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  1. Coucou,  j’espère que tu va bien ?

    Tiens, je viens de regarder la conférence xbox, et je voulais partager ça avec toi, car je pense que ça peut potentiellement t’intéresser ( en tout cas, moi ça m'a grave hypé )

    C'est plutôt chouette graphiquement, à voir pour le gameplay, mais ça semble très sympa également.

    Selon Sega, c'est une sorte de refonte de PSO 2 en monde ouvert, et nettement améliorés sur tous les points ( y compris la customisation général, qui était déjà complétement démente dans PSO2 ).


    1. R-78


      Je n'ai jamais vraiment regardé de vidéos de PSO2 donc je ne sais pas ce qui a été amélioré en voyant celle ci. C'est vrai que les graphismes sont pas mal mais je n'accroche pas trop à ce style de combat malheureusement ... Tu comptes jouer à cette refonte ?

    2. Sylph777


      Hum oui, à première vue, ça semble largement au dessus de PSO2 sur tous les aspect ( et surtout, un gros monde ouvert, ça va changer la dynamique du jeu et le gameplay en profondeur ).

      Après, c'est vrai que PSO2 est nettement plus "casualisés" ( et peut même paraitre brouillons aux premiers abords)  dans le système de combat que le premier PSO, je suppose que c'est ce qui te rebute ( et je comprend, PSO2 m'a fait cette effet au début ) ?

      Sinon, oui je vais clairement y jouer, j'aime beaucoup la direction artistique, et les jeux en monde ouvert ;)

  2. Quit being a weaboo cringey dude.

  3. You lie in april is 10/10 animés despite the sadness... :(

    1. Trigunman


      OMG dewd, I watched that the other day, such a great anime!  It's also called "Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso" in Japan. (for those trying to track it down, you can watch it for FREE at fmovies.org)  I've have the privilege of experiencing alot of classical music while in high school while in band back in the day, our orchestra did some amazing pieces, like some movements out of "The Planets" orchestral suite, by Gustav Holst, so watching this was a real treat with all the classical music and piano in it.

      That gut-wrenching finale' tho...  Ahhh geez, if I had known that's how it would have ended I probably wouldn't have watched it.  You definitely get attached to Kaori halfway into the episodes, lots of hilarious moments and situations in there from time to time, when it's not quite so serious.  It's gotta be one of the saddest things I've ever watched though, I almost cried over the girl dying.  ALMOST. XD  Ahh dang, more "sleep" in my eyes... friggin insomnia.  ;^p

    2. Sylph777


      16 hours ago, Trigunman said:

      Ahhh geez, if I had known that's how it would have ended I probably wouldn't have watched it.

      Yes me too... on the other hand, even if i don't regret having watched this anime, the final episodes ( especially the last one ) still hurt me, upset me, and deeply touched me.. i still have this image of kaori dying on her bed... in fact, i even want to say that this end is almost horrible... and the only comfort i got was her letter to arima ( although i already knew she loved arima from the beginning ), but needless to say that i shed many tears and :( it brought me to a questioning on certain things and the suffering of losing a loved one in those circumstances. Aside of that, the emotions and feelings related to the musical aspect, the freshness of kaori, the exhortation to never give up and live the life to the maximum, the suffering of arima and the different characters are great, even if there would be material to do more.. especially with tsubaki or arima's future for example.. that's why i'd really like a season 2 .

    3. Trigunman


      While I have my reservations about my opinions of the circumstances and situation surrounding Kaori's death,(IRL applications concerning our faith, namely in healing & restoration, even from what is considered fatal disease) ultimately I also have no issue with the story line.  It's climactic end is the clincher of the entire series and it was the choice the writer of the anime made of the story line.  Considering the popularity of the anime, I think they made a compelling story line and a smart plot choice, even if a bit heartbreaking to most viewers.  The characters were all well done, relatable to and compelling, they spoke to us at the very basic of human emotions all of us probably know well.  There are lots of great scenes and emotions, from joy, to happiness, curiosity, laughter, shock, surprise, lots of introspect, to sadness, grief and heartbreak, it was truly a rollercoaster ride of a show.

