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    hello everyone, i was thinking if its posible to get a drop table of this event, since is the most important event ever! lol xD, well thats my wish for christmas and i know that is the same wish for most of players on ultima, i miss so much a drop table, i love the drop tables, and i cant remember when was the last time that i saw a event drop table. xD! well, what u think about this? post here if u want this too xd.
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    EVENT IS OVER Thank you MIo for the support :3 Server time: http://phantasystaronline.net/ English: Good afternoon everybody! Tomorrow I'll be making a mini event that consists into adding hit into weapons. The price is 40 pds for 30 hit, if you only say you want 20 hit you will have to pay the 40 pds. I won't be doing hit splitting also. The limit of hit you can add is up to 70% and nothing more. I won't be adding hit on Dark weapons. The event will start tomorrow the 24th at 2pm server time and it will last 2 hours(ending 4pm server time) no more than that. Only gm redeeming hit will be Cyane(Cyanide/Santa Cy in game). See you all tomorrow in the HIT EVENT room! Español: Buenas tardes a todos! Mañana voy hacer un mini evento que consiste enc olocar hit en armas. El precio es de 40 pds por 30 hit, se me dicen que solo quieren 20 hit pues de igual manera tendras que pagar 40pds. No voy hacer division de hit tambien. El limite de hit que puedes agregar es 70% y nada más. No voy añadir hit en Dark Weapons. El evento comenzara mañana el dia 24 a la hora del servidor de 14:00 y durará 2 horas (hora del servidor 16:00) no más que eso. Solamente el gm Cyane(Cyanide/Santa Cy en el juego) agregará hit a tus armas. Nos vemos mañana en la sala HIT EVENT! Português: Boa tarde a todos! Amanhã estarei fazendo um mini evento que consiste em adicionar hit a armas. O preco é de 40 pds por 30 hit, se apenas quiseres 20 hit terás de pagar os 40 pds. Não farei divisão de hit também. O limite de hit que podes adicionar vai até 70% e nada mais. Não irei colocar hit em dark weapons. O evento começará amanhã o dia 24 às 14:00 y durará duas horas (hora do servidor 16:00) não mais que isso. Apenas o gm Cyane (Cyanide/Santa Cy no jogo) poderá colocar hit nas tuas armas. Vemo-nos amanhã na sala HIT EVENT!
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    HAPPY HOURS JUST STARTED! 180 mins left! ^^b
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    looking for christmas drop tables in ultima's forum
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    Yes this would be nice. instead of everyone ripping their hair out trying to figure it out >.<
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    Merry Christmas everybody, from Takara and Imosgid ! Thank you for this event. Have fun in the snow !
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    If you can't be on at that time, give your stuff to a trusted friend to redeem during that time. Last time it was around they said it would only be 1 hour (but it ran over a bit to finish everyone's things). I'm very happy this event finally made a comeback, it's a wonderful christmas present to get. This is a very rare occurrence, I will have to find a way to do something special for cy for even getting this approved again. Thank you very much for bringing this back.
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    at least seeing the rates would give us motivation to hunt the dam PGF . im wasting my time when i still need to hunt a dam Girasol Help the children
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    I think it would certainly be quite nice to have one , finally.
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    Happy hours just started! 180 mins left!
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    I don't have a dark weapon , not a lot of people do really : ( it's all the older players and people that found them before this event and people that paid ALOT for them . I don't think it would be a bad thing if the rate was lowered to a point where 20 or 30 pgf were dropped ,because this isn't a competitive game and most are here for fun and nostalgia and being unable to obtain an item due to A short timescale and B low drop rate during one of the most time consuming parts of the year is slightly unfair : ( if the pgf dropped in summer for the length of time that event runs then great : ) I could throw my all into the hunt but it just seems like for me this year without some amazing luck (and I mean AMAZING luck) I won't get what I've been waiting and building my characters for 9 months to get. More dark weapons on the server lowers the value slightly but that only effects the people who put crazy money into getting one and does not effect the price of the max stat dark weapons. So hopefully just maybe the rate will be changed and larva has some Christmas spirit and it can rain pgf for a few days to end the drought : )
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    As long as it doesn't involve splitting your percentages. Also 2 gms should be enough, if something i'll call backup (or extension). Gotta remember that this is a limited event, very hard to get approved etc, should be somewhat first come first serve. (following old events examples) As for time consuming, everybody should get everything ready before the event, get your weapon and the exact pds on your character, get other character same thing exact pds and weapons, I won't be redeeming if you give me just the weapon and then the pds on other character. Causes wait time (experienced on the mag event). Hopefully we can reach all if everybody is ready to redeem and go. Countdown was added on the first page http://orig00.deviantart.net/9ff1/f/2015/357/d/e/flashvortex_by_cyane_ei-d9l8rb5.swf
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    well hopefully people will organize the pds/ weapons before they enter the room 24th will be thunderstorms in my area
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    The idea of this thread is for it to serve as an alert any time Happy Hours (HH) are in effect. When HH is in effect, drop rates are boosted, which makes hunting things a lot easier. However, HH lasts only 3 hours (180 min) and occurs randomly throughout the week. This thread will let you know when HH are in effect, even when you are away from your computer. The usefulness of this thread depends on everyone working together to post alerts when HH happens. All are welcome to post alerts! Post how much time remains until Happy Hours ends (minutes / hours). Don't post what time it started or what time it ends, because we all live in different time zones. ONLY post if Happy Hours are on. This will prevent people's email inboxes from being cluttered To make this thread more useful to you, follow this thread. By doing so, you will receive emails every time someone posts an alert in this thread (you may need to adjust your account settings to allow these emails to be sent to your email). EXAMPLE OF WHAT TO POST:
