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  1. Make sure that "IME" is disabled in the launcher settings, and try it again.
  2. Maybe one can instead defer that upon descending onto the 6th layer; the curse of the 6th layer transformed Sita into a hollow. Taking on the form of Naga.
  3. A very unexpected, but very welcomed change. Thanks to all involved!
  4. I wouldn't necessarily say that Ultima has perished, but rather that it's become a shadow of it's former self — a shell of what it used to be. And that's for many reasons. Namely because of Ultima's inability to adapt and change. There needs to be a shakeup. And in more ways than one. Where are all of the Ultima staff? Shiida is often-times, the ONLY active GM on the server. If other staff members are unable or unwilling to step up, then there are a handful of select individuals who would be willing to. While we do appreciate all that she does, we can't expect Shiida to carry Ultima on her back forever. Which leads me to my next point; I believe that it would be beneficial for Ultima at this time for @Larva to elect a staff member to have elevated administrative privileges. More specifically, with the ability to start events in a timely manner. There are players that are very hyped for an event, but if it's delayed passed the expected start date, then their enthusiasm is deflated and their attention will be placed elsewhere. Ultima needs that enthusiasm, and that can be preserved with punctual event start times. Shiida would be the perfect staff member to assume this role. In the same vein as punctuality, the happy hour changes that were announced 9 months ago have yet to be implemented. The two biggest events of the year are coming — it would be great if the HH changes were active for them. An Ultima social media/Twitch presence could also be a gamechanger. In the right hands, of course. Now a few points that I believe would help to bolster player retention; I agree with @C01D1 in that the past forum events were great and were a fun way to keep the community engaged. While it's true that anyone can create such events, 'official' staff ran mini-events would be welcomed. I've also suggested in the past for 5x exp and/or green names to be turned on during event off-time. This would give players something to do when there's no active event.
  5. That's a nice piece. Welcome back!
  6. You're very welcome, fellow 7 brethren! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask me by DM or make another thread. The Ultima discord server is also a pretty good source of support: https://discord.gg/DUD3bbp3
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