      Yea, so here's to hoping they do a season 2 arc with a alternate season 1 ending! (with Kaori surviving the surgery!)  :onion-head11:


      Oh!  BTW I just finished up Amagami SS and Amagami SS+ plus, check them out man you'll probably enjoy them as much as I did.  It's story line arcs (of each girl) follows the actual PS2 dating sim of the same name!  Each 4 episodes in the first season center around each of the 6 girls, with a secret one at the end!   It's the same for SS+ with 2 episodes for each and a special one at the very end, LOL, very..."risque'" as they say in your country.

  4. Happy 10 years old my cake ;)

    1. HHawk4


      excuse you im 7 and a half today 

    2. Sylph777


      Oh sorry, i always tend to think you're older :(

  5. B > tension/morolian blaster hit, girasole/inferno girasole with machine/dark and hit, fury of the beast native/dark and hit, chromatic orb, thx.

  6. are you still looking for an HS gorilla ?

    1. Starlord


      I’ll have to see what I have. Which one you got??

    2. Sylph777


      i'd sell you a 35/0/0/35/35 for 20 dts, up to you brah

    3. Starlord


      Gotta get the dts my man. Still working on rebuilding. I should have known, never give majority of your stuff away. We always come back to pso lol

  7. Because PSO doesn't boil down to TA TTF ( which is probably the most uninteresting quest to TA anyway... ) ?
  8. Hunewearl's main assets : - Kinda strong support techniques. - Good defensive capacity. - Decent MST, High amount of TP and automatic recovery ( of TP ). - Ability to easily replace a FO in multiplayer games ( you have multiple options for that : frank the bunny costume boost JZ range and doesn't provide any loss aside of extra DFP/EVP compared to RR, so that's definitely a must have on huney.. clio has long zalure range and the animations is fast, so it's really helpful.. for SD/resta/anti, you have cat scratch fever /guardian angel costume and tyrell's parasol/marina's bag ). - Long ranged techniques for different stuns/usage ( rafoie/gizonde to scare rappy's, rafoie/razonde to stun lillies/zu's charge, rabarta to freeze monsters, gifoie to stop delbiter/dorphons charge but it has to be well timed.. etc.. and btw, only do this if you know what you're doing, otherwise you should not cast random techs to avoid dmc.. ). - Like it was said before, she's good with demons weapons ( SOF, bloody tornado, demon type ME/mechgun, hand of justice OR demon type GU/Handgun/GU Mechgun. ). - One of the fastest ( if not the fastest.. ) at breaking vol opt phase 1 screens, which make her very useful in stuff like TA TTF. - Access to good spirit weapons ( most obvious is lindcray yeah.. but there's also hundred soul, madam's parasol and power gloves which also give a good techs boost ). - Kawaii anime and sexy looking for the pervert... ( wait, did i mention @mudkipzjm ? ). - Pretty good in rules battle-mode. Now the cons... : - Very difficult to max stats.. ( however, need to carry and swap many different units to play optimally.. ). - Low Hp's and pretty low ATP for a hunter, which make her the weakest and most useless HU in a party with a fo. - No good crowd control options, no traps and bad at using arrest... - Contrary to what was said before, huney is definitely not so good in solo.. yes she's better than humar but slower and less safer than any casts or even any RA... - The need for many many items if you want to exploir her to the fullest.. and also to have a powerful sphered gears to be as good as the other hu's. - Truly bad and weak in challenge-mode. How to stop being bad ? - Learn spawns in the desired quests. - Learn overall timing and delaying your combos. - Find safe strats for each spawns, it'll only come after practice and a good sense of observation. - Learn monsters patterns and behaviors to know how to avoid and control them. - Learn weapons specifical and situationnal usage. - Learn how to use support technics optimally, like when is jellen needed for example ? - Learn how to use the stun technics, especially in ep 4 on those damn zu's. - Learn how to freeze monsters in the good timing with rabarta. - Learn how to not DMC others unnecessarily with misuse of techniques. - Learn how to play in teamwork and avoid focusing and attacking the same monsters as others. - Play with experienced players to learn from them. - Play in solo as well and in multiple different quests/episode to give you a global experience. - Play in challenge-mode to be strenghtened in PSO basics. - You can also try rules battle-mode to developp good reflexes, i'll be waiting for you anytime
  9. Here is a text that i decided to transcribe in a video :