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    smack a rappy smack a rappy smack it all the way oh what fun it is to kill the rappies every day, hey! ...oh you arrived to this topic, FINALLY! The last and most waited event of the year is here! Calm down... put the guns down... don't need to be so aggressive!! Let's talk a bit about Christmas and this event, Santa had a huge bag of presents, but due to some explosion he lost them all over Ragol, he let me know that you were free to pick what you found if you can get to them, he also told me the beasts of Ragol thought the presents were for them and took possession of an infinity of rare presents! Sooooooo let's have a jolly holiday hunting those presents back, Santa left me a list of where the presents should be so i'll be sharing that info with you all! Christmas is full of surprises here at Ultima Special drops on bosses and St Rappy will be dropping The Mag ELENOR, many other mag cells and No0b HP! St.Rappy can be found in the Temple (Episode2), it's a rappy with a 'Santa Claus dress'(I wonder where they stole that!) Here is the drop list for the bosses. Ultimate Gal Gryphon Ultimate:Special Drop:Tablet Mag cell / Heart of Morolian BarbaRay Ultimate:Special Drop: L&K38 Combat / Crazy Tune / Phonon Maser Gol Dragon Ultimate:Special Drop:**Earth Wand Brownie Saint Million Ultimate:Special Drop: ***Galatine Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]:Special Drop: Valkyrie Kondrieu Ultimate:Special Drop: ***Girasole. Ragol Dragon Ultimate:Special Drop: SONIC KNUCKLE / SOUL EATER De Rol Le/Da Rai Le Ultimate:Special Drop: HoneyComb Reflector. Vol Opt v2 Ultimate:Special Drop: ASTERON BELT / KROES SWEATER Dark Fallz Ultimate:Special Drop: Df Shield V.Hard Gal Gryphon V.hard:Special Drop:Harisan Fan / Game Magazine BarbaRay V.hard:Special Drop: Amitie's Memo Mag cell - Puyo Gol Dragon V.hard:Special Drop:Murasame Saint Million V.hard:Special Drop: Rambling May Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]:Special Drop: Tension Blaster Kondrieu V.Hard:Special Drop: Toy Hammer / Kunai Ragol Dragon V.Hard: Ragol Dragon V.HardSpecial Drop:Green ring / Syringue De Rol Le/Da Rai Le V.hard:Special Drop:Broom / Chameleon Scythe Vol Opt v2 V.HardSpecial Drop: RA- MERGES Red/Yellow/Blue RING's (no red ring) All the dem merges! (not all ok?) Dark Fallz V.Hard:Special Drop:Daisy Chain And the most awaited Item : Parasitic Gen Flow obviously Olga flow will be dropping it Drops are not 1/1 so don't start posting that the items are not dropping if they don't drop after a few runs. From the Easter event, use Proof of Sonic Team on Dark Bridge to make Psycho Bridge! ATP 395-600 ATA 65 HP +100 EVP -80 Tech boost Rafoie 85% boost, Rabarta 95% boost , Razonde 85% boost (Psycho Wand is 45%) From the Easter Event, use Proof of Sonic Team on Spread Needle to make Arrest Needle! Ultima wishes you a Merry Christmas And a Happy new Year! ¡Feliz Navidad y un Feliz Año Nuevo!
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    First step is to open the pm you received and add a gm to it on the left (invite participants, press add button, write the gm name and press add again). After that you can say something on a pm(sometimes this alerts us and we hop in if we can) or find us in game so we can help.
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    that is my curse, every hard drop for old players its almost unobtainable for us the new ones, i hear past years was 1-300 and 1-110 rate, the funny thing is that it was already a hard rate drop... i dont understand larva.. he do the same with sta. past year.
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    same here i got almost 200 pd to redeem.
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    Please no, I have 600 pd to redeem ...
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    Chu Chu recommends enjoying Christmas with cookies, but "ChuChu! Don't overdo it lest you wanna chubb up like mee! Chuuuu!" he says.
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    I certainly do not want to criticize your event cyane, but apart from what I've said in my previous post, I'd also like to point out how problematic the time frame may be for some of us. It's no big deal for people in Europe (like me) because 2 pm server time equals 11 pm CET, any "festive stuff" will be over by then. But for most of the people in the U.S. timezones, it is afternoon and I'm sure there's plenty of players who will be spending time with their family, what with it being the 24th and all. Others might be on vacation ...
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    Rappies that don't drop presents should be called troll rappies Sent from my XT1068 using Tapatalk
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    Ultima has entered black friday mode! Sent from my Macho Ship using Tapatalk
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    i have a server o.o? also there are new players better than you, i dont remember you being any good..................... kidding ill TTF with u sometime
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    The drop table is not required since all IDs drop that one item. My recommendation is to start hunting.
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    So I don't know where to exactly post this at, but I don't care. My "step brother" wanted me to help him make an account on here a year ago (I DON'T KNOW WHY, HE SUCKS) Anyways. I GET HOME, AND HE TELLS ME HE'S "TROLLING" SOME GUY AND I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT. If he gets to be too annoying, just tell him to SHUT THE TROLL UP alright? Or block him. Or complain about him on forums and hope to get him banned. Alright listen, if I get ANY hate from this, idk what's wrong with you. I saw the kid my "step brother" was "trolling" and I saw him getting mad. I forget his name, but he seemed pretty pissed. The reason I put " " around step brother is because I HATE HIM AND HIS MOM AND I DON'T LIKE LIVING WITH THEM. THEY ARE BOTH THE SPAWN OF SATAN AND IF IT'S NOT THEIR WAY, THEN IT'S NOT HAPPENING. There, I made a shoutbox warning about it, a status update, and a forum post. I hope people see. And for the guy who got "trolled" by shoter/shooter... I apologize. I know, he's annoying, but I hope he forgets about this game soon. -.-
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