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  1. hello?

    are you here?

     what happens about the lindcray?

  2.    i go to sleep .:cc-sleep:

  3. Hello!.

    Im here now. :cr-ballerina:

  4. :cr-drama:

    1. mrchibbs


      sorry, i fell asleep. I work all day so we will have to make the trade tomorrow sometime unless you are on within the hour. sorry 

    2. Ana G.5

      Ana G.5

        No problem.

      I try to be here whe you call me



  5.  playing, but im here yet

  6.  i back in 20 minutes again :)

    1. mrchibbs


      ill be online in a second and hang out in lobby 2


    2. Ana G.5

      Ana G.5

         srry. was more time.

      im here now. And I stay here for a while just call me if are here :)


  7. B> PBC 120 pds :v

  8. Welcome. Glad to have you here.