  10. Old stuff to revive this dead thread.. ( is there are a way to use smaller miniatures o.o? )
  11. @mudkipzjm @ultrajerky @yanvbraz @rashan0121 @Starlord should be veteran already, plz show some luv.

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    2. Yannv


      I was semi-dead when I stumbled accross this post.

      Kudos to Sylph. This dude said some quality stuff :cr-floating:

      It is too bad that Veteran Title isn't as meaningful as it was ages ago. Everyone will become Veteran sooner or later :'L

    3. Misombre


      Something happened. And I was not there, then suddenly... but who cares anyway .____."

    4. ultrajerky
  12. How to grief a little cake AKA @HHawk4

    That wasn't really intended but still funny xD

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    2. Sylph777


      i barely play with invincibility unless i'm forced with impossible spawns to deal safely... nothing give a temporary invincibility boost though..

    3. mudkipzjm


      oh, that's kezia i think, or @thelionorion

      also 5 sinnows vs 1 tiny fo is hilarious lol

    4. Sylph777


      1 minute ago, mudkipzjm said:

      oh, that's kezia i think, or @thelionorion

      also 5 sinnows vs 1 tiny fo is hilarious lol

      wow my bad, i confused the two XD, that's indeed kezia

  13. for those of you who likes beautiful korean and love musics <3


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    2. Sylph777


      not bad bae, it's funky :D


    3. Starlord


      Well I hate the Korean nation so...

    4. Sylph777


      2 hours ago, Starlord said:

      Well I hate the Korean nation so...

      :o ? what, why starlord?

  14. The man is the truest when he suffers. Without sadness and without experience, there is no sensitivity, no empathy, no compassions, no real understandings.. The man is beautiful when he is vulnerable and weak. I think we've all known this moment of total despair and it's finally there that we feel the most alive. Misfortune teaches us to appreciate the moments of joy, to live in contentment because the one who is satisfied with little, lacks nothing. A life filled with self and one's own ambitions can only lead to cowardice and a distortion of it's true identity. The man sitting in the illusion of a comfortable life loses his sensitivity and ends up becoming insatiable, looking away from the misery that surrounds him. It is in the suffering of a broken and tested life that man expresses his true emotions and deepest aspirations, the worst allows to build what the heart truly desires. Life is short, what are you living for ? Who do you live for ? I urge you to not waste your time in vanities and useless stuff, do not miss out on what you were created for.. Hardships must teach us to give up the hyppocrisy and selfishness of our materialistic lives.. it allows us to focus on what matters the most : the others.. because our happiness depends on our attitude towards them. I'm not a lessons giver, i have a lot to change myself, but what i do know is that if you continue to think that you were created to live a life of selfishness and detached from others and their needs, you will quickly learn at your expense that you will never find any form of true, joyful and lasting fulfillment here below. In a dark world where violence and malice reigns, we need to relearn how to turn the tide. So let's do what we can within our reach.. let us stop living centered on ourselves, and let us not forget those around us, the unfortunate ones, the weak and the oppressed and all those who suffer because it is to love them that we have come into the world, there is no greater purposes to our short lives.

    1. Trigunman


      Suffering you say Sylph...  We live in a fallen world where man is predisposed to suffer due to the judgement God gave Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, now passed on to us in this mortal realm until it is eventually restored to it's original creation.  Until then, all of creation groans for it's redemption and this course will not change until HE, our Redeemer returns to this earth to restore it to it's original state.  Before the Fall, to the perfection and beauty it was intended to be, as it was in the Garden of Eden.

