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  1. B> PBC 120 pds :v

  2. Welcome. Glad to have you here.
  3. Rianov 2 Ult ep4 Del rappy purplenum
  4. that is a good point
  6. Purplenum ep 1 crimson assassin ultimate magic rock heart key
  7. oran ult Vol opt regular drop
  8. Wow this looks like an awesome event! thank you so much for the hard work and preparation in this one. Good luck hunting everyone!
  9. I regret never being consistently active on this server. That will never change though, too much work to do to spend so much time on this game.
  10. (S>Kroe's Sweater) (S> Jellen 30) (S> 0/0/50/50/50 Arrest Arms) (S> Red Mechgun 50/0/0/45)

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  11. Just reminiscing about when I first joined Ultima and it was hard to find more than 5 people online at night (for me at least). Now here we are at midnight with over 60 players on and a full lobby 1. Happy new year every one. (Toast) here's to good times and another successful year for Ultima (Toast). :onion107:

  12. I agree the prices are a bit ridiculous as of now and it was a bit easier to get a hand on a PGF because of the donations (however, i don't think when I started I could donate for one). The point I was trying to make was that it hasn't really gotten much harder since then. In my opinion, the pricing system in this game has inflated very much and it is becoming harder for people that don't want to donate to get valuable weapons. I don't see the drop rate for PGF being the sole cause of that problem. It is also important to remember that Larva and other GMs don't like a bunch of dark weapons in the game and that is why they took it off of the donation list and raise the drop rate in the first place. Tldr: i agree prices are ridiculous, but don't see PGF drop rate as the sole cause of that.