest you make a new character and play with that. Little point in putting lots of effort to getting a roll back when you can get to level 20 really really quick If this is a higher level char, just play on another character and wait until Protoss (GM) comes in to help you out. My in game name is Storm, if you ever see me around, say hello, I'll hook you up with some money and loot. :3 ~The Forum Kitten, Melody nyan nyan :3
  3. nyan nyan nyan nyan~ :3

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    2. Melody


      Armando, I sent you a pm, read it already :P

      and i'm sure i could get the cutie to sing for me anyways xD

    3. Melody


      sounds like a war is brewing


    4. Melody


      @Armando you bet I did >:D

  4. Lil Kitten just woke up from her nap, yawnnn. How is everyone of the Forums? ~nyan~

  5. Much much much more accurate video~ Thank you Soly! :3 Nyan~
  6. You probably shouldn't double post I would've suggested you to edit the post that said the video was coming soon ^^ That still looks pretty close to 3k hp on the belra though :x
  7. Hm, I spose you're right :/ Either way, we're going to have to be patient and wait for Larva and Lee to fix this. Yeah, I was about to say something about that
  8. Lee couldn't edit it specifically until Larva's online to make permanent changes to the rollback system. As far as I know, Lee could only reset to default Sega stats until he can fix Larva's broken file.
  9. Honestly, I believe this is better for now. I'd rather temporary underpower on Belras than temportary overpower on belras (like, 16000hp overpower belras lol...) Either way, this is only temporary until Lee gets everything solved with Larva. Unfortunately Larva's been kinda AWOL for the last while. >.<
  10. Thanks for making the reference link. ^^ I forgot to credit the artist for the image -feels bad- D8
  11. I'm just a forum going kitty :3 mewmew

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    2. zaykho


      No, it's the better thing in universe you can be, the supreme cute thing of all. :P

    3. Melody



      haha I'll take that as a compliment~

    4. zaykho


      It is.

      cute + cute = Megacute.

  12. Yeah, I didn't think it boosted demons. Thanks for correcting. ^^
  13. Personally, I think the only true solution to this issue is to just give the great big belras a warm, lovable, hug!
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