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Yskialuw last won the day on June 11 2016

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    Takara [200] // Tui [178] // Moa Moa [183]
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    Webdesign, bookbinding, sewing, video games, RPG, martial arts

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  1. B > Brightness Circle

    Edited by Yskialuw
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Fyrewolf5


      you can make a min one out of Star Amplifier + Spirit Garment

    3. Misombre


      @Fyrewolf5 Thanks we completely forgot about that one Oo

    4. Yskialuw
  2. Happy Birthday Night :) 

  3. :onion98::cr-yipee::onion99::cr-yipee::onion98:

    1. Misombre


      Thanks =) This banana of Yskialuw didn't even see it, but I will show it to her !

    2. Yskialuw


      Thank you very much Shiva :onion-head21:

  4. *taste if the wine has turned good while aging* Not bad not bad... it's getting more "mature". Have a nice day slave =)

  5. Happy Birthday :lol:

  6. HB Ultima Boss !

  7. @yanvbraz Well... I made this screenshot from last year, almost the same time.
  8. Happy Birthday o/

  9. Congratz @Crucial and @Azen ! Thank you for sharing with us your reward
  10. @Cyane Thank you for this event
  11. Can we add hit to Calibur and Arms ?
  12. Happy Birthday ^_^

  13. Midnight magic