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  1. Hello sorry I'm not playing the game recently... i will close my shop for a while. Sorry about that.
  2. If there anything that I can do for help as testing or whatever, let me know. Any addon using @Soly Lib will be great.
  3. 7 bronze badges ready for redeem
  4. Dioniso


    Please reserve it for me: Psycho Wand : 25 pds Thank you!
  5. S>200 pds for 25 dts. PM me. Thanks!

  6. You can lock the topic, there is a button for it
  7. Since I can't send you msgs (your inbox is full, please clean it) 

    There is somebody selling one charge yas if you still need one


  8. ZALURE J-CUTTER+150 15dts/110pds I want this, reserve for me.
  9. B>Psycho Wand, Glide Divine. PM with offers. Thanks! ;)

  10. B>Hylian Shield, Master Sword (any stats). PM me with offers. Thanks.;)

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