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  1. Vulcan +9 [0/5/0/0|70] [Charge] Arms +10 [100/0/0/100|60] [Charge] TypeME/Mechgun +30 [0/0/0/0|80] [Charge] Price ??
  2. 9Rati [Cyan] [5/127/68/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] buy This !
  3. S-rank Zalure needle + 100 PDs for : *Panzer Faust 60/0/0/0/65H - 30DT / 300PD ???
  4. Photon booster For sale PM-Me ! 

  5. Busco team de habla hispana que sea activo, ya sea para jugar por di versión o cazar ítem en conjunto. Sin mas que agregar Gracias.
  6. I offer you this if you are interested, talk to me privately if you are interested Lame D'Argent [0/0/0/0|35] [Kills:4] Master Raven [0/0/0/20|25] Last Swan [0/0/0/40|25] +50 PDs
  7. English: I simply wanted to propose if it is possible to modify the animation of Kroe's Sweater, for a more striking one, something like the animation of: Luminous Field Smoking Plate Flame Garment electro frame Virus Armor: Lafuteria Aura Field Español: Simplemente quería proponer si es posible el modificar la animación de Kroe's Sweater, por una mas llamativa, algo como la animación de: Luminous Field Smoking Plate Flame Garment Electro Frame Virus Armor: Lafuteria Aura Field
  8. Recién veo, me confundí estaba buscando el Blue Black Stone. pero ya tengo suficientes. pido cierre Post gracias
  9. SUPPRESSED GUN 0/30/0/30/75 Price ?
  10. B>MAG  5 Def 129 POWER  66 DEX

  11. I change a Master raven with the following specifications, for a Panzer Faust with similar attributes. I can offer some PDs in case you require it. Thanks Stats Master Raven : 0/0/0/20/25 Hit
  12. Buy this item, im offer 6 PDs C/U Need x6
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