      It is not until a man is brought unto the depths of Hell, Sheol, the grave, that they truly understand their plight, their sin, their wickedness without the shadow of doubt in the eyes of a holy, just and righteous GOD.  But... By then it is too late, is it not Sylph?  Therefore, what will open the heart of a man?  What will pierce his heart of stone?  What will usher in change?  What will it take for them to reconcile with such a holy, just and righteous GOD?  We cannot do it, man cannot do it, only one thing...  The presence of the Holy Spirit, God intervening on the behalf of man, to call them out into His Kingdom.

      Only one thing will atone for these sins, open their eyes, turn their heart of stone to flesh, LOVE...  Personified in a man who died for all of us, Jesus Christ.  For others to understand and realize this, we must tell them, in love, as an act of love.  Granted, at times, I know I must improve at this, as I know none of us are perfect.  But this is critical as our time is short and growing shorter everyday...  We must pray for their salvation, we must call them into the Kingdom of God through our prayers, but ultimately it is the Holy Spirit that performs the actual act of conversion, of quickening of the mortal flesh, renewing of the spirit and redemption of the mind.  As the definition of repent means, to change one's mind, to turn the other way, from death, destruction, Hell, Sheol, the grave...  This is our great commission, our greatest challenge, against our most wicked enemy, Satan, of whom these people unknowingly are aligned with from birth.  These people are on a path to their doom, if we, the Church of Jesus Christ do not intervene in this millenniums long holy war for the souls of mankind.

      I pray you are blessed brother, thanks and keep the faith.


    2. Sylph777


      Yes my brother :) i've seen that you've been part of a drama lately ( i'm not saying that you're responsible in any way though ), you should just forgive and let it go and not even waste your time a single second to answer to personnal offenses ( especially in a context of internet ), please just remember that you AREN'T looking bad because you're not answering, in fact it's the contrary, you appear as the wise man when you do. I know it can be difficult because of our prides but it's truly accessible to even bless those who curse you by the Spirit of the Creator. Everytime you feel tempted to answer something by your inner man, ask Yashua to give you the strenght to reverse the trend and you'll be very suprised of the result <3 They curse you, answer with sweet and kind words and they'll be confused because even the most wicked people lose their means against the weapons of love. Even if your offenders will not say it at first, you should never trust the first glances, God's love is like a seed that gradually germinates, untill eradicating bad feelings.

  15. Teach me how to break the game with fast techs casting glitch Yukino-78 :3

    1. R-78


      Get a V802

  16. Hola hermana pequeña, espero que todo esté bien para ti ^^

    1. Denis Roman

      Denis Roman

      Hola :3 si espero que para ti tambien, tengo tiempo sin verte

    2. Sylph777


      sí, estoy bien a pesar de las dificultades <3 ya no juego PSO en este momento, estás jugando al PSO2?

    3. Denis Roman

      Denis Roman

      Hace mucho jugaba a pso2 pero deje de jugarlo y no recuerdo mi cuenta :v y ahora juego PSO Mas c:

  17. euh bonjour.... ça va sacha? ça fait bien longtemps que j'ai plus de tes nouvelles, et tu semble même m'éviter et m'avoir enlevé de tes amis... il y a une raison particulière ( parce que là, tes réactions dernièrement m’inquiète vraiment et ça te ressemble absolument pas... ) ?

    1. Sylph777


      Bon... et bien, si tu es capable de me tourner le dos aussi facilement et sans raisons, j'imagine que nous n'avons jamais été amis après tout... après je suis aussi un peu habitué, et c'est pour ça que je ne fait plus confiance aux hommes depuis bien longtemps... mais enfin, si tu estime que ce que tu fait et que ton attitude est juste et droite, alors je te souhaite une bonne continuation et que tu trouve la paix..

