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  1. Happy birthday bro

  2. Hello, I just wanted to remind you that you still owe me 7 Photon Drops for the Hylian Shield.

  3. Did you use the bank? If so this is a bug where if you use the bank once quests started you loose the items. This has happened before in other single player ep4 quests and to me aswell as others. Can't remember what the outcome was last time but I've never used the bank again after starting a quest in that mode on ep4 , hope this can be sorted if it's the same thing that happened to me over a year ago : /
  4. Hey there : ) the suppressed gun is actually a secret beast of a gun on this server . With no original special people add one with dts so you end up really nice charge , hell and arrest guns and as a handgun equipable by all its the second best in slot handgun after typeGU/Mech for accuracy only 3 ata off the type gun but has better atp for charge attack so it's a close run thing for best handgun for all chars. But obviously isn't upto heaven/asteron striker level but is still strong : )
  5. A lot of item suggestions at the minute : / here's mine : Gold odashi silver nimaidu, Armour with built in centurion battle lv 195 to equip stats 300 def 300 evp all resists 25 possibly hunter only to follow original item line and some cool armour effect like a recoloured electro frame lightning and maybe if possible some item interaction like the originals did (ata boost to katanas and twin swords can't remember exactly) see a lot of people asking about units and would be nice to have a space where the normally untouched cent battle lives , but just another idea that will never happen : )
  6. Hey there : ) just checked an old thread I had for selling stuff and I've got a 00/00/35/40/50 rage de feu . I'm not in game for a few days but let me know if interested for 15 pd
  7. Ok so after some wise advice i've decided to make a skin thread where all my skins will go rather than making a new one each time. So with this new thread there's some new stuff added to the HUcast mega mix , take a look at the picks and as always MAKE A BACKUP : ) DREDD with badge http://www.mediafire.com/download/x3aen5q756tzp3h/plCtex(2).afs HUcast mega mix http://www.mediafire.com/download/bdbmahstvbltnvf/plCtex.afs HUmar fist of the north star http://www.mediafire.com/download/6sn0k2y3vyfk4sm/plAtex.afs Any new stuff will be put here and if there's any issues such as my shonky work affects your eyes then feel free to comment here , thanks for reading and have fun : )
  8. Well this morning Mrs solo guy gave birth to our fifth child little girl "Mindy" so I'm gonna be busy for awhile, Daddy daycare will be my new role for awhile but will still lurk about in forum in between parental duties : )

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    2. Yskialuw


      Congratz Daddy :)

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      Congrats!! *-* show us some pics later! You must be a proud daddy now

  9. thinking of selling my type gu/mech gun 80 hit hell what would this go for in current market? and yes i know what it should actually sell for : /

    1. Malxerz


      i wud give 2 doge coin

  10. I remember last summer : ( you couldn't open a trade room without a certain person joining and trying to sell his stuff in it or read shout box without a price check this or selling this statement I honestly thought he bought that DM with all his hustling but I never asked him outright where it came from, hopefully this will be resolved and you get ALL items that weren't given away back
  11. If this is the case then open a thread in crime stoppers and state your claim, the GMs can retrieve your items from his account but I assume proof of ownership will be hard , here's hoping mr verdon gives back the items borrowed/stolen when/if he returns
  12. @yanvbraz I've experimented with model swaps on mags and from that I know that cool mags can be made , I had a double Diwari for a while looked folded demon wings. Existing mags can be modded and I'm sure the devs here can make cooler stuff then what I make : )
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