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  1. I do remember you, you were always playing alongside Choko iirc anyways, welcome back!
  2. Belra Cannon: ATP: 400-500 ATA: 45 Max Grinder: 20 Special Attack: Allows penetration Rianov 303SNR-5 ATP: 550 ATP: 70 Max Grind: 20 Special Attack: Hell (Supposedly) Belra Cannon could work as weaker Rianov 5, taking in consideration that you can add hit with Photon Crystal to mob weapons it can easily be made 50 hit and turn that 45 ATA to 95, a good alternative for people hoping to get a DM, although both Rianov's and Belra's Right Arm iirc are difficult to hunt, still could be turned into an alternative to Rianov 5.
  3. I have never compromised, i have never gave in, and so i have welcomed every challenge in my life.

  4. Instead of posting in the "new" topics, which apperantly people do a "new ver" every month, i'll post in the old one. ma4ce1, duo no pb hucast/ramarl My ttf, pb at falz 2nd form. And an old as hell ttf duo, no pb with die i'll prolly check my bmp folder later and see what else i have
  5. Kasami Bracer is Hunter only. Like Cyane said enemies in ep 2 have lower edk resistance compared to most monsters in ep 1 and some in ep 4, so having a v502 and hell equipment is recommended.
  6. Arrest raygun is a must, get an arrest slicer to for that sns glitch, good for CC, charge vulcan and charge raygun are good options too but mostly only if you have good atp, if not you are gonna be dealing low damage and wasting meseta, better get a dual bird and a last swan for your hucl if you are atp is low, unfortunately casts have a demon penalty on ultimate so it is gonna be kinda tough to get a decent demon weapon, so if you get daylight scar you can still handle the dorphon quite easily, daylight scar has an amazing dps, ignore vivienne after you get daylight scar, Vivienne is 680 atp (max grind, +50) and 49 ata, daylight scar 500-550 atp(+25) 48 ata, pretty much same stats but dls has zerk special attack which iirc is *2.86 damage, higher dps also easy to get with hit, restless lion is a good option for certain weapons, like arrest raygun and hell raygun, i got both mine 50 hit from there you can also get lucky and get a 50 hit charge vulcan as for units use v101, v502/v501 (both boost arrest x2, v501 boosts hell by 1.5 and v502 by 2 iirc) smartlink and an arms unit like centurion or heavenly arms that way you shouldn't have problems hitting enemies, no point in having max atp if you can't hit enemies, Get a Red sword or chain sawd, they have low base ata but you are a hucaseal you aren't gonna have much problem hitting enemies with those weapons even without hit, as hucaseal has the highest ata of all the hunter class (228) and also has traps, get your mag to lvl 200 asap too, i actually did an rt earlier today with you and i saw you still have a varaha, although i may be wrong and you already have it lvl 200.
  7. Ok, thanks for the quick reply.
  8. Actually it won't help, and apperantly it didn't helped because the bug was according to my logs when i made parties and such, at 8 04 am server time earlier today.
  9. Perdi mi c battle, estaba sacando los items del bank cuando me da dc porque decia que estaba full (cosa que ya sabia porque saque los items de siempre) sin embargo en ves de que sacara el c battle, resulta que sac una jizai que tenia pudriendose en el bank cuando reviso en el inventario, reviso banco y aun asi no lo encuentro Esta pic es de cuando todo estaba normal (creo que fue hace una semana?, no se, ultimamente juego de a ratos)
  10. Only people with typeme/mech with 60+hit would be able to finish the quest with the event belras still active, besides do you even know anyone who uses hu? lol
  11. Have you finished the quest by yourself with hu?
  12. Do not boost her ATA, she has access to Kroe's Sweater, and boosting it would make even tougher to max that ATA, but rather boost her growths 147 base lvl 200 ATA, and now a 220 max ATA, that would need a 106 DEX mag with just an Adept on her units, and would make HUnewearl less flexible to work with as you have only 150 mats, the 106 DEX mag would only have 89 POW, that would make her ATP go to 1013, and her max is 1337, even if you use the 150 power materials available for her, she would still not be able to max stats, and HUnewearl can also work with some MST, her max ATA is kinda ok, but her growths, max ATP, and that newmans can only eat 150, newmans should be 200 mats already seriously. She needs Clio yes, Nei's boost in GI is ok but the drop rate is even more ridiculous than Sealed J-Sword in Ultima (something that despite everything here in ultima, is 100 times tougher to get with hit than a damn DF) now a boosted Nei's Claw wouldn't help her at all, only people with money in ultima could access it, it would be p2w, Heart of Poumn could be made dagger type instead of Claw (i always found that dumb considering it looks more like a damn dagger instead of a claw) perhaps add something to the weapon except an OP special attack, the whole server is about zerk/charge/demon/hell, where are arrest and spirit seriously, Although 100 souls weapon is spirit, you still have excal and the only difference is 10 ata and 50 atp.
  13. Baranz not shooting in ep 2 has been like that since forever lol, Lee fixed it at one point but got broken yet again
  14. The biggest problem with HUnewearl isn't that she can't use AS at all, but rather her growths and max stats, let's compare Hunter class HUmar can eat 250 materials, base lvl 200 stats as follow: 1420 hp 943 atp 422 dfp 594 mst 174 ata 682 evp HUnewearl can eat 150 materials, base lvl 200 stats as follow: 1308 hp 835 atp 538 dfp 885 mst 147 ata 666 evp HUcast can eat 150 materials, base lvl 200 stats as follow: 1762 hp 1146 atp 501 dfp 0 mst 158 ata 585 evp HUcaseal can eat 150 materials, base lvl 200 stats as follow: 1380 hp 901 atp 399 dfp 0 mst 184 ata 777 evp Now take a look at those base stats and compared them to their max stats, so maxing a hunewearl atp/ata/luck is seriously tougher than hucast/hucaseal, also huney can support but she can't use clio like ramarl so huney has a disadvantage compared to all the other hu's
  15. Wait i don't know if i did got what you said, but iirc Ashura mag cell (which makes Elenor mag) can be used on any mag, so it can have pbs
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