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  1. Since I can't send you msgs (your inbox is full, please clean it) 

    There is somebody selling one charge yas if you still need one


  2. B>Psycho Wand, Glide Divine. PM with offers. Thanks! ;)

  3. B>Hylian Shield, Master Sword (any stats). PM me with offers. Thanks.;)

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  4. B>Hylian Shield, Master Sword (any stats). PM me with offers. Thanks. ;)

  5. @Wemerson Santos tu tentou ver se teu antivirus tá ativado e teu firewall não estão bloqueando o jogo? tenta adicionar o psobb as exclusões ou desativar eles que vai funcionar.
  6. B>Chromatic Orb. PM me. Thank you!

  7. Welcome! You can count with me if you need something! Enjoy!
  8. It's dropping YASMINKOV 9000M, I guess luck materials can drop randomly as photon drops do from any monster at ultimate.
  9. I would love to see a new good rifle. Rangers of course have Rianov 5, Yasminkov 7000V but I miss some stronger rifle. It don't need to have some really appeling special as charge, spirit or bersek, just a solid rifle with a good ATP, the special could be a minor thing. We had the boost of Angel Harp which is amazing but it's female only. It don't need to be as good as Lindcray is for forces, just something between Lindcray and Rianov 5 ATPwise. It could be a fair alternative. I sugest new version of Anti droid rifle in this case. Well it was just a suggestion.
  10. clean your inbox ^_^

    1. TigerK


      space now


  11. B>Liberta Kit x10, samba maracas with hit (paying with dts), s-rank weapons (with special or not), Epsiguard, RR min stats. PM me with offers. Thank you! :st0: :st1: :st2:

  12. Welcome! Let us know if you need something! Feel free to pm me. Enjoy!
  13. Thanks to @kajex, @Fyrewolf5, @Soly and all people involved to make this event happen. I know it's hard to make changes and bring new things. But I'm really enjoying the new itens and really looking forward for next events that will come. Once again thank you! Great work! Greetings and salute!
  14. S>PD's for DT's. 99 pds for 15 dts, 200 pds for 28 dts, 300 pds for 40 dts. PM me. Thanks. :D

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  15. lol XD