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  1. have STA, 2 DFs (1 is 80 sphered other 50s) fotb sphered set 80h, 80 hit PR, another 50h, crush cannon 80h looking for ephinea gear
  2. both DFs are 80 hit, ab/d, one being maxxed the other like 80/50 iirc dont really play much but send me a dm or on discord @Chando#2491
  3. lolol that was a bad typo fixed nao
  4. just another quick thing is ramarl is a great solo class while racast is probably going to have a rough time until you really get some gear due to the lack of shifta and deband. ramarl can use lvl 20 techs so finding those support technique upgrades will help A LOT
  5. my df has 0/50/0/80/50 looking for a df with native and machine % ty
  6. Dark Flow 0/80/0/50|50 dark meteor 0/0/0/55|50 got these in trade, looking to get a DF set in the end. dont care if i gotta trade just the DM or both for an actual set of DFs let me know what you got and maybe we can work something out. ty DT offers going forward will be ignored unless you have someone selling a DF for that many DTs. thank you. This can be closed ty
  7. title looking for 80 dts or something of equal value ty luv u
  8. guise sell me some shit
  9. kinda wanna get into ultima atm B> Psycho Ravens (preferably sphered, goes for everything on this list) Excaliber tjs CAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS I AINT ABOUT TO SPEND 600 DTS ON A DF Any new items break HUcast too? cent battle I can make DTs happen, i also have a Hundred Souls 0/100/100/0|80 I can throw around. if u play ephinea i got about 300ish PDs there i can throw at you something about vanilla is just kinda... boring to me
  10. hey pacman turns out i still have a smart link in the bank! and death just sold me RR but thanks man
  11. sounds good homie! msg me and lets figure out the details. i really dont have anything to offer other than DTs however. nice to see you're still around!
  12. hi all maybe looking to get back into ultima LOOKING FOR DM/DF C/battle 100souls n/d iron faust smart link red ring wedding dress Psycho ravens zalure gun Heaven striker s ranks of ????????? SHIEEEEEEEEEEEEE if i forgot some other stuff that you want to sell for DTs let me know. It's been awhile.
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