  18. Gib on switch plzzzzzzz ;_;


  19. It only happens to others, we don't realize till it doesn't affect us. We know very well what is happening elsewhere but we still dare to complain. But close your eyes and imagine yourself and you'll see how beautiful your life is ! Close your eyes and imagine your life, in those countries where politicians are in lattice and where freedom of expression is a conspiracy. Where money civilizes with wars. Where one can die of a simple fever and where the epidemics wander without leash. Do you really think you're going to be in the hot weather, in those countries where, for two months, you're tanning, they're burning all year round ! Imagine your life without drinking water, a shower on rainy days, no food on the table. Imagine yourself in a hospital with an incurable disease, an illness that judges you guilty. Close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere in Africa, in a village built of earth, under a blazing sun. Imagine the warm, heavy air, the desert expanse, the meager flock of goats, and that stick. Imagine this long walk that you must complete so that your animals can graze and refresh themselves. These 30 landmarks to do, these cattle thieves and their kalashnikovs who shoot without thinking. Imagine Madagascar and its mountains of garbage. Imagine your 8 years and your feet without shoes. Imagine your hands in the trash for a piece of bread but you get used to it. Imagine yourself under a dirty duvet, fighting against the cold, fighting against the slab. Imagine health damaged by the shitty ghetto life, prisoner of these brick towers and bound by the demons of alcohol and drugs. Imagine the childrens of the war deprived of their parents. Imagine these children abused, raped, indoctrinated, beaten and deprived of love and attention. Imagine yourself without your family, without your friends and all those good times that others don't know ! Imagine your life without all that... That's why ! Thanks God for all that ! Think about it for all the days you complain... the days when you only see you, your nose and not far away and all those times where you have magnified your problems and make the world turn on your own. Close your eyes just for a second and before insulting life, think again ! See the misery of the world and your place in all this ... Become aware of the luck you have and you may see that your life is beautiful !

    1. Patrick Bell

      Patrick Bell

      Is this similar to Moses and the promise land

    2. Trigunman


      Moral of the story I take it, be thankful in all things, for not all have been so richly blessed by God.  Give Him thanks and praise each and every day, for most truly do not know what it is to live a life of true suffering in this world, as others do in other 3rd world nations.

  20. Happy Birthday Pate Smashboy AKA @McLaughlin86 <3 Hope you'll have a good time. n_n

    1. McLaughlin86


      Thanks homie <3

  21. TA cmode? count me in when i'm available ( message me ). I haven't played since almost an year but that shouldn't be a problem.
  22. Rashan my brother, i know you probably had good intentions and i don't question your motives, but in my humble opinion, your attitude earlier was excessive and kinda wrong... I'm not judging you, i'm certainly not any better than you are, but if only you could soften a little, i'm sure that your words would have more reach..  You said earlier "Telling them to repent to avoid hellfife is love" and i agree with that, it is important to proclaim the truth BUT in compassion, benevolence, patience, gentleness and self-control... it is important to consider and respect others and their opinions, it's their freedom to believe or not  and you don't have the power to change people by force or condemnation, nor you have any hopes of reaching them with harsh words either... Also, there's something MUCH more efficient than harshly telling people to repent, and that thing is called "prayers". If you truly love them and want them to be saved, then pray for them and their concerns, and don't forget to bless them as well in your prayers. Remember the Lord's compassion for prostitutes and thieves.. remember His mercy to the criminal on the cross "Verily i say unto thee, to day shalt thou be with me in paradise". And what did he say to Peter who took the sword against the romans ? "All those who live by the sword ( or violence ... physical or verbal because tongue can also be used to kill others ), will perish by the sword". Or when His apotles wanted to summon the fire of heaven to consumme those who rejected Him, He said "Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of. For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them"... One thing is certain though, the God that came in my house 11 years ago and entered my heart and my soul, was not there with a stick to beat me because i rejected Him during all these years of wandering... rather, He welcomed me in His presence, pressed me against His heart and told me how precious and valuable i was in His Eyes.. He was the sweetest, most loving, most magnificent and gracious Father and Friend that i had ever wanted.. His love has changed my heart of stone, chased away my darkness, my fears, my despair and filled my emptiness and loneliness... and it is our duty to love others in the same way, to bless our enemies and pray for those who despise us, to support afflictions silently, in the calm and humility.. and that doesn't mean that we are weak, on the contrary.. because to really love others is much much more difficult than hating on them... in order to be lights in this world of darkness and have a real impact on those who suffers and are hopeless.

