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  1. B> Spread Needle w/hit

  2. This must be one of those elitists that Terror spoke of. Baranz Launcher doesn't even have the same weapon functionality as IF/BC. BL is a more of a shot. Human RAngers are in need of a combo unlocked AoE launcher. I've brought up a RAcast and a FOmarl to Lv200, RAmar feels like a chore.
  3. Nah, we just want the game to be fun. Who hasn't already had their fill of vanilla PSO?? If you want vanilla then Ephinea awaits..
  4. I borrowed the meme from @C01D1, it was even entered into the summer forum mini-event lol. I agree 100%. The point is to have fun, however that may be.
  5. For most people here, this server is pay2win. They donated real $$$$ to the server for a fast-track to obtain rare items and gear that they didn't find. You're basically their antithesis. They can't relate, so they hate. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Your best bet is playing on One Player Mode, if you want to solo. I would suggest going through the government questline. Raising your mag will truly make progression a lot smoother. The command "/magtimer" is your best friend. The Max Stats Guide will give you guidance on how you should raise your mag and use stat materials according to class. Sounds to me like you should try playing some of Normal Episode II, it may be your next step up before you move on to Hard Episode I.
  6. 777

    Ultima Summer Event 2018

    Where da 5x exp?
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