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  1. welcome. I'm glad you are having a good experience. If you have any questions, don't be shy. Most of us here are pretty helpful.
  2. ramarl: stealth suit max evp secure feet all the neat looking handguns ^.^ racaseal: Arrest Needle + 502 hunewearl: adept(x3) + spirit hucast: Master Sword or TJS
  3. My Ramarl feels more like a hunter than ever thanks to this event.

    1. yanvbraz


      Forces are Rangers, Rangers are Hunters and Hunters are Rangers now :P

  4. so a couple ideas I've been toying with. Saber: essentially bring back the v2 s-rank j-blade. great atp and ata, but the part I like best is its a typeSA/jblade. I realize adding actual s-ranks would be a chore, so I wouldn't mind it not being one. dual handgun type: the versions of phantasy star that come after blue burst have it, and after thinking I believe it might be possible. using the mechgun animation and the rambling may's double hit thing it has going on. ( unless the latter is still a black box ) twin sword: lame/excal a two target weapon with the atp of excal drop the special give it zalure. maybe make a tool called "holy stone" that has to be used on excal
  5. B>yas2k

    prefer x/0/0/x/x but not required

    1. JanenbaDMS


      Got a blank one you can have for a pd if you want?

  6. that's a relief, I was quite upset. not that I want to use PW, its a good seller though.
  7. ep1 ult mil lily purplenum rose
  8. Oran Greenil ep2 Mil Lily Rainov 2
  9. MIl Lily ( ep2 ) oran ult ............................ rose
  10. I already made blood tornado, which one should be next?

    1. MadOrNah


      Sil Dragon Slayer imo the other one isn't really that great lol so I heard).

      Edited by MadOrNah
    2. yanvbraz


      Crush Cannon isn't that good? Even on HUcast?

    3. Sciaz


      I ended up doing the sil dragon slayer, if I get another one after I make my bkb, I'll make the cannon, probably just to sell though XD

  11. find one with hit plus rangersl have more ata than needed for just about any melee wep
  12. I like it. I use it as my ramarl's melee wep, plus it has spirit ^.^
  13. I had a thought. I wonder if morfos drops something good this time around... thinking redia, purplenum and greenil sound promising. I hope I'm right.

    1. kajex



    2. Sciaz


      :onion-head33: back to the drawing board I guess

  14. VH ep4 purple yowie- butterfly net ba boota - great bouquet zu- rambling may pazuzu-normal
  15. skyly vh ep 4 ba boota: rose amore astark: login satellite lizard: bamboo spear