    As far as possible, let's be at peace with all men.

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    2. Sylph777


      36 minutes ago, rashan0121 said:

      yes Judgement as in to punish by death. This is why I brought up the example of john 8 because the same religious hypocrites caught someone committing adultery on the spot and wanted Christ to kill them via stoning aka Judgement.


      Ah, that's what you meant by "what is judgement" oki, that's clear i guess :) and i'll answer by that :

      <<For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Yeshua our Lord.>> Romans 6:23.

      40 minutes ago, rashan0121 said:

      I never said anything about me being without sin. what are you talking about?


      Wait, what ? if you're speaking to me here, i never said that, i answered mudd on this specific point and i did not speak particularly about you, sorry for confusion :/ ( but I'm not going to lie, i've already wondered before if you belonged to this category of self righteous modern days christians pharisees but it was just a question that came to my mind and i guess i was wrong because i suspected evil, i want to believe that you're not one of those :)

      47 minutes ago, rashan0121 said:

      It would be very selfish of me to keep that faith of mine to myself and not rebuke selah of whom I always greet in the lobby (hence the response) who openly said they are an abuser of themselves with mankind (see below for the definition in the Greek dictionary) because you cant get into the kingdom like that. I'd rather see them in it tbh but hey thats not love, thats hate to the world.


      Once again, the problem wasn't the fact that you told her that homosexuality is a punishable sin by God ( even though she knows it already for a very long time i think.. ). The problem was the tone used, the lack of sweetness and the severity of your language that gave the impression that you despised her ( as well as griff ). The Bible urges Christians to respond to violence and rejection with love and temperance, you should know that bro... those are the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

      1 hour ago, rashan0121 said:

      Also please don't quote the NIV because it has over 40 verses missing from it. E.g try and quote matthew 18:11 and you cant because it is not there. The men that made that translation lastweek (figuratively speaking) were a part of the jesuit order aka do as thou wilt.

      Can you tell me more about that ? i'm curious o.o

    3. rashan0121


      Yea the guys that did the NIV translation removed 40 verses. some were removed completely (around 16), some were moved into footnotes and some translated completely wrong. 

      Rev 22:18  For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: 

      Rev 22:19  And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. 

      They did not take heed to this smh. 

      I had made some in depth notes on this subject on my old phone ( I should have the backup somewhere) including info on the jesuits (roman catholic assassins) that did it. I'm not too sure where i've put them but for now I guess you can see some info about them on google.

      http://www.temcat.com/005-Bible-versions/THE JESUITS TAMPERED WITH THE SCRIPTURES.pdf

      I haven't really read the notes in-between the scriptures on this link but you can get a visual on some of the  scriptures that have been edited.

    4. Sylph777


      ah sorry, i quoted the NIV version because as you know, i'm french and i had to translate from french to english, however i picked this version without realizing... i've never used this version tbh, it doesn't even exist in french and i've mostly used louis segond version but i realized later that even this version was a bit corrupted... so i now use the ostervald bible wich was translated directly from the hebrew and greeks original texts, also named text receive as you know.. it is one of the most faithful french translations currently available on the market and it presents no omission. Anyway, thanks for letting me know that.

  23. Happy Birthday mudd ! Have a good time.

    1. mudkipzjm


      Haha thanks, although it's still the 20th here :P

    2. Sylph777


      22 years old though.. son you're growing slowly but surely.

    3. ultrajerky


      O, thats a few past legal. Would smash.

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