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    [MASSBLADE]: (Main-HUcast, Lvl: 200, ID: Yellowboze) -I> [MASSFLOW]: (HUmar, Lvl: 200, ID: Whitill) -I> [MASSRAVEN]: (RAmar, Lvl: 200, ID: Redria) -I> [MASSYLPH: (HUcaseal, Lvl: 167, ID: Greenil) -I> DECEASED CHARACTERS!: [MASSANGEL]: (HUnewearl, Lvl: 200, ID: Bluefull) -I> [MASSRICO]: (FOnewm, Lvl: 200, ID: Oran) -I> [MASSDELTA]: (HUcaseal, Lvl: 200, ID: Redria) -I> [MASSOLGA]: (HUcast, Lvl: 200, Yellowboze) -I> [MASSLINK]: (FOnewm, Lvl: 200, ID: Skyly) -I> [#MASSIVE]: (RAcast, Lvl: 200, ID: Skyly)
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    United Kingdom, London
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    Well first things first my Name is: 'Devon'
    My friends and family are really important to me of course ;)
    However I really enjoy watching anime with good story lines but i'm not going to go into further detail on that ill let you think for yourself what anime's I could possibly be into. I'm an MMOPRG-PVP Lover which is ironic since the PVP sucks on this game haha but anyway,... I Also Enjoy Acting and Theater productions based on performing arts which I studied for a really long time back in high school and collage I also plan to study it at University as well. This is because it's my goal/passion in life since I wish to become and Actor or Movie Star in the future and i guarantee I will enjoy that no doubt, also i'm a very creative person in Art & Design =]. Furthermore as you can see I really enjoy Final Fantasy type games as well, since there's many images on my 'About Me' Page which pretty much gives it away for ya hehe ^^.
    And lastly heres the Type of Music most listened to: Hip-Hop / Rock / Dubstep (Feel free to leave me a PM or look me up on Skype if you wanna discuss about Music, I totally wouldn't mind =])

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  1. Are you the same MASSBLADE that is on gamecube on sylverant and sctserv? I am Smokey there. Please let me know.

  2. yeah it's friends like you guys too that make me take a look back at the forum also just to have a little fun too so i totally understand
  3. 'The LAST-MASS' Event!: Winner!: 'Izaya' (Part 1) Gratz!!! / 'No Winner' (Part 2)

    1. Izaya
    2. Shoutgu


      thanks for the event mass

  4. Answers: Character Details: (= 36-Points Total) Names: 1 - MASSBLADE / (HU)cast / Lvl: 200 / ID: Yellowboze 2 - MASSFLOW / (HU)mar / Lvl: 200 / ID: Whitill 3 - MASSANGEL / (HU)newearl / Lvl: 200 / ID: Bluefall 4 - MASSLINK / (FO)newm / Lvl: 200 / ID: Skyly 5 - MASSDELTA / (HU)caseal / Lvl: 200 / ID: Redria 6 - MASSRICO / (FO)newm / Lvl: 200 / ID: Oran 7 - MASSRAVEN / (RA)mar / Lvl: 200 / ID: Redria 8 - MASSYLPH / (HU)caseal / Lvl: 167 / ID: Greenil 9 - MASSOLGA / (HU)cast / Lvl: 200 / ID: Yellowboze 10 - #MASSIVE / (RA)cast / Lvl: 200 / ID: Skyly BONUS!!: (= 4-Points Total) MASSVEGAS / (RA)cast / Lvl: 101 / ID: Viridia ~WINNER~: 'Izaya' = 35-Points [99% Match!] (Guessing 10 Account Characters) PRIZE: MASS-Legendary Handguns(x2) & S-Red's Blade 'No Winner': 'ExOh' Closest Match = 3-Points [99% Match!](Guessing 'MASS-Imposter') PRIZE: NO Prize Won...(Needed 100% Match to Win )
  5. 'ExOh' Entry Confirmed! & (FINAL Entry, Event has Ended) Thank You all for your participation WINNERS! will be announced shortly...
  6. lol what happened to the Dante fan base i miss that sig O.o and thanks 'Elef' miss you bro
  7. 'Ragefilled' Entry Confirmed
  8. 'Izaya' Entry Confirmed!
  9. in your 1st post
  10. Nice your using your head I like that,... see Cyane has the right idea guys try to use the MASS-Ultima forum and take a look at the gallary there are some CLUES!
  11. haha miss you so much Rudy
  12. 'Shoutgu' Entry confirmed!
  13. nah just post it here with as much guesses as you can think of, and for the winner i will